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America ::Hearts:: the Olympics

Here are the 10 most-watched broadcast network prime-time shows for the week ended Sunday, according to Nielsen Media Research:

1. Summer Olympics (Tuesday), NBC, 34 million
2. Summer Olympics (Saturday), NBC, 31.6 million
3. Summer Olympics (Monday), NBC, 30.2 million
4. Summer Olympics (Thursday), NBC, 29.7 million
5. Summer Olympics (Wednesday), NBC, 27.7 million
6. Summer Olympics (Sunday), NBC, 27.2 million
7. Summer Olympics (Friday), NBC, 26.1 million
8. Two and a Half Men, CBS, 8.1 million
9. NCIS, CBS, 7.2 million
10. 60 Minutes, 7.1 million

On average, the viewership numbers for these Olympics are 13% higher than we saw during the Athens games.

NBC owes Mr. Phelps a thank-you note.

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  • Every time I see his picture I just want to put a saddle on him and feed him some hay. Look at that giant horse head!

  • Haha. That’s a pretty amusing height difference.

    Just saying.

    Anyways, I thought Shawn Johnson’s hair was light brown. Not blonde. Just light brown. Wasn’t it? I thought so.

  • Is Michael Phelps the ugliest person or is it just me? Come on Beet you’re hot, and better then fucking Mr. ED!!!

  • I love how everyone is either totally for fucking Michael Phelps or totally against it. He kinda looks like my husband, horse head and all. :o(

  • klipper, just stop. like, how many times can somebody comment on his “mouth” ???? what you are at home eating your cheetos with stains rubbed on your shirt yelling “His mouth is like a horse!!!” all the while the cheetos are spiting out onto your self. get a grip. the man is HOT and he like he gives a flying f**k what is said about his rich horse mouth. he is loved.

  • Crikey….I watched the coverage of that girl competing and never once did I think she had lower limbs borrowed from Froddo Baggins. What did they do to this picture??

  • I love Michael, but this is NOT a flattering picture. How friggin big does his ear look? I love his size 14, but yikes, this doesn’t look good. Shawn Johnson (shouldn’t that be a black basketball player’s name??) looks like a dwarf and he looks like Andre the Giant. Someone destroy this pic and put up a pic of Michael in a speedo, pronto!!!!

  • Phelps aside, who saw the weightlifter get his elbow completely 180 degrees dislocated? Now THAT’S something worth watching. Catch it on YouTube if you haven’t already.

  • Beet, could you kindly get rid of my “your comment is awaiting moderation” tag every time I post? Getting a little annoyed after 20 times.

  • he is tall, people!
    that’s how he looks like
    he looks like a tall young man
    what would you expect?
    but he looks really sweet
    even when dressed from neck to toe
    I still believe in the positive mom and sisters influence

  • I don’t care what people say about Michael. I love him in the pool or out! I just hope we continue to hear about him now that he’s done with the olympics.

    Beet, please don’t stop posting about him! I come here first for my Michael gossip.

  • Shawn and Michael should start making babies so we can get some super olympians to win all of the gold.

  • @Patty: wouldn’t that be a little hard? Michael Phelps is about 30 feet tall and Shawn Johnson is about a tenth of that. So wouldn’t babymaking be just a tiny bit difficult for them?

    That being said, if they do start making babies, I hope they make a sex tape. That would be interesting to watch.

  • Awe, they look cute in this picture. I’m old enough to be their mother and I think they are both attractive. He just doesn’t take good pictures. She is darling.

    LOL as the mother of a 31 and 32 year young men, I don’t like the pictures of him in what amounts to his skivvies. I’m sure my daughter in law’s wouldn’t agree with me though.