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Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler Doesn’t Like Breastfeeding; Thinks It’s Gross And Incestual

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Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker‘s ex wife, was approached by TMZ in a parking garage where the topic turned to breast feeding. How did that happen? Because a TMZ camera guy followed her around telling her he had something from “insafacts” for her. He took out his phone and said, “This is a doozy!” and read her a piece of trivia from his phone. The “fact” was something about how children who are breastfed grow up to be thinner adults than those who were not.

Okay TMZ, what the hell. That is the lamest thing I have ever heard. You follow D-list celebs around so you can read them interesting facts from your phone and ask them what they think?? I mean, I get it, there’s nothing Ms. Moakler has going on and I’m guessing she called you to be there, but still. So she responded (and not in a haughty way),

I’ve never heard that…I didn’t breastfeed. I’m selfish.

She then gave a little laugh and the camera guy pressed, “Super selfish. You weren’t lactating?” Oh God, what? Dude. Stop. Just let her answer your stupid question. So she goes on and completes her thought with,

I just look at my breasts as like, sexual…I think it’s incestual and gross. I don’t like it. But I totally support it and think its awesome!

As she leaves the TMZ guy shouts, “HAVE YOU EVER TASTED YOUR OWN BREAST MILK?”

Thanks, TMZ! You guys really know how to give us what we want from celebs.

Shanna Moakler is Kind of Awesome

Shanna Moakler Punks Carrie Prejean

Shanna Moakler is funny. This weekend her arch nemesis, anti-gay marriage advocate and former Miss USA contestant, Carrie Prejean got married. Not wanting to stiff Carrie on her big day, Shanna ordered her a Waterford Crystal picture frame that she’d registered for… and put one of her “No on H8″ campaign photos in it. I can only imagine Carrie’s face when she opened the expensive but totally backhanded gift from her frenemy.

I think this is kind of the perfect prank. Plenty mean, but at the end of the day, both Carrie and Shanna know that photo won’t last more than a second in that expensive frame. It’s certainly a step up from pushing people down flights of stairs.

Finally! A Place In Hollywood Where You Can Kick Back And Drink!

Voyeur Opens in Hollywood

Just what Hollywood needs, another overpriced, C-list laden, paparazzi covered bar!

The opening night of new club Voyeur went down on Thursday and tons of celebs came out (read: got free bottle service) to be there for all the madness. Samantha Ronson, Gerard Butler, Shane West and Shanna Moakler were snapped headed in and out of the club by the paparazzi, who must have been taking a break from standing in front of Teddy’s or Guys and Dolls or wherever the hell the kids are going these days. Bardot. Is that one of them? H-Wood? Is that still open? Hyde? Les Deux? Opera? Anyone wanna play a game of LA-club based Scategories?