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No More Hiding!

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong hold hands on a date in NYC.

These two have been inseparable for weeks now.

I wonder how Owen feels about all this. It happened so suddenly. We haven’t seen much of him recently. I feel really bad for him. I mean, I know Kate and Lance haven’t done anything wrong, but still. I’m angry with them for some reason. I’m so protective of Owen these days.

[Image via Splash]

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  • Is it just me or does Kate’s face look REALLY weird in this picture…I don’t know what it is but it bugs me..

  • She looks totally miserable in every picture I see of them together. I don’t even recognize her because of it.

  • Does Kate ever “date” anyone? It seems like every time she meets a new man it is all or nothing with her

  • For real, man, I haven’t seen a decent picture of Kate Hudson in awhile. She’s got this dragged-out, Bride of Frankenstein-vibe going on.

  • i bet owen would feel better if people didnt look at kate and lance and wonder how owen’s doing.

  • Wow, how could anyone even disagree with the obvious look of utter glee on BOTH their faces!?!?!


    HA HA HA One nut sack to go….

  • I think she is amazingly beautiful and has classic, chic style. I love this dress! She looks gorgeous.
    As for dating Lance…that’ll be over in a few brief moments. Why fret?
    Didn’t Owen break up with Kate? So why should he care what she’s doing now?

  • Dramatic babe uses and breaks up with them by cheating .. saying “I needed you! You ignored my needs and you know how my husband let me down.. and you also totally let me down so I walked, and it’s all your fault!!

  • Owen, yeah, but I still feel bad for Sheryl Crow, for some reason. The more Lance hops around from woman to woman, the less respect I have for him.

  • Yecchhh. They both look miserable. I love Owen!!! I hope he finds a nice girl who appreciates him.

  • I agree with all above, I’m straight but the best pic I’ve seen of Kate in a long time was the one that ran here a while ago of Kate’s bare behind. Sad when your ass looks better than your face!

  • @cj: ‘The more Lance hops around from woman to woman…’

    Dude, he has one testicle, not one leg.

    Which anyway, why does the press use as a poor-me Lance handicap?? One ball should be a bike-riding advantage, right? If he had three balls, I could understand.