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No Photographs Please!

Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend Justin Bartha both attended a screening of Trumbo in NYC last night, but they were careful to leave separately and not pose together on the red carpet.

Stupid stars protecting their stupid personal lives. I want photos!!!

Ashley’s still looking awesome, though, and the timing of her new look coincides with the beginning of her relationship with Justin. Whatever he’s doing for her, it’s a good thing!

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  • He’s fucking her good and making her realize she’s a young chick and not an old bag lady like she used to look.

    Now the sister needs to find some good peen…

  • at least she`s leaving somewhere in an upright and sober(ish) manner unlike her twin who is usually being scraped off the pavement and poured into a limo by minders.

  • His last name sounds like a synonym for vomit.

    And I think he’s such a sweetheart. Loved him in Failure to Launch. Quite the adorable little chap.

  • Um. Are those black denim from 1990????? With the matching plaid shirt from the same era no doubt!?

  • I think she is looking a million times better lately, and I think he is pretty hot. So, good for both of them!