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When Even Your Own Publicist Hates You, You Have a Problem

Heather Mills’ publicist has quit — and it’s not pretty. Apparently things broke down when Mills heard that flack Michele Elyzabeth would be writing a tell-all about the one-legged wonder.

“She was screaming and yelling, ‘Is it true that you’re writing a book about me?’ I told her that it wasn’t true, and she went bonkers,” Elyzabeth said. “She was screaming so loud, she told whoever she was with to leave the room. She was yelling, ‘I am tired of you, you’re so stupid! You’re so unprofessional.’

“I said, ‘Who do you think you are with the way you behave – God?’ Then she took it to another level. She was furious, fuming. She said, ‘How dare you call me that?’ I told her I was sick of her outbursts. I said, ‘You have a couple of dollars now and think you are somebody?’ ” Elyzabeth said.

The publicist then told Mills she was quitting. “She told me she never wanted to speak to me again, and I said the same,” Elyzabeth relates. She says Mills hasn’t paid her for the last three of the four years she worked for her, and now owes her more than $100,000.

“I didn’t see a dime,” Elyzabeth said. “She’s so cheap . . . I think she tells false stories and then believes them herself.

“One day she is sweet, one day she’s not, and there’s no reason for any of it. I protected her when I knew I was dealing with someone who was unstable. But now I believe everything the British press has written about her.”

Oh, Heather. Everybody hates you so very much.

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