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Class Act!

While Travis Barker continues to undergo surgeries related to his devastating September plane crash, Shanna Moakler, well, makes out in clubs with Gerard Butler.


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  • So what!?!

    People grieve in different ways… I myself like to lite my dog’s ass on fire when he farts…

    Moakler obviously likes to play ‘one potato, two potato’ with Gerard Butler’s nuts in times of with tragedy. Big deal.

    Maybe she needs a REAL man…. one that’s fire proof. She aint a fool…she’s seen 300.

  • I dont understand? I could see if she and Travis were still together, then maybe she’s be sitting up under him all day at the hospital. But why not continue on with her daily routine as long as she keeps in contact and checks up on him.

  • Uhhh, he’s not that into her! Check out the body language. She is lucky if she is a one night stand…

  • they’re not married anymore. so who cares? i’m sure if she were in the hospital he’d be doing the same.

  • Edit: They (Travis and Shoanna) are not together anymore, geesh! The girl has a right to move on and I’m happy for her.

  • It looks to me like she is whispering in his ear, they aren’t kissing. He’s not even looking at her.

  • gosh you guys dontcha know? travis just totally dissed her in his myspace blog over the weekend–she’s getting back at him.

    like, omg. i love being in the 13th grade!

  • Uh! Please tell me that she is just whispering in his ear and that he is not going in for the kiss! Please, please tell me that is the case! He is so hot – too hot for her!

  • sure, but did she really have to keep pretending to ‘crash’ her chicken strips into her honey mustard dipping sauce while making loud whirring noises and then laughing her ass off? rude!

  • Geesh! at least wait till he gets out of the hospital.Poor Travis has been throughenough!!
    P.S. Shanna has a fat face. She looks totally deformed!

  • let me think..
    travis: skinny, over tattooed, burnt
    gerard: built, goodlooking, hott, gorgeous
    yeah i can see why she would be so classy

  • I could care less what she is doing. I do care that 1. Travis Barker gets better, and hopefully some day is able to deal with his grief and loss and 2. THat I am so deeply disgusted with Gerard Butler.

    Wanna be on the D list and have disease? Date Shana and or Tara Reid.

  • She’s a divorcee. She’s never been classy, she produces children as paychecks. That’s what she does. What Gerards excuse. My God, she would do anything to grab that paycheck, I mean baby.

    Look, neither she or Travis are particularly nice people. I think the fact she helped him out at all speaks for the fact she cares about the kids dad, period. She’s looking for her next meal ticket – she just sets her sights higher than most D list actresses, and she’s fertile so she’s making millions from her womb. That’s what Shanna does.

  • Let me get this straight. Travis and Shanna have been divorced, what, nine months? Then last month Travis was badly burned in a small plane crash that killed two of his friends. Beet published a photograph of an obviously devastated and weeping Shanna leaving the hospital where she spends hours by his bed side. A week or two later she travels home with Travis from Georgia to California on a bus because he is too afraid to fly on a plane. Then a day or two ago Travis thanks everybody for their support during this difficult time on his My Space page except Shanna, whom he only mentions to criticize (so classy, Travis!). Now Beet doesn’t think Shanna is very classy because she was seen in a club with a man while Travis is still in the hospital.

    Logic, anyone?

  • @ Tigerlille

    Are you saying that it’s not logical that Moakler’s going out with another man now….

    Or are you saying Beet’s posts are not logical?

  • @ Tigerlille: good point – as always.
    although i still thought she was working the cameras when she left the hospital crying. i’m cynical like that.

  • ack, grammar is my ultimate foe. i still think, not thought. i have to stop working so late. it’s impacting my gossip blog posts.

  • Now lookit. I gots me a WHOLE set of FFFs (FantasyF@#kFolders) on PC featuring Gerard. Ya know for rubbin out to tha oldies. Like Dracula 2000 Gerard (for when I’m feelin’ kinky)…300 Gerard (for when I’m feelin’ grrrrrr)…..and Atila Gerard (for when I’m feelin’ all ravaged & pillagey). NOW, I’m gonna have to send him to a goddamn fantasy f$%k clinic to get checked for STD’s after seeing him with this supa-skank draped all over him. EWWWWWWWWW!

    Not to fret pets….while I’m waiting for his tests results I’ll visit my Jason Momoa FFF. hmmmm, yum.

  • She and Barker are over, I for one couldn’t give a damn what or who she does.

    My ex husband is serving in Iraq right now and as odds go he could be shot on any given day.

    He is however my ex and if I want to go out drinking and dancing on Friday night nobody cares.

    Note to self: Go out drinking and dancing on Friday.

  • I as well is very sad to see this. I too thought Gerard Butler had better taste. You dissappoint me Butler. If I can’t have you, at least make sure who fills out my well earned place as your woman is a freakin’ hottie.

  • GAG!!!!!!!!!,

    She is sooooooo not good enough for Gerry Butler!!!!!! Besides, it looks like Gerry’s trying to avoid the kiss anyway. She looks like a HORE. Sorry but it’s kind of true. Just speaking the truth. Ya, in the 1st pic, it looks like he’s more interested in something else and not her & the 2nd pic looks like he’s wandering why the HELL is she kissing me? Gerry’s fine single right now, if he ever finds true love then great, but she’s NOT it & he’s better off single while he’s so buisy w/ films. & when the time comes/if the time comes, he deserves so much better than women who charge & come out way too fast like that girl in the pics.

  • it is completely obvious they are not kissing. look at his face. his mouth is open. she is maybe wayyy more into him than he is into her, but still. no kissing involved.