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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa has it all.

The hot husband who’s stuck by her forever, adorable kiddos, a lucrative job she loves, a great sense of humor, perfect arms and fabulous clothes.

I so want to be Kelly Ripa. I’ve idolized her forever. Her life just always seems so perfect to me. Sometimes I pretend that she’s secretly my big sister and she will mentor me so that my life can be just like hers.

At the Jorge Posada Foundation Heroes of Hope Gala in NYC.

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  • I’ve always seen her as the hot cheerleader at school who has everything, hot boyfriend, hot car, hot ass…and you just hate her, you hate her cuz you’re jealous.

  • Kelly Ripa is deathly thin and has absolutely no boobs. She is also a pathetic excuse for a mom. How much money does she need? She is always working. Why bother having kids at all?

    • She is thin, but not deathly thin, you are dense! Go back to reading those double D magazines, with the big surgical scars in them. You have no idea what kind of a mom she is, and while most people complain that they work all the time, they don’t! There are no reports of her being an absentee mom, or a bad mother, Why don’t you try having kids before you pass judgment on her? You wouldn’t write these things, if you had some kind of stability in you life A**Hole

  • I’ve always been a little jealous of everything Kelly Ripa has, but I’ve always liked her. She’s goofy, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She seems fun, and silly, and has a life I’m envious of. A lot of people seem to hate her, and I’m fairly certain it’s just jealousy. There’s not much else in her life to hate her for…at least that I’ve seen.

  • I love her too and would totally be her best friend, especially if we have the same size feet. She always has the best shoes. Her clothes are great too but I love shoes. Also, she is sweet and funny but again, the shoes.

  • I think she’s all cute and cuddly as long as she’s the center of attention. I liked her at first but got really turned off when I saw how she constantly put herself at the center of attention on Live!
    Cute and funny is good, but….you know…a little too much of a good thing gets old fast. Who wants steak for breakfast? Steak for lunch and Steak for dinner?
    and as for her “hot” hubby… he’s kind of a midget…

  • She’s one of the most annoying women on the planet. For the brief time I watched her show with Regis, she constantly turned the focus of every interview back on herself. And she couldn’t stop touching her hair. UGH!

  • Yep, tomboy girls always have it all. Ever notice that they’re always the happy, strong, put-together ones? Yep.

    And I just read an article about Mark in a magazine, about how he used to a stripper. There was this one pix of him in a tiny pair of underwear completely stuffed with bills. It was awesome!

  • Kelly really had a nice set of jugs right after she had her kids-Duh! Now she is so totally flat-chested, there’s really no point in her wearing a top at all. Also, she doesn’t seem to make as many of those naughty, sexual comments as she used to,or, let Regis play with her bare feet as much as before.

    • Sure they are. They’re called MEN.

      If I want to date a 12 year old boy, well then…. I guess I could call Kelly.

  • Meh….I’ve always found her annoying. I hate watching her with Regis, but she’s not nearly as annoying as Gelman, their producer. What a nerd.

    • She is a younger version of that pain in the ass Kathy Lee Gifford. Both have voices that sound like new york traffic..PS: Rip go eat a steak we can hear your bones rattle when you walk..

  • Hell, yes!! She still looks sexy and I would love to bang her. It just seems to me that her attitude isn’t as sexy as it used to be. One of her best comments was when Regis was trying some kind of medical self-testing strip and told her to open her mouth so that he could stick it in and she replied that she did that for her audition.

  • When Kelly made the Above comment she meant it as a joke,but, said it with a mock serious expression on her face that caused a number of those in the audience to gasp. She seemingly loves to talk about being seen naked by other people.