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Kim Kardashian’s Former Publicist Dishes


Whatever Kim Kardashian did to her former “publicist,” I hope she does it again. This is awesome. Jonathan Jaxson — who, if I am researching this correctly, is a 23-year-old gay kid who’s appeared on ever reality TV or talk show he can squirm his way onto — has started his own celebrity gossip blog with a bang, putting Kim Kardashian on blast, touching on such subjects as Paris, Britney, that sex tape, and black men. I’d summarize, but it’s really best if you just read his own words. You can check out his Flash-tastic website here (there’s no permalink for this text, but you can find it under the “JJ’s Blog” tab. I’ve bolded what I feel are the best parts.

Cheers to a new chapter in my life. Blogging. Celebrity blogging. Fuck selling it to others, I am going to type it all here for you to see. This is from a, now, former publicist who at one point or another worked with these stars in some manner.

I guess this is what happens when you threaten someone legally and are bitter of some of those in the entertainment industry.


This is one woman who has completely used and abused my contacts and work ethic. She will remain semi-famous until Hollywood decides to focus their attention on the real women of Hollywood who work hard for what they have…

I guess you get the spotlight you have always wanted when your:
1) Rich
2) Dad’s Famous
3) You sleep with celebrities.
4) Tag along with some of Hollywood’s hottest and #5
5) Release a sex tape and having someone act on your behalf as your publicist to Page 6 the same day as if you really didn’t know!!!

The wannabe is Kim Kardashian, known as Paris Hilton’s former BFF. That is right, former. As this former gal-pal was tired of Paris Hilton’s ways and wanted her own spotlight. Kim claims to not have ever partied with drugs or alcohol, however I have pictures to prove otherwise. She claims that is all that Paris did and it got real old not only partying with her at all times, but being her ‘sidekick.’

Most recently Kim was to attend several fashion shows for LA Fashion Week. I had a client attending several events and asked Kim if she were interested in attending and/or walking. Kim said ‘sure!’ I booked several shows for her to attend and/or walk, with in the end being asked to ensure her that Paris Hilton would not be showing up to any of them. Kim had not spoken to Paris in three weeks at this time and didn’t want any sort of blow up in public.

While Kim was in NYC during Fashion Week, this past February, she spoke to me regarding the relationship she has with Paris and the fact she is trying to get away from her. She said she was scared that there will be a backlash when she is about to launch her own likeness.

Either way, Kim will never have the same power Ms. Hilton has. I doubt Paris Hilton’s life is hurting without Kim. It is amazing Paris has so much power in the Hollywood circle, especially over these budding socialites.

Much much more after the jump! Thanks to Cele|bitchy for the heads-up.

While in NYC during Fashion Week this past February, Kim also spoke in regard to her ties with Britney Spears. It was from Kim’s mouth that said Britney had her people contact Paris and say they couldn’t hang out anymore because Paris wasn’t good for her image. Hell, what is then?

Kim also spoke at the fact Britney Spears was in NYC and kept texting Kim to hangout and go bowling or something while in NYC. Kim declined as she was afraid Paris would get mad and the fact that she saw Britney get cocained up and heard of her screwing a guy in a nightclub bathroom.

WHEW. Britney needs someone, but Kim? At least stick with Paris, she seemed like a good nanny.

When I booked Kim for the Wendy Williams Experience in NYC, she spoke to me regarding her dating habits. She said there is no way in the world she would date a black man again. April Fools!!! Just two weeks ago she was texting me to say she was holed up with her new boy-toy Tyson Beckford. Even requesting Tyson to attend the Christian Audigier show in LA, in which she walked, while he declined. (It was only to make her look better in front of former flame, Nick Cannon.)

Is this girl racists or simply a fake?

While Kim was visiting me in NYC to attend some of fashion week’s biggest shows, she requested that Nick Cannon not to be present as they had split and she was getting over him. In the end, Kim calls to say she wanted to attend the Pegah Fashion Show to sit front row as I had phoned her to say Nick would also be sitting front row. Her objective this time was to make him jealous in some form and want her.

During the backstage festivities of Heatherette, I got Kim a gig on Extra TV. At one point in the evening she was interviewing celebrities and waved for Nick to come over to speak to her, Nick smiled and kept moving. Again Kim lost. This all led up to Kim not having a seat for the show, Extra getting shafted due to space in the tents and none of Kim’s interviews ever airing, aside from her own personal one.

The night ended with Kim going to the after-party to try and talk to Nick, but being denied. Nick’s publicist asked me what I have been telling the press, when I said nothing, as I was not her ‘official’ publicist and she wasn’t represented by one at the time.

There was also a moment in the night when Kim told me how pissed, her friend, Kimberly Stewart’s publicist was at me. Really the only reason she could have been mad was because Kim was upset at the fact she couldn’t score two extra tickets to all the shows for her sister and I did everything in my power to make it work, in the end she not even ending up with a seat alone.

Kim actually said that Nick had one of her friends call US Weekly to leak he got married to make her jealous. Funny! (Ed: Remember that story?)There is Nick Cannon a successful actor, and Kim Kardashian, porn star.

Whoever this Jonathan Jaxson is, I sure do hope he keeps up that blog.

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  • LOL Loves it. Kim Kardashian is such a whore. And on top of that she puts on this sweet and innocent act like she has done nothing wrong. I believe everything this guy has said. Because this seems like something Kim will say and do. It’s obvious she is a socialite hoe trynna fuck her way to stardom. What a weak little girl. I bet her farther is turning in his grave..over and over and over. He is probably asking God right now “Lord please do not let my child Kim come to heaven” This is sooo nasty and ruthless of her. She is as bad as Paris Hilton. Kim is trying to compete with Paris Hitlon. Noooow I understand why she is having sex with all of these guys. LOL She is trying to break Paris Hilton’s record “for most slept around whore”.

    And of course Kim is going to deny all of this. And of course she is going to lie out of her plastic azz again. She loooooooooves herself some black men…Sooo she needs to stop lying. LOL She done fucked almost every black man there is. As soon as she goes to a club and see the first famous black celeb there..She gotta bang him. When she goes to afterparty when she sees 4 or 5 famous black celebs there she is hooking up with two of them the same night and the other 3 two days laters.

    Kim is nasty and I don’t understand in why any guy would want that. She probably got some kind of disease. And if she doesn’t have one now…she will get one sooner or later. She is going to wind up with HIV or AIDS..HERPES…something. I bet she is sooo open. I bet 5 guys can go inside of her at the same time.

    • you are right. all holly wood wants is a bunch of whores that are only famous because therir dad helped some guilty black guy get off with murder. any ways i hope kim will die of a slow and painfull death by aids. then she’ll burn in hell.

    • I totally agree with you. Why is this bitch even famous? I just got a newsletter from Sephora about her new perfume. PHHLEEZ like i want to smell like a hooker. She deserves to get AIDS stupid whores like her all do.

  • haha..Jonathan Jaxson is a screwed up kid. He was screwed up when he was in atlanta, living off some sugar daddy, a liar, and actually not that good in bed.

  • Jaxson grew up in over twelve locations across the country, and made his break in television as a guest on the show “Forgive or Forget” where he confronted his birth father for the first time. Since then, he has appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show and the Ricki Lake Show on numerous occasions. He started his own cable television show in 1999 called “The Edge” and won a cable Emmy award for his show in 2000.

    Since beginning his media career a few short years ago, he has interviewed Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson and toured with the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and Mya, to name just a few. Jaxson was also one of the top 30 finalists on American Idol this past year.

  • whore or not this article sounds like it was written by a pissed off publicist seeking revenge which makes it suspicious.

  • Kim Kardashian is a whore ,and its the proven fact .

    I dont get man who like her .They’re probably like sluts and airheads .

    Well ..she’s obviously not intelligent enough for any profession,other than being porno whore !!!!!

  • Kim Kardashian is a whore ,and its the proven fact .

    I dont get man who like her .They’re probably into sluts and airheads .

    Well ..she’s obviously not intelligent enough for any profession,other than being porno whore !!!!!

  • Black men get too many tall or medium height nonblack women like Kim Kardashian,Tina Marie,Eva Longoria,Heidi Klum and Madonna.

  • This guy is obviously upset about something and in retaliation had to try to make her look bad. I’m guessing he’s some nobody trying to get famous overnight because I’ve never heard of him and neither has anyone else. Even when I look him up, i can’t find him.
    Who spews such trash about someone they used to work for, please… obviously only somebody who is jealous or trying to gain something out of it. He’s pathetic. I read the entire thing and just felt sorry for him. He’s so full of hate and hateful opinions, why doesn’t he do something else with his time. Like hmmm, I dunno, act professional. Who the hell would wanna hire his ass after he acted like such a child over a former employer. It just makes him look childish and stupid.
    If he were professional he would’ve known that before he went off like a drag queen.
    seriously , get a life. Most people don’t care about it even if it were true anyway.
    Jen in Boston

  • Kim is grosse. Her porn was soooo set up by her and JayRay. on top of that all she could say on the porn was; SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, every time that big cock was going in her. how classy. LOL. There are sooo many ways one can get where they’re going without putting out a disgusting sex tape. I bet her mom told her to do that, that it would boost her career, thinking it would do for her what paris’ sex tape did for her, she couldn’t be more wrong; how many people really think that paris’ tape has hurt her, Paris’ sex tape looked like two lovers having real fun together. It was not right but you could see her innocennce and there’s more sexy foreplay than anything, Kims’ tape looked rehearsed and grosse! She never show’s her tit’s once, why? because she knew they where going to make it public. DAH! I do not think one should talk about her dad. THAT is disrespectful and hurtful! and does show how far her x publicists’ anger will take you! get a life!

  • Kimmy K is a ho and like Willie D said “let a ho be a ho”!!lol

    And yes, Reggie, you got a ho on your arm- ask Ray J(who peed on her or Michael Jackson’s dad whom she slept with while going out with his grandson- one of Tito’s sons).

    No amount of money can by class but it can buy a fake ass(via butt injections). Booty didn’t shake on DWTS because it’s fake!!!!lol

    Kimmy K is a closeted racist, she talks sidewayz about blacks(especially black women) and call her own black girlfriend crew her “Aunt Jamima crew”.

    Peep out they put her whole fake ass family on blast- even her drug dealing daddy!!lol

    • Lol she’s like a prostitute and her mom is her pimp selling everything pertaining to sex!she’s an embarassment and disgusting no morals she’s not a real woman she’s as filthy as a 2 dollar hoe I knew Reggie wouldn’t stay with that nasty troll hell everyone’s seen her goods she’s slept with all of Hollywood who would want to have that garbage on your arm? She ain’t wifey material.dirty bitches like that give real woman that actually work to make a living a bad name.materialistic dirty head Dr. That’s all she’s good for cause I’m sure her insides will be falling out from screwing everyone.eew!

  • what has the world come to, everything has gone to hell and we care what happened to kimk’s former pr person? i had to slap myself over the head because i caught myself actually wasting my time here. but props to Jaxon for releasing the truth

  • The more black guys she fucks the greater her chance of HIV. Come on does she think she is the only white girl those guys are fucking

  • i think this publicist nonsense is made up, do u know that publicists have to sign a confidentiality agreement if this was real this guys ass would have been sued time ago

  • I COMPLETELY AGREE!….Their putting this girl on a mountain!..When this girl belongs in the dirt….Shes not a hoe..then why cant the girl keep a man….Her ex husband,Nick Canon, Tyson Bed, Nick Lachey, Ray J “EWW”, Kanye west while with Reggie!, THEN! Christiano Ronaldo “TOOTED & BOOT IT”lmao!..Miles Austin…Should I keep on?…All I got to say is..YES SHE NASTY, EASY & FAKE……BUT ONE THING….SHE PRETTY & MAKING THAT MONEY!…All she really wants & cares about…..I can all we can say is…Let the girl live…she’ll face the real “MAN” one day…..God bless that girl!

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  • well i guess we now know why reggie never got serious about kim the black community laughed at him and he was forced to dump her

  • the only reason me like her cause she give up the pussy easy,like most of nasty ass skanks in hollywood.

    I am 30 years old and act like a vain and self-obsessed 13-year old. My dream was always to become a princess but i became an anal pornstar, but i still think i am a princess
    My body is full of plastic parts. My boobs, ass, lips ,teeth, cheeks, nose, hair, lipo-ed body,chin, etc. are all bought and paid for, courtesy of a plastic surgeon. I am also jealous of Paris Hilton and put out a SEX TAPE because she did. I idolize Paris Hilton.I used to hang around her like a koala bear all the time, to get my picture taken from the paparazzi.Until 2007 i did alot of cocaine.I know there are picture proofs but i will deny it forever. My Pimp mother, Kris, fu@ked the poolboy while my father was at work.The result was my pathetic half sister khloe who is a whore, just like me.I am a total and utter disgrace to my late father, who was a lawyer. Whenever my mouth is moving, I am lying as I am INCAPABLE of telling the truth about anything The way i walk, talk and laugh is fake.If you look into my eyes you can even see that my soul is fake.I pretend that if I lie about things, people will eventually believe it.

    Although I pretended to be upset by the sex tape, I was the one that sent it to Vivid Entertainment, and they paid me $5 million dollars to expose my nasty self. Ray J had nothing to do with the leaked sex tape.
    My former publisist,Jonathan Jaxson, know everything that happened! He hates me because i went behind his back and abused all his connections.I am just waiting for him,and many many more, to come out and reveal how i really am.
    I exploit my FAKE body all of the time because I lack intelligence, class, dignity, self-respect, elegance, and morals.I pretend that i care about others, but i only care about myself. I am a very dirty woman and all of the men that have fu@ked AND dumped me make fun of my FAKE body to everyone, including the new women in their lives.
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    I also love to flaunt my fake ass because it’s my calling card for any rich Black man that wants to ram my @sshole hard and move on! Evan Ross, Marquis Houston, Scott Storch, Fabolous, The Game, Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Tyson Beckford, Ray J, Reggie Bush, Christiano, Miles Austin,Gabriel Aubry(only because everybody said i was only into black guys)Kanye West and soon Kris Humpries are just a FEW of the men that have ALL fu@ked, peed on, AND dumped me because they know that I am trash that brings their reputations down to the gutter with mine.I would fu@k anyone for publicity. I have had many STDs but the only one i have now is herpes, I am herpes. I am pathetic, plastic and am terribly insecure. I am a national and international joke, smell like piss and have a totally flabby @SS from my A N A L SEX TAPE. I am clearly a very sick human being. I am the most nasty famewhore in the whole wide world! I am 100% shamless.
    I am Kim K Superstar…….Yeeeeeeey!!!

  • That is so mean…how dare you guys talk bad about someone like that….whatever her circumstances may be n you may not agree with it you should never say terrible things like that….let her do her n yall worry bout yourself… all need jesus….go repent smdh…oh yea n fake publicist get a life…your mad bc she probably fired you…let it go n find yourself another job instead being damn spiteful….go pray

  • Lets face it folk, the Kartrashians are nothing but glorified hookers that look for big you know what and troll for $$$, like their mother. Such a shameless family. News flash, you are famous because you are a whore!

  • Yep.Kimmy must be doing something right cuz she has ALL these haters including this idiot,wanna-be publicist!This guy sounds like a Jealous ex-boyfriend or jealous ex-Bfff! That alone leads me to the impression this article is a tad bit suspect!

  • Kim Kardashian is a dirty whore who acts all innocent. She needs to get a real career. Whoring yourself isnt prideful.. well atleast not in families other than hers. SLUT.

  • I cannot wait until she’s washed up, used up, and no one cares – just like Paris. I think we’re nearing the end of her 15 mins.

  • All I can say that Kim Kardashian is a big time bitch who has nothing better to do in her life. I dont understand why Ameircan pay so much attention to such low class people. Such whore is nothing more than ripping off money by fake publicity, showing big fat ass n lauching her sex video to show that she has no standard or parents never taught them good moral values. Such low life bitches can’t be good role model to future generations. Its all about how to make easy money and live a low life. I am sure this bitch knows in her head what she does. Please do not pay attention to such low life creatures.

  • Kris Jenner is a terrible mother, her daughters are whores, trolling for $$$ by posing nude, sleeping around, no education, no culture, such a filthy bunch!

  • I bet you’re eating your words now ! Lmao her net worth is more than $50 million!! And he’s the pop culture queen I hate all then especially that’s asquatch Khloe but look at Kim now