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Anna Faris Files for Divorce


I don’t know much about this girl but I know I love her. She did all those Scary Movie sequels, but she also did Lost in Translation (where her ditzy starlet character was apparently based on Sofia Coppola’s arch-nemesis, Cameron Diaz) and Just Friends (where she played a ditzy starlet again — but she does it sooo well!!!). Anyway, she just filed for divorce from her husband of three years, “actor” Ben Indra. What do you know him from? Nothing, kids. Nothing at all. And with three movies slated to come out in 2007 alone, you can understand why perhaps Anna wanted to try something new. The two have no children together. Faris is being repped in the divorce proceedings by Laura Wasser, who I guess has some free time on her hands now that Britney’s divorce case is winding down.

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