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Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera


It is truly painful to me to contemplate the 80,000 young women waiting tables in Hollywood who would have done a better job at this role.

Paris makes her entrance around the one-minute mark.

I still think the movie itself looks cool, though. Hopefully Paris’s role isn’t big enough to ruin the whole thing.

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  • what the hell is this movie about?
    and hilton’s acting is pretty bad i gotta admit.. and to think at the begning i was like.. “it honestly cant be THAT bad..” but it is, its pretty bad.

  • What??? I’m sorry I’m just a little confused here. What exactly is the movie supposed to be about? I mean, I have to admit it’s a little bit intriguing in a vile, embarrassing kind of way. But..WHAT?

  • I didn’t watch the clip as I don’t feel like pausing my music in iTunes but is this the same clip from before with Giles singing? Because it makes me so sad that it’s come to this for him. I want Buffy back. Or maybe just watching Spike and Angel fight. Shirtless. Then Buffy comes in and beats the shit out of both of them. Yeah, that. I want to see that. Oh, my wine glass is empty…….

  • What IS this movie?!?! I kind of want to see it… alone, because I’m too curious like that and everyone else will go O_o? if I ask them to come along. I do hope though that Paris is prominent, as her goth get up makes me giggle.

  • Hmm, Sarah Brightman is in this. It could turn out to be a cult hit in the vein of Rocky Horror Picture Show. We’ll see what happens.

  • From IMDB: “Darren Lynn Bousman originally refused to hold an audition for Paris Hilton. He did not think she would be capable, and feared media backlash or accusations of stunt casting.” But she was SO GOOD that he let her have the part.


  • I can’t believe I am going to say this but i was pleasantly surprised…she wasn’t as shit as I thought she would be and I am dying to see this movie. I hope it is good.

  • she’s not that bad. and this movie looks awesome.
    and once again, for all the people asking what this movie is about- how is it that you can access evil beet, but not google?

  • whoa nelly..what was that about? it looks somewhat interesting and paris didn’t completely ruin’s odd though!

  • I know they have a talented cast of characters. Hopefully this is a bad clip and the rest of the movie is good. Oh, by talented, I wasn’t including Paris Hilton. Her voice and movements seem weak to me with no range. I would like to see some other clips, but right now since Paris is in this, that turns me off to pay money to see it.

  • what the eff was that?
    is that for real?

    its the weirdest, most repulsively compelling thing i’ve ever seen

  • Considering I have seen Miss P. in some really bad European commercials where her lack of talent is painfully apparent, this does not seem so bad, mainly because we can’t really see her.

    I must lament the fact that the current crop of American filmmakers and artists are only able to produce creative projects that are overly concerned with hit men, gun slaughter and massacre, or vampire transvestite whores on Spanish flies bumping and grinding on drugs.

    Creative efforts such as these are so lame and uncreative, not to mention boring, that they are becoming the laughing stock around the world. This has been done and redone ad nausium and yet creative people in the USA still think it is cutting edge or something.

    Forget about terrorism, these people are visual terrorists sending our culture and our youth right down the tubes. The real sad truth is that American creative people CAN’T think of something cutting edge or really creative, because everything is so dumbed down, since everyone rebelliously ignored their education. The culture is in trouble and this cinematic effort is a fine example of the awful state we are in. Wake up people… don’t you see the decline and how rapidly it is pulling everything down? We’re about to go under.

  • Persistant Cat – Giles?? say it ain’t so. I enjoy your suggestion of a Buffy/Spike/Angel reunion.

  • *sigh*
    Had to stop watching. This is so sad.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if the needle they put in her thigh was laced with some kind of incurable disease-causing virus that slowly (BUT NOT TOO SLOW!) eats at her flesh from within?

  • At first I was like these other whiny bitches, angry that PH was in the movie. But if you actually watched it and stop complaining you would see she doesnt do a bad job playing the role of Amber Sweet. And she looks more f**kable than what she does naturally.
    And Anthony Stewart Head kicks ass in this movie also.

    This movie isnt for everyone so you tards can go back to watching The Notebook or other pathetic movies like that.