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Kids Come First

Will Smith’s new film Hancock opens the same day as his daughter Willow’s flick, Kitt Ketteridge: An American Girl, where she stars opposite Abigail Breslin. So will there be tension in the household? Of course not. It’s the Smiths. They’re perfect. In fact, Will is cutting short his promotional duties for Hancock tomorrow so that he can join Willow at her film’s premiere in LA.

I also have to say that Willow, who’s seven, is already strikingly beautiful. She totally got the best of both parents (unlike some people … coughRUMERcough). She is gonna be one hot little teenager. I wonder if she can act. Man, I sure hope she can. This girl has TONS of potential in the gossip world as she ages.

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  • Will Smith’s kid would also be a scientologist. Poor kid is being brainwashed into a cult by her abusive parents.

    Someone please rescue her.

  • Willow is GOOOORRRGEOUS. To be honest, I don’t find Will or Jada that hot, but you’re right — the girl’s got the best features from both.

    I do still worry about Lourdes. But I think she’ll be all right.

  • Willow is a lovely little girl.

    Abigail is beginning to worry me, though. She has the exact same eyes that Kirsten Dunst had as a kid – remember her in ‘Interview With the Vampire’? Old eyes in a young face. And look how she’s turned out….

  • Willow is a perfect splice of both her parents. That’s crazy!

    And… as always… Abby is adorable.

  • Donkey Punch, the Smiths aren’t scientologists, are they? I know they’re friends with Scary Tom and Katie, but that doesn’t mean they share a religion.

    Willow is a beautiful kid, and I hope she manages to use her talent and beauty without suffering the fate of so many kids in Hollywood.

  • I think they are not with the sect
    although they are constantly persuaded into
    anyway the girls are cute
    one looks like teh little witch I already wrote about
    the other seems to have escaped from jail in the 40s
    cmon rich people
    learn how to get kids well dressed and preppy!

  • Grace you are incorrect.

    At the wrap of Hancock, Will Smith gave to all the crew a “gift” of a personality test at a Scientology center. These tests are used as a way of recruiting people.

    He also recently donated 1 million dollars to help build a Scientology school.

    Recently when he was on Ellen to sell “Hancock” he discussed how he likes to “study”. This is a Scientology term.

  • I adore Abigail , but she’s not the most beautiful kid I’ve ever seen. I fear she will develop a body like Hayden Panettiere,so extreme hotness won’t get her future roles. Let’s hope her acting skills will help her make the transition to an adult actress. In the end that assures her of having the longest and most fulfilling career.

  • Wow. Well, I’m afraid Will Smith just went down a notch in my estimation. It’s always sad to hear of someone else who’s been made a victim.

  • How old is Abigail…. as tall as she is, she doesn’t look older…. she just looks like a freaky giant child. *shudders* Who is she and where on earth did she come from?