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Caption This

On the left: Vogue editrix, and the inspiration behind The Devil Wears Prada, Anna Wintour.

On the right: Greatest Olympic Athlete of Our Time … in bed … Michael Phelps.

I don’t know when or where this picture was taken, or how in God’s name these two came to be in the same room, let alone sitting directly next to each other, but we all need to start talking about it, pronto.


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  • I seriously can’t wait until the Olympics are over and people go back to not caring about swimming. Good lord, he’s got a giant horse head.

  • Would someone please help me understand the fascination with Michael Phelps and why all these women want to sleep with him??? yeah, yeah, yeah – he’s supposedly got a great big penis. But so what? Did you not notice the giant ears and nose, how awkward he is out of the pool, the way he speaks??? He’d probably drool all over you. ew ew ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poor guy. What could these two possibly have in common? What could they talk about? Why were they seated together?? Why would he wear that to a fashion show??? So many questions.

  • The expression on her face and how she is sitting says: ” God please don’t let my leg or hands touch those disgusting CARGO PANTS!”

  • who cares, hes still very yummy to look at
    but yeah…..wasnt he supposedly dating a model?
    maybe she was in the show

  • beet’s boyfriend says “wasn’t it cool of anna to design these
    GI-NORMOUS shorts for me to hide my GIANT SIZE 14???”

  • Ah a cougar after my own 46 year old heart. Probably just a coincidence howver. But if she is half the B***h she is rumored to be he could learn a lot as she dictates his every move.

  • well she should be honored to be sitting right next to him
    he is obviously having fun out of it
    I don’t care how ugly you say he is
    I don’t even care how big or small he is
    he is great
    and I bet he always smells fresh and clean
    something a lot of guys can’t claim to

  • Michael is a friend of my family. I had some lessons with him when i was 10 when michael’s name wasn’t know all over the world. People really should stop making rude comment on his apperance . He is a incredibley sweet, polite and smart guy. He may not have the face of a supermodel but any women would be lucky to date him. He may be shy and awkward but he has a wonderful personality when you get to know him and is genuine and giving.

  • he probably stuck it in her a little while before this pic was taken, look at their expressions..

  • “A man that’s as brilliant under pressure as myself? Fabulous. I’ll take him…. Now I’ll just wait for someone to come dress him for me.”

  • He was in the April issue of Vogue featuring famous athletes (the one with Giselle and LeBron James on the cover) posing with Caroline Trentini. I’m guessing this was some event for that issue.

  • Hooray Grace E.!
    It’s refreshing to hear about him as a person, rather than hear peoples’ opinions of his appearance.

  • Hooray Grace E.!
    It’s refreshing to hear about him as a person, rather than hear peoples’ opinions about his appearance.

  • yeah,that’s what he looks like
    sweet and nice
    also with a great body
    and athlete’s gift
    and I would not ever make fun of him
    he has a look to him that shouts
    “I am nice”
    and probably a lot of people bullied him earlier
    as now others are doing out of envy
    I don’t know him
    but I sure lika him a lot
    Go Michael!

  • I cannot be shamed into not making fun of his appearance. That’s why I post on blogs like these, because I’m an asshole. The guy is a mouth breather, I wouldn’t touch his dick if it shot out diamonds.

  • i keep hearing that sesame street song in my head whenever i look at this picture: one of these things is not like the other…

    they really are a mismatched pair.

  • Thank you Grace E!!

    I think we should ban all Michael non-lovers from posting comments. I’d rather not hear it.

  • “Who the hell put me next to this idiot. Does he realize that he’s wearing a truckers cap and cargo pants? Moron.” –Anna Wintour

  • Oh, look at her face…they are totally doing it and I love it! She actually has a shade of a smile. And he is simply adorable…PLEASE let these two be doing the nasty!

  • I just looked at the photo again and, YEP, they are totally into each other…MR. God, meet MS. Goddess-this photo needs to be everywhere!

  • I love Phelps, OMG, I could care less about his goofy ears he’s friggin sexy!! And I love fashion, so Anna makes this a bonus, as for how they are sitting beside eachother- WHO CARES! it the two greatest catagory’s ever, beside eachother! FUCK YA!

  • This picture was taking right after the Athens Olympic Games at NY Fashion week. So, 2004. He seems to have done all right since then. ;)

  • It could be The Devil and the guy who can swim in the Deep Blue Sea. OR it could be someone who tries TOO HARD to be “fashionable” and the guy who doesn’t have to try. ORRRR it could be take-your-grandma-to-work day… Phelps’ personality, sweet spirit, voice and HOT BODY makes him desirable. He’s got a RAGINGLY HOT BODY with just the right amount of GOOFY. If he’s packing, then he’s PERFECT!!!!! What a combo…SMALLLLL EGO and BIGGGGG gobble gobble!!! H.O.T.

  • Why does everyone keep calling her the devil (yes, I know, the book/movie with Hathaway and Grenier). I think she’s cute. Does she have a boyfriend?

  • Ummmmm….. so basically, I received a visit from Mr. Phelps at my university recently. There are unlimited words for how I could describe him; jerk, asshole, ignorant, rude, disrespectful….you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong I had every intention of enjoying his company; in fact I was one of those girls infatuated with him. However, when he seemed more concerned with pretending to have numerous bodyguards(all of which were his groupie friends), refusing to take photos with any of my friends, bashing the greek community here(of which I play a large role in), and refusing to show any support for the football team he was graciously asked to watch. I must say he disappointed me to all end. He was delightful to me, but the complete opposite to friends, peers, teachers, coaches, etc. It was with greatest regret that I had to completely refuse any more “visits” from him.