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Happy Family!

His mother and sister may hate him, but Christian Bale’s wife and daughter are still by his side. The family landed at Narita Airport outside Tokyo last night, where I assume Christian will be promoting The Dark Knight.

It’s actually kind of sweet that he’s taken his whole family on his promotional tour. Most celebs leave their spouses and kids behind when they do something like this.

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  • omg this guy was never in the blogs before the dark knight, now hes all over the place. must be hating his new level of celebrity.

  • i bought American Psyco because this fine motherfucker is in it, he is sooooooo fine!!! i love you Cristian, you can hit me baby as much as you want

  • So I’ve FINALLY seen The Dark Knight and I. LOVE. It!!!
    Heath Ledger couldn’t have nailed it better. I wanted to cry when the realization hit me that I could never see this man act again. His performance was amazing.

    Christian Bale…. performance was ite. (I guess I have to watch it again to get the details.) But I HATED the way he spoke when in batman costume. As if he had a cup-full of spit in his mouth.