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Motherly Love!

Diane Keaton hits the streets of Beverly Hills with her daughter, Dexter, whom she adopted in 1996. Diane also has a son, Duke, whom she adopted in 2001.

[Image via Splash]

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  • Dude, I would LOVE IT if Diane Keaton were my mom!!! She’d NEVER make you brush your hair or wear a dress. EVer.

    • or brush your teeth! And she wears her clothes right out of the cold clothes dryer. Grungy and pugnant! And you can wear the black glasses with the big rubber nose and look just like her!

  • looks like a pretty normal teen! (fugly or not)
    so far so good.
    well done Diane……..others in that fake world oughtta take note!

  • She’s not fugly people… jesus. She does look like she could be a major trouble maker though…

  • She does not look like the brightest button on the cardigan… and what is with her legs? She looks like she has two prosthetic legs.

  • why did the Annie Hall people insist that diane wear the costumes for the rest of her life? she should read her contracts better.

  • How come its ok for regular people to be ugly as fuck but if celebrities are a little bit uglier than normal (or more) we all notice and complain and comment bitterly about it? It is fun tho…and they are both fugly.

  • Dexter…what a lovely name for girl. Sounds like the name of a serial killer on Showtime or something.

  • Wow…what shallow people…but, I guess that’s what this site is about. If I were Diane, I’d be sick of all of the crazy papparazzi following me EVERYWHERE taking candid photos! Diane rocks!!!

  • “adopted, I knew she was a lesbian!!!”

    shes NOT a lesbian.the reason she adopted was because when she wanted to have kids she the fact that she was 50.

    shes one of my all time fav actresses ever!shes awesome.