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Here’s Hoping Nick And Vanessa Have Gotten Back Together


Courtesy of Life&

I woke up a little bit ago to see that Life & Style has “photographic evidence” that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are back together. Eh, if this was a picture of the two of them dry humping and feeling each other up in a booth, I might be more inclined to jump on board. On the other hand, supposedly the two were “canoodling” and “left together”, as well.

All of that sounds like friendly ex behavior to me, but at the same time, I can’t really imagine that either one of them has been up to much since their split, so getting back together does seem to make a little sense. To be perfectly honest, these two always seemed to work together as a couple for me. Neither is particularly successful, both are boring as hell and they each have that “Go, America!” vibe about them. I feel like if they were to get hitched, they’d make good-looking babies and fade in to obscurity really quickly…

Hey, now that I think about it, the these cats getting back together wouldn’t be half bad…

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      • Molls, in this post, perhaps it’s “the these” and “little bit ago” and “Go, America!” and “fade in to obscurity” and the nonexistent “life&”. The mistakes in this post are indicative of the simple mistakes that you regularly make in your posts.
        I (and many others) appreciate your writing voice and I really like your video persona in both your comedy pieces and in your Zelda Lily pieces, but I feel that you upload your Beet posts a few minutes before you should, when taking additional time to reread and edit your pieces before you post them would benefit both you and your readership.