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Vanessa Minnillo

Nick and Vanessa Lachey expecting baby #2

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Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa Minnillo (er, Lachey) got married and had a baby a couple of years ago, and now they’re ready to expand their family yet again: they’re expecting baby #2, and this time it’s a little girl!

Nick announced the news via Twitter, as you do, and it was kinda sweet:

It’s kinda sad how irrelevant these two are, but I think they’re sweet, I guess, and it’s good that they’re happy? I dunno, I’m trying to muster anything other than apathy when it comes to this news. Yay, babies?

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Stars Without Makeup: Vanessa Minnillo is Pregnant, Eating Popcorn, I Guess

photo of vanessa minnillo pregnant eating popcorn pictures photos pics
OK, so I’m not going to rip apart a non-makeuped pregnant lady for eating in bed, because why bother? I remember being pregnant, you know, and I also ate much more bizarre things in bed than popcorn. I gorged on spaghetti … sausage and peppers. I have stains on my mattress that may never come out.

So, no. No mockery here. Mockery-free, guys. But I am going to ask (in my customary questionable way), what the F-CK has Vanessa Minnillo done with her eyebrows? I mean, did she up and eat those, too? Why in God’s name would you tweeze your eyebrows so thin? Does she not realize that we’re not in 1999 anymore? Or that there are other methods of manicuring your facial hair other than using a single-blade bic?

I was torn between calling this post “Love It or Leave It” and “Stars Without Makeup,” but I probably should have just thought a little harder and combined the two, calling it “Stars Without Eyebrows and Where They Left Them.”

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey Are Going to Have a Baby!

photo of vanessa minnillo pregnant and nick lachey pictures photos pics
Like, not figuratively, “maybe down the road” or anything, literally. These two are literally going to have a baby!

From Starpulse:

Nick Lachey and his new bride Vanessa Minnillo are expecting their first child less than a year after they wed.

The ex-98 Degrees star and his TV presenter wife got married in a secret ceremony in July last year and they announced on TV on Monday that Minnillo is pregnant.

Lachey tells “Live! With Kelly,” “She was in New York and I was in the Bahamas. She went to the store and got a pregnancy test and it came back positive. We’re having a baby!… This is the one thing that more than any other I’ve looked forward to, and it’s overwhelming.”

Lachey said the couple has already discussed a name for the child, adding, “If it’s a girl, I think it might be Sophia. If it’s a boy, I’m not sure.”

He also joked his wife’s baby bump was initially blamed on too many calories, saying, “It just looked like she had eaten a really big burrito for a while… She loves, she craves Mexican food right now. She could eat a burrito a day so you can imagine what our house smells like right about now.”

The baby is due later this year.

Awesome! I mean, can you imagine what it’d be like if Jessica Simpson wasn’t pregnant at this juncture of her life and she heard this news? After Tony Romo being pregnant and having babies and what not with his new girlfriend or wife or whatever she is these days? Man. So glad Jess beat Nick to the punch on this one, because if she hadn’t, it’d be some pretty uncomfortable circumstances when she and Nick rekindle their romance thirty or forty years down the road and air all of their past errors on a redux of Newlyweds. Thank God for small favors, you know?

Oh, and congrats to Nick and Vanessa! Looking forward to seeing that burgeoning baby bump on Winter Wipeout (I’m not the only one who does watch that show, right?).