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Who Are You and What Have You Done with Anna Faris?

Anna Faris Totally Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face, Comparison Photos

Anna Faris Totally Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face, Comparison Pictures

Miss Anna Faris, one of my favorite little-seen starlets, showed up at the premiere of We Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry looking like, well, not like Anna Faris. Ms. Faris filed for divorce in early April, but it appears the new face predates that. Looking through the WireImage archives, it would seem the new face debuted at Sundance in January — the last photo of the old face is from November 2006. I can’t even quite pinpoint what she had done, but she looks like a totally different person, and it kinda bums me out, because she had such an adorable, unique look before. Now she just kind of looks like a standard-issue starlet. Boring.

Update: Okay, based on comments from here and ONTD, here’s what I think changed:

1) Obviously, hair, make-up and darker eyebrows. Or maybe she’s just using a new hair dryer.
2) Bridge of the nose is smaller.
3) Chin’s been smoothed out a little.
4) Collagen injections in her lips.
5) Probably the ears, although I’m not 100% sure on that one.
6) Super-blue contacts, ala Paris Hilton. :(

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  • What a difference a nose makes! The bridge definitely looks less broad. It also looks like she had her forehead shortened , but that might be just a trick of her hairdo.

    I think she looks good, but you’re right the change took away her uniqueness.

  • Well, I’ll be a penguin’s uncle.She was so damn cute before. Heck, she was cute enough to make me watch “The Hot Chick”! She is still quite attractive, but the magic, the connection isn’t there anymore.

    My heart is broken.

  • Looking at the pics I would say she definitely got a new nose….and it looks like she got collagen (spell check) in her lips. They are significantly fuller than before.

  • I believe it’s the lips! Especially the bottom lip. That makes such a difference. She kinda looks less teen movie and more porn-like!

  • people, i think she only darkened her eyebrows, and just looks different because she’s smilig wih a fake smile. our favorite anna is just sad:(

    p.s. her eye makeup is also less harsh

  • I have seen her in person….several times at parties and clubs. She does not look at all like these photos – her makeup artist does fantastic work. I doubt she has had any work done – honestly. She looks like a regular girl in real life – complete with the dark circles and wrinkles from partying…I think she parties too hard sometimes…I saw her almost wreck her car driving under the “influence”

  • what the hell? they totally sucked the personality right out of her! she looks nothing like herself, and now she looks like all the other blondelettes! boo!

  • Argh!! I’m so mad! She looked so cute and original before!

    Definitely not recognizable. It’s sad really.

  • look ate her cheeks aswell!!! i think she had a cheek implant too..
    im not gonna lie, she looks very good but i prefer the way she looked before, she was soo cute and i agree, she looked UNIQUE… and whats the point to look good if youre gonna look like everyone else! :S

  • She had lip implants. I agree that’s it’s a disappointment. She looked much better before.

  • I loved her in Just Friends. She looks completely different now.. so sad when beautiful people change their face.

  • nose job and lip collagen, and she’s REALLY lookalike of Angelina Jolie!
    that eye look&those big lips…

  • you are fucking stupid, people look different in photos allthe time. Just take a look at your own photos and notice how much a different smile or hair or lighting or angle can make. Moron.

  • am i the only one who thinks she looks better now?!?! she was okay before. but i think shes is gorgeous now.

  • Knew her once. Hoped she was above the Hollywood disease because she was a good person. Disappointing & sad that she has become one of the girls she often spoofs. I hope she is still a good person beneath the lips and hair & hype because that doesn’t last.

  • Yeah she have changed lot. but most of difference is her darker eyebrows. but almost all of things in her face have changed.
    I saw “Just Friends” Movie last night and she was so cute there.
    I love This Movie, Specially Anna in this Movie.
    She was better that time. This is what i believe in.

  • This is not proof of anything. Photos get airbrushed and such. Also, she is obviously going to change her hair and whatnot to portray whatever character she is currently working on. You guys are just looking too hard.

  • I think Anna would be a tough girl not to love. I wish she had not had her lips done (I was so disappointed when I saw that it was so, in “Scary Movie 4”) but, she has and she’s not about to change back to the earlier Anna, for me/us, unforunately. It’s a minor thing, really. I’ll be following this Lady’s career all of the way through.

    Anna…if you read this – I loved you in SM1-4, anyway: without Cindy and Brenda, they might as well give SM movies up, forever! I hope you keep screening at us – I’m kinda pleasantly hooked on you, little Lady!

    Remember us! God bless!

  • hey people.. i don’t know where you guys get your info from, but dont you know that anna is NATURALLY blonde?? she only died her hair in scary movie just so she could look like the person she was parodying.. hello.. read!!

    other than that.. i dont think you could compare the photos you have cos they’re not even shot from the same angle.. and the one where she is laughing doesnt count.. her eyebrows definitely darker, but THATS NOT PLASTIC SURGERY! her lower lip looks a bit bigger yes, but other than that the rest just looks normal.. and i think that lip isnt such a big problem to get all fussy about..

    she looked great in the last season of ‘friends’ too..

    anyway, yeah, she’s naturally blonde…

  • its no doubt the nose and lips definately, she barely looks like herself anymore i saw her on entourage, i think it was and i honestly didnt even know who she was….then i was like waiitttt a minute omg anna faris?!?!

  • I don’t think she’s opperated the only thing is the hair and also it
    depends from where you take the photo

  • Very upset with new look. Much prettier before. This is what the pressure of Hollywood does to people.

  • I don’t think she’s had nose or chin surgery. I think the hair/eyebrows/makeup makes most of the difference, though the bottom lip does look much rounder. I think the combo of the blonde hair and bigger lips makes her look like Courtney Love, which is NOT something to aspire to. I do prefer the “then” photo, but I’m sure that if she changed her hair/makeup to be like it was, then she’d look like that again.

  • wow she is so cute.when I see her on the golden awards she look you know sexy.I always see her live because I live in Hollywood.And my name is Veronica
    my email

  • umm she already had blues she isnt wearing contacts, blonder hair makes your eyes look blue.

  • I saw her in a movie bt deirz somthng in her fac dat complz u 2wrdz her. Lov her hairz, Beautiful face nd her eyz

  • I’m watching Scary Movie right now and oh my hell what a difference. Not only does she have jet black hair but her face is totally not what you see here. I’m disappointed that she bought into the blond barbie look, what a shame.

  • she didn’t change anything except her hair but her chin and her nose are the same she didn’t touch them

  • she definitely had work done. that’s how i stumbled onto this site. i was trying to figure out what she actually had done, since the obvious stuff are her…


  • forehead shortened?? Are you people out of your damn minds? Have you never taken a picture that didn’t look like you?? you people are insane lmao

    Her features are the exact same, makeup and lighter hair can drastically change an appearance.

  • THANK YOU NATE! I was looking at these pictures trying to figure out HOW people could possibly think she had a nose job or lip injections, as there were no similar angles to compare “then” and “now”. Eyebrows are the most subtle face feature that have tons of impact; people just don’t realize that, so changing their color even slightly makes a difference. Same with hair color and the light conditions (ie – sunlight versus soft indoor lighting), as well as so many other factors that affect appearance. I mean, my face looks less healthy in the sunlight but looks absolutely perfect in the candlelight. And for many people who have blue eyes, they change shades according to the light. Some are just too eager to judge and see things that aren’t there. Anna looks great either way. Besides, everyone takes bad pictures…well…except for a very rare small percentage…which I envy.

  • okayyy. her hair is blonder…thats it. there is noooo way she got any kinda plastic surgury. I think the only thing diffferent is her makeup. And her complexion isnt as tan now as it was. Her eyes are probably just bluer from the light. I have blue eyes and depending on the light the color blue changes. I think her makeup looks more natural now making her seem different.

  • i really don’t think she would have plastic surgery done. i just cannot see her doing that. you cant seriously judge based on the pictures, they’re TOTALY different. she’s not as tan in one, her hair is lighter and styled differently, her makeup is different, and they’re not even shot at the same angle! plus, she’s older now. don’t get me wrong, she still looks amazing! but no one’s gonna look the same as they did when they were younger, that’s just how life is. plus, she’s still an amazing actress!! i’ll follow her anywhere.

  • i reallly thought ana faris was cute esp. in her movies scary movies.. i was kind of taken aback when i saw her again in her new movie ‘the house bunny’ she looks so different.. like most of her face filled out.. what happened? she made herself look ugly!! why did you do it ana? why? huhuhh.

  • I’m watching her host SNL right now (9-27-08) and you can’t deny her lips have been inflated. I’m suspicious of a few other things. Very disappointing. She had an unforgettable look that I was always happy to leave the channel on when I came across one of her flicks. Now, as said above, she has that ‘standard issue’ look.
    I guess maybe she felt she was going to loose her unique look sometime and she wanted to beat the clock with a sure thing and pumped some poison in her lips. Now that’s scary.

  • Its just sad to see another person get influenced into doing something stupid like joining the ranks of the Hollywood Stepford Wives…damn she was hot but now she is just plastic. I will say she still has good comedic timing. I guess you can’t cut that out with a 15 blade.

  • WTF? She was ALWAYS a BLONDE!! She dies her hair black for the first 2 scary movies so she could have a Neave Campbell (SP?) look. So she obviously died it back blonde afterwards cuz it’d probbly take a while to grow back.
    Her lips have ALWAYS been full.
    And in those now/then pictures, there’s different lighting and angles in both of them.
    There is also make-up now adays u can apply to your nose to make it look skinnier. She jut probably never really done that before.
    So yea, she may look different, but it’s still her. She didn’t do anything. Make up can change a person a lot.
    She has also gotten older. She probably grew into her NATURAL look.

    So stop being so immature and falsely accusing people.

  • I dont know what you guys are talkng about! I think she looks better now! Yeah she was always cute but now she looks more mature and less of a teen. In my opinion i think she upgraded

  • I was watching Entourage Season 4, and I almost didn’t recognize Anna Faris. I couldn’t really pinpoint what was different exactly, but she definitely did look quite different. I did a web search to see if she’s had work done, and came across this forum. So I agree with Evil Beet, I suspect she’s had some kind of surgery, and I also think she looked much cuter and more interesting before. Now she just looks like every other blonde actress. Shame.

  • i can tell you shes just died her hair blonder and grown it longer and probably had some hair piece extensions put in when those photos were taken. oh and worked out alot. definately had her lips plumped. but really who cares? it is clearly still her. if you want to see drastic transformation look at the other celebs.

    anna rox socks case closed

    • yes she is still good looking o course she is young and on tv most are some what good looking . but her face is starting to look odd and its changing the sweet look she had before the surgery. she had nice round soft features around her mouth now there are hard looking angles . looked a lot better before imo.

  • I fell in love with Anna seeing her in the scary movie films. The “new look” in the house bunny scared me really. Absolutely not an improvement in any way. I really hope it was just make-up and a clever push-up.
    John (Netherlands)

  • I have to say, it is undeniable from the pictures that she has plumped up her lips, but that seems to be it. Hair, eyebrows etc are pretty much normal to change. We all change our hair and makeup every once in a while. Plus, she’s growing up and probably wanted a preetier classier look which I can see now, whereas before she could very easily pass for a 16 y/o girl and any movie. As for the contacts, everyone does that too. I have to say, I don’t quite like the lips now. It does not look right and I think just cos its bigger, it makes her face look completely different. She is still cute and sweet, and its her body, she can do whatever she wants.

  • Is there any chance she pumped her lips up just for the ‘Bunny’ movie? It would make sense, based on the character she played.

  • I agree with what people say. She looked so fresh, and now she looks fake. Her face poofed out as though she had an alergic reaction. She definitely had the lips done (over done) and her cheeks seem extra poofy too. Too bad, but it seems like she’s gotten more roles since the change.

  • I really don’t think she’s had more than injections done, which she probably did for the House Bunny. But other than the normal hair dye and makeup, she looks the same. The bridge of her nose even looks identical to the previous picture, just a different angle. Also, her ears haven’t changed, and they’re not showing in those pictures anyway.

    Point is, she looks great and she knows how to keep her self looking great.

  • In “My Super-Ex Girlfriend” there are a few small people hiding in the shadow of her lips, if you look closely.

  • I wanted to eff her so bad when she use to be cute. She just looks like a regular sno bunny with plastic now. Dissapointing. I’d still skeet on her lips tho.

  • To cheech I can agree that make up can do slot. When you do the right contour and highlight yes her nose can look smaller. And I just like you want to believe that she hasn’t had work done. But the truth is she has, especially when she is in the movie observe and report. Wow omg she has not only done her lips nose, but she certianly had a brow lift on her left lazy eye. No amount of make up will give that plastic surgury look, and no level headed make up artist in Hollywood would do that type of make up and send her off to the red carpet like that. The only thing that hasn’t changed about her is her comedic timing.

  • wait till u see yogi bear…. she not even that cute any more and i didnt think it was anna faris til i goggled her……

  • i was wondering myself!! me & a friend took our kids to see Yogi Bear & as soon as she came on screen, we both looked at each other & mouthed ‘lip job’! must admit it was hard to concentrate on her acting cos was mesmorised by her lips – she’s lost her cute smile & looked odd…… still pretty & yes she has matured but def got a ‘trout pout’ & not a good one at that!

  • She had juvederm injected into her cheeks and lips, they didnt do a great job that’s why she looks abit lopped sided

  • I see nothing different with her nose at all. she’s had her lips done, probably injections of some sort. probably botox in her frown line area between her eyes, which isn’t too bad. what i notice the most is the fullness of her checks, they look like either injections or implants. that’s it. cheek implants/injections can change the entire look of the face. i really dont think she’s had that much done in THOSE photos….however, in the previews for her new movie What’s Your Number?…her lips are looking strange. Perhaps she’s put a little weight on (which is fine she’s still skinny) but it’s carrying in her face. makes me think A:pregnancy, or B:bad result after unnecessary work. She’s only 35…she didnt need work. she was adorable, i hope she can recover from this and leave well enough alone.

  • I couldnt even be sure that was her till the credits, she looks artificial, but awww, still a good actress, she must just stare in a mirror and feel like shit

  • u should undo everything u are the best looking woman ive ever seen at least u were .u had a gift a gift of amazing looks and u have messed ur cute perfect face up pls go back i possible im beggin

  • im telling truth ok when i found out u changed ur face i almost died thats not a joke thats the truth i almost died from a heat attaki was in hospital for 2 days .match scary movie over to urself and look at how much better u look before and how much of a mistake u have made a big mistake in scary movie 4 when u played as a bloned omg u looked damm good ur greaat looking face made me cry because it was natual better looking that camron diez bet now u have changed it comron looks better than u im sorry but u have made a mess of ur face i hope u read this to ur self carefully

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