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Julia Roberts Has No Sense of Humor. Gee, Really?


Per usual, Julia Robert’s hook nose is out of joint about something that the rest of the world probably finds (if not mildly amusing) totally innocent.  Julia “I’ll Take Your Husband Off Your Hands” Roberts has taken task with Julia Stiles — her costar in Mona Lisa Smile — for participating in a spoof video that makes fun of eco-conscious celebs.  

Julia Roberts – a famously eco-conscious mother of three who uses flushable diapers, drove a Toyota Prius and even helped invent a “green” household cleaner – isn’t laughing at her former Mona Lisa Smile’s co-star’s joke.

“While Julia thinks Julia Stiles’ heart is in the right place, she shouldn’t make fun of others who are trying to help the environment,” said the source.

“Julia thinks her former co-star would be better off directing her humor at people who are trying to destroy the planet… not those helping it!”

Normally, I don’t put much stock in National Enquirer print articles, but this is Julia Roberts we’re talking about.  This is Julia Roberts we’re talking about — I believe every. single. word.

Hey, Julia — instead of destroying people’s marriages, why don’t you try to find single men to impose your sanctimony upon?

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    • Nice! Reclaimed stick… haha
      When you don’t even find humor in, well, humor, you take yourself waaaaaay too seriously.

    • If Julia Roberts is all bent out of shape over this video and with Ms. Stiles, it’s because she misses the point. It’s not environmental consciousness that’s being ridiculed here — rather, it’s a goof on how many celebrities exploit the whole green issue in order to promote themselves in sometimes the most egocentric way possible. For those of us don’t give a s*** that people like Julia Roberts recycle and re-use their toilet paper, it becomes pretty annoying after a while. While this video is not exactly laugh-out-loud funny, it is kind of a humorous spoof, especially with the goofy looking models and all.

  • I would think that using cloth diapers would be more environmentally conscious than flushable diapers. They even have services now that will wash the diapers for you. Also, I am pretty sure she lives in a GINORMOUS house and the most eco-friendly thing you can do is live in a small house with renewable/efficient materials. Yes her Malibu house has recycled and energy efficient materials but that is an awful lot of wasted space. Doesn’t she also have multiple homes and probably flies private jets? Yeah, those are really going to save the environment. Ugh.

    • I was just about to express my surprise at Julia Roberts’ suggestion that ‘flushable diapers’ were an eco-conscious choice. Wow. I’m quite stunned by that. Those surely can’t be marketed as environmentally-friendly, can they? EEK!

    • But I think the issue with cloth diapers is the energy, water, detergent it takes to wash them..and the transportation from the company to pick them up and drop them off…gas and such, is not great for the environment. Perhaps flushable ones leave less of a carbon footprint?

    • Rachel I agree that JR is an ass in this instance, but you are a fucking retard as well.

      Look at your last two sentences. You ask, as if you don’t know the answer. “Doesn’t she also have multiple homes and probably flies private jets?” And yet, even though you don’t know the answer, which is why I guess you asked the question, you then say “yeah, those are really going to save the environment”. What an asshole! You blast someone based upon an answer you didn’t know! You ask a question….I’m sorry….fuck this…….I can’t go on arguing with a retard…… must be a democrat………only a liberal could be this fucking stupid!

      • Being a republican is your business, but can you really say that you honestly believe that your cohorts are smarter than so-called “liberal” Democrats? Granted, there are idiots on all sides of the political spectrum, but how about you do a little research into IQ scores, median incomes and university educations according to state, and you’ll see how much “smarter” your red states are.

      • Book smarts and common sense are two different fucking things asshole.

        And 9 times out of 10 the problem between Conservatives and Liberals isn’t about intelligence it is simply about Liberals wanting to take everything this country was founded upon and turn it on its head.

        If you want to be able to fuck your neighbors 10 year old daughter, or fuck your neighbors 10 year old son, or smoke pot, or not have a job and expect the rest of your country men to support you.

        MOVE TO EUROPE!!

      • If you had any “books smarts”, you’d realize how stupid your entire post was. Please inform me where exactly in Europe, or within the “liberal” agenda, anyone supports sex with ten year-olds?

        That’s the kind of outrageous and poorly thought out statement which gives Republicans a bad name. For the record, I have several friends who are Republicans, and none of them exhibit the nut-job ignorance which you clearly thrive on.

      • Jerzy you are very biased. Sorry your mom didn’t hug you enough… or maybe she hugged a little too tight? One or the other.

      • Ah, the memories from my year in Europe. I did so enjoy fucking my neighbor’s 10 year old son. We even had a holiday around it, led by our patron saint Pedobear.

        Also, I’m heartened by your declaration that all of Europe is so much worse than the US AND that is is all of the same, supposedly twisted culture. It makes me happy. I simply can’t wait to light up a bowl and return to my Miguel; he’ll be 11 soon!

      • Uh Jerzy I am pretty sure when Rachel said “Doesn’t she also have multiple homes and probably flies private jets?” that it was a rhetorical question.

        I know you don’t have any “book smarts” so try find yourself a dictionary to look that big word up k?

      • Lets say it was a rhetorical question…k?

        Her next lame remark which was based upon that rhetorical question wasn’t. If your initial comment is rhetorical do not follow it up with a slam/insult based upon a non truth.

        Wendie is just so fucking eager to trash someone she hates she will break every rule in the book to do so.

  • I love your posts on Julia Roberts, Wendie. Keep ’em coming! You should take this stance with other homewreckers like Sienna Miller and Tori Spelling!!

    • Noooooo not Sienna…she’s cute for a home wrecker. It gives me hope that if I ever get married I can have an affair with her too… ;)

  • I recall Farah Fawcett once observed about herself… was the day she realized she could not leave the house without makeup on.

    After spending years of being able to roam around with basically just mascara and lip gloss… she realized her skin was not the same and needed to wear foundation to smooth out her complexion. She was officially getting old.

    Women who are known for their beauty in their 20’s seem to be the last to realize they need to wear a great foundation… (cough*Julia*cough) at the age of 40 and over.

    And lets be honest… Julia was never as pretty as Farrah.

    But I also recall… that Julia R. did not endear herself to any of the young girls on that “Mona Lisa” set, and that she spoke to none of them if she didn’t have to.

    Seems like it was Julia Stiles and Kirsten Durst who first ratted out Julia Roberts, as being not too pleasant to work with.

  • Ummm Flush-able diapers exist? How is that even possible and unless they are completely bio-degradable (I doubt it) they couldn’t be better for the environment then cloth diapers. Must google.

    • They’re called gDiapers. Better than disposable but not better than all-cloth, environment-wise. Even considering water usage, cloth is best, and if you wash them yourself there’s no issue with the gas usage of the delivery trucks.
      End of PSA.

  • Yes, flushable diapers exist and are completely biodegradable. My younger cousin used them for a science project last year.

  • Is Julia Roberts breaking up a marriage the only reason why you people don’t like her? Angelina Jolie did the same thing and I don’t hear you guys saying boo about it. This is National Enquirer we’re talking about, who can even trust who this ‘source’ is … usually they at least try to spice it up a little and say ‘close friend/insider’ … I expect more from things being posted on Beet’s website, Wendie.

  • I’m sure it’s hard to be happy with your face pulled that tight. What happened to her? She used to be so warm and funny, and now she just seems like a skinny uptight beyotch.

  • That video doesn’t even criticizes ambientalists, it’s about celebrities who try too hard to be eco-friendly. So Julia Roberts shouldn’t be..

    …oh, yeah. that’s right…

  • I’m sorry- but we hate Julia Roberts because she is eco-friendly while the rest of us are probably barely lifting a finger other than bringing a few cardboard boxes to the recycling bin…? This is annoying. This video wasn’t even very funny! I get that Julia Stiles was just being cheeky but I don’t think we should get on on Julia Roberts back because she wasn’t amused. Celebrities have a lot of pull. Most of them use it to market fragrance and self-monogramed tee shirts (*cough PARISHILTON cough*) If they use it for good why must we question their motives?

  • I’m sorry- but we hate Julia Roberts because she is eco-friendly while the rest of us are probably barely lifting a finger other than bringing a few cardboard boxes to the recycling bin…? This is annoying. This video wasn’t even very funny! I get that Julia Stiles was just being cheeky but I don’t think we should get on on Julia Roberts back because she wasn’t amused. Celebrities have a lot of pull. Most of them use it to market fragrance and self-monogramed tee shirts (*cough PARISHILTON cough*) If they use it for good why must we question their motives?

  • Know this is totally the wrong venue, but i’m gonna try my hardest to get this message spread as far as i can – a former Toronto (Canada) attorney general was involved in the killing of a cyclist on Sept. 1/2009. Sadly the Canadian public seems (or at least what is being presented by the media) to be in support of the driver, due to his status in the community, and is expected not to face a severe punishment for his questionable actions. Cyclists, as well as other supportive Torontonians (and outside the city!), are showing their support through protests throughout the city today (Sept 3rd, 2009) as well as online – i.e. ..We urge everyone to take notice, or at the least take a moment of rememberance for Michael Bryant, a hero to all who knew him.

  • Way to fail – last post listed a facebook page in SUPPORT of micheal bryant, completely embarassing moment – meant to be in memorial of Darcy Allen Sheppard, the a-fore-mentioned Bryant being the guilty party in question. Last time I try to deliver a public-service message. Anyway… if anyone cares to educate themselves on the situation, most definitely more completely than the information provided by your’s truly.

    • You know what? I have a friend who is cyclist in this area. I understand that it’s been dangerous for cyclists in ON lately. Cars are behaving very aggressively towards them and I worry about my friend’s safety all the time.

      Might I suggest you that you find a different story to bring attention to this issue, however? This particular case involved a man who put himself in more danger than the driver originally did. Don’t get me wrong. I do hope that Mr. Bryant spends time in jail for his actions.
      But my friend, for instance, would never have died this way because he would’ve been more concerned with his own safety, as well as that of the rest of the people on the road, than somehow venting his anger at the driver in such a dangerous manner.
      I’m not saying Mr. Sheppard deserved to die, but I am saying that his own actions contributed to his death. In fact, his actions could’ve hurt many other completely innocent people as well.
      And his actions, which contributed to his death, left his children without a father. It would’ve been nice if he had thought more about his children than he did about punishing a dangerous driver.
      I feel sorry for the people that loved and lost him. But his reckless behavior does not tug at my heartstrings in quite the same way that this story does.

  • Rachel maybe you could contact beet and ask for a little support? Im not going to lie… comments likt this are so annoying.

  • Rachel, a lot of us who live around the GTA couldn’t give a shit about a fucking druggie loser drunk with anger issues who was stupid enough to try to hang on to a moving car and try to fight the driver. He deserved what he got for just being an utter moron. You can’t cure stupid.

  • Anonymous, I’m definitely an asshole. Stupid people bring out that asshole quality that I treasure. People like you for instance. I think a fucktard who endangered himself fighting a moving car is stupid and you, well, you only think I’m stupid because I have no compassion. I think that’s more sociopathic than stupid, stupid.

  • “Hook nose”? It’s that toothy, steriodial Joker mouth that is so repulsive. Can’t stand her, never could, so full of herself.