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Anna Faris Totally Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face, Comparison Pictures

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  • She’s ruined herself. I loved her in Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3…she was so pretty. Next?…in Scary Movie 4?…her lower lip ruined her.

    Mistakes like this are utter tragedies…why the Hell do they do it to themselves?

  • This is just as far fetched as the other one:

    I still see no reason to believe she has had plastic surgery, if anything her face has very slightly matured, which is natural.
    She made the first Scary Movie 7 years ago, I am the same age as she is and I dont look the same as I did 7 years ago, my facial features have thinned and become prettier and less child like, much like hers.

  • um. she had lip injections.
    thats too bad. I’m a 21 yr old chick and I’d never get plastic surgery. thats so gross dude. its fake. its not real……does anybody get it?

    • that ur opinon when u get old and wrinkley then who will be talkin no onw asked 4 your age , we not all the same , she aint your mother or sister or anyone you love so stop being pig heded and think ever1 else opinon should be the same as yours. dame im 15 and even i know dat in hoolywood oyu get pressusre so you do thing and either there 4 the good or bad

      hers is the bad

  • Dude…plastic surgery lot’s of people do it..It’s not gross. Just a way to fix the things we weren’t born with. Who cares if she had surgery…Big whoop!!! Millions of people, not just celebrities, do it. She looks GREAT either way!!!!!

  • It’s make-up tard cards, get a grip, the shots are from her promo walks for House Bunny in which she plays a Playboy pin-up girl. These photos prove nothing other than who ever has started this string is jealous of her royal hotness.

  • Major bummer that she ruined her unique looks. I hope her lips will shrink back to their previous beatiful shape. Now she looks like Every-Barbie-Centerfold. Hope it was something temporary she did just for the movie, but even then, she didn’t need to do that to be believable!!! She was beautiful!

  • I’m kinda disappointed she changed her look, even though it’s her body and she can do with it what she pleases. I don’t understand why people would take what God created and alter it to look just like every other person in America. Each person is made unique and is distinguished in their own way. I thought she was beautiful before and needed no alterations but then again people are their own worse critiques and the way we saw her (perfectly fine) was obviously not the way she saw herself… =(

  • Y’all are smoking crack. She looks exactly the same with different hair and makeup. Nothing about her features is different in the least. I think she looks great with lighter hair and softer makeup. Get your eyes checked.

  • She was so much cuter before. It might sound unchristian, but I can’t wait until her career decomposes and she’s in and out of AA meetings moaning about how fucking cool she used to be. Hollywood is for fucking zombies and soulless morons. No wonder our country is going downhill. I don’t know who is worse: the fucking retards who pray for her success or the peddlers of movies. Crack dealers at least get you high. And we fucking lost Heath Ledger and get her? Someone slip her a vicodin…Make it 50

  • wtf are you guys talking about… she really doesn’t look any different other than her lips — and just because she might’ve had lip injections — which may be true, and may not be… doesn’t autmatically mean she’s turning into pamela anderson — because she’s not**

    and if you’re saying she looks like a slut or barbie or w/e then great because that’s exactly what she should be in house bunny

    AND how the fuck does she look like the blonde angelina jolie? and you’re a dumb bitch if you’re extreme-anti plastic/cosmetic surgery, you might as well be an evangalist or burn gays and kill blacks

    anna faris is hilllllllllllllarious

  • Too much with the lips. She ruined her looks. If there is anyone out there saying she hasn’t had any work done, then you are living in denial and need glasses and/or drug and alcohol rehab.

  • Here’s the deal… I had never even seen this girl before she was on SNL this past year and the first thing I thought when I saw her was “she’s weird looking”. But here’s why: it was IMMEDIATELY obvious to me that she had over-inflated her lips with lip injections. That just doesn’t look right on everybody, and to me, she looks better with natural lips (especially now that I have seen the “before” picture”).

    Also with that first impression I thought, “nose work”. Her nose is just way to small and elfin like. In her before pic, it’s slightly more bulbous on the end. So, I think she had a very slight nose job. It’s being perfected in Hollywood these days…the almost undetectable nose job.

    Otherwise, I don’t think she has changed that much other than some additional injections in her cheeks to make them appear more prominent.

    Those who do not think that she has had work done either just don’t pay attention to details like that, haven’t seen a lot of plastic surgery work before, or just don’t care. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I can see why people think she’s hot, but I liked her natural look. She was already gorgeous. No need to get work like that done so young.

  • I can’t agree more with wonka donk, She definitely had lip injections, and yes anyone who can’t see that isn’t paying close enough attention… or not big enough fans to acknowledge it.

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