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Drew’s Got a New Man


Just months after splitting from Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti (who quickly hopped into the sack with Kirsten Dunst, aspiring White House Drug Czar), the always adorable Drew Barrymore is officially dating director Spike Jonze, the ex-husband of Sofia Coppola. In a fabulous Hollywood twist, Drew’s BFF Cameron Diaz is reportedly hated by Sofia, who is rumored to have based the ditzy blonde Kelly character in Lost in Translation on Diaz (weird … I always just kind of assumed that was Britney Spears). Anyway, I adore Drew, and one of these romances is going to work out for her one day, I’m sure of it!

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  • My buddy and I were just talking over this particular subject, she actually is always trying to prove me incorrect! I will show her this particular blog post and additionally rub it in a little!