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Would You Hit It?

Serena Williams shows us what she’s working with, on a surfing trip in Hawaii.

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    Beautiful woman, except(ionally) in the face.. and the hair.. and in the disproportionate body.. and the cellulite.

    HELL NO!

  • Ummm…. I used to be an ass man…. but that was before it became hazardous to my good health. … Now that’s a powerful ass that would kill any man that’s not trained in the deadly farts…errr… arts.

    That’s why you never see her and Kim Kardashian together… or on the same hemisphere. The Earth would weap… and then implode.

    Serena’s anal canal is like a black hole!!! Shit, once you GO black with her ass… you (and the guy next to you) aint NEVER going back!!!

  • Hey TSS….what the hell makes you so perfect??? Are you a tennis Champ?? Hmmmmmmm didnt think so!

    I think she looks great! More power to her….god forbid that we all get caught and publicly humiliated for not looking our best!

  • She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “””””C e l e b C u p i d.c o m”””””” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?-☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Her mighty ass intimidates me. To me, it is like Lawrence of Arabia, powerful, universal, and difficult to define.

    Yeah, I’m not a lesbian, though.

  • She’s a big, tall girl. She just needs to date a tall, large man. I guarantee she’ll do just fine with pro athletes.

  • i’d hit it only if it kept dropping the ball off it’s nose that i’ve been teaching it to balance for my new seaworld act.

  • @ lolly Nice

    She used to look decent back before she started doing steroids like Amy Winehouse does blow/heroin.

    I am a leg and ass man myself, but I will have to pass. Like my friend’s said back in college, “Her ass is big as all outside.”

    Before I get bashed, remember I am short, fat, bald, and ugly.

  • hey jimbo?
    those aren’t saggy tits.
    that’s what breasts look like when they’re bigger than a small b cup and not fake.
    but ya know, i’m sure you haven’t seen enough to know that.

  • why does it look like she is posing for a picture in the club, with her butt pointed towards the camera on purpose. Most girls do it to make their butts look bigger but that is really not neccessary for her.

  • To the people who said you’ll stay away from fast food or you feel sorry for her, um, her emphasis is on being the strongest not the smallest. She has a beautiful body, I’d hit.

  • hey. that is not fat on her butt. that is muscle. she is one powerful lady and I bet she could kick your ass any day of the week.

    I just love all these people going ‘ew, no way”. such high standards from behind a computer screen.

  • I agree with you rockcriedout…cellulite does not equal being unhealthy or fat, the most thin active person can have it, it could be genetics or any other number of things.

  • bigg ass, she’s not very cute but she does have a good body and she’s got all kinds of money, but damn her arms look like a dudes

  • I wouldn’t, but only because I’m a hetero woman. She has a great body; it’s gotten her where she is today. She’s an athlete, not a model, for Pete’s sake. Can’t argue with success.

    @Horse Marine–I’m still chuckling.

  • i am less worried about her ass than i am about her fug man face. seriously. ewwwwww. and man body in general. just gross.

  • It wasn’t that long ago that a woman who looked like Serena Williams would have been regarded as the living embodiment of the goddess. Abundance, fertility, and strength in a woman were admired. A body designed to easily give birth and suckle babies was desired. The ability to give and sustain life was considered sacred.

    The culture we live in idealizes women who look like preadolescent boys, with the added caveat within the last ten years of having big breasts. (Since skinny, narrow-hipped bodies are seldom endowed with big boobs, women who want to be regarded as beautiful now not only have to starve themselves, they also have to surgically mutilate themselves so that they can have big breasts that are “perky.”) Male doctors preside over birth. A mother who does something as simple and wholesome as breast feeding her baby in public is reviled. Full breasted women are not attractive unless they wear a bra so that their breasts don’t “sag.” (Why do we never hear about sagging penises unless it is in the context of sexual dysfunction?)

    And a big, beautiful, powerful woman who also has the audacity to be black and accomplished is frightening and unfeminine. A woman who is strong is no longer a woman – she looks like a man. And some of her harshest critics are other women. A highly intelligent and talented young woman who would never ridicule her for being black thinks it is just fine to ridicule her for having a big ass.

    Sad. Shallow. Petty. Simple minded. Ethnocentric. Such is the self-loathing fostered on many women in this society. This Christian society, where what is sacred is the father, son and holy ghost, but not women, never women. Strange. Very strange.

    OK guys, bring it on! I must be an ugly, fat, man-hating bitch-whore- lesbian, right? Not to mention, weird and irritating. Not to mention being a satanist (only someone who worships the devil would be perverted enough to think that there might be something sacred about the state of being a woman). Which of course inevitably leads to child sexual abuser. Yup. That’s me!

  • i still don’t care about her ass. HER FACE IS EXTREMELY MASCULINE. look at her face!!!!! it’s ridiculous.

    oh. and breast-feeding in public grosses me out. sowwy. it just does.

  • tigerlille.. it’s annoying how people say that if you’re very thin you look like a pre-pubescent boy and stuff.. it’s just as a bad as calling someone fat… Like I’m really skinny/bony and I’ve tried to get fatter, it’s not that easy…
    (and a lot of the people to criticize and call me a stick are the larger women but anyway..)
    Anyway, comments like that are just as bad.

    I don’t think people care that she’s black and accomplished, it’s more the ass I’d say (or face). (Although my biggest problems are the hair and slouch)
    She so doesn’t have a good body though

  • Tigerlille, that was teh AWEsome post there, bella! Beautifully written, god it is so refreshing to run across voices like yours once in a while. THANK you! And Serena looks lovely, she is natural, powerful, real and strong, and she’s NOT tryna be a model or sex symbol for us all, so she can bloody well look like whatever she feels like looking like. And to me, she’s lovely, ’cause she’s real.

  • @ tigerlille

    You took the words out of my mouth. Thank you.

    To all you who would argue this, take a look into some anthropology.
    Fertility symbols have almost always been a woman with large breasts, wide hips and round bellies.
    Look at Renaissance art, Botticelli, all round bellies, wide hips, and large breasts!

    Why do we as woman put ourselves through so much suffering to look like a teenage boy? We should be proud of our wide hips, large breasts and round bellies

  • You’re right damn it!

    I don’t know why us men put ourselves thru so much suffering by going to the gym and working out…

    We should be proud of our beer guts, naval lint and the melodious sounds that come from our ass cracks.

    lol…Women on here crack me up!

  • @ TSS

    Ha! It’s true though, women shouldn’t expect men to make an effort either.

    Why are so hung up on physical appearances anyway? I remember being a kid, and belly lint and weird butt noises cracked me up. Growing up sucks sometimes.

  • jeeeez. she’s an athlete, so thankfully, she has other objectives in life than looking small, thin and pretty. she puts the focus back on the fact that we have our body to use it, not just to be visually pleasing to other people. and seriously, she is beautiful, just like anybody else. (i know that sounds very hippie-ish, but seriously, she just looks like a happy, healthy, athletic person. don’t punish her for not being a photoshopped supermodel)

  • If this woman is a professional athlete and she has this much cheese…well, then there is no hope for my ass cheese. I mean I barely run 10 miles a week; this woman must pump iron, and she still looks like her ass is made of marbles.

  • Looks like Serena’s vertical smile is snackin’ on that bikini bottom alright…That is one, truely awesome booty though…I decided.

  • I say more power to her.

    Ya’ll sit here critizing her, but what you’re really doing is pulling yourself down. I look at her and see a woman who has accomplished a hella lot more then me and I respect that, regardless of the shape of her ass.

    And you know what? We’re probably a whole lotta happy more then you, cos we don’t give a fiddlers.

    Shallow much?


  • That Would not be the question, but more so how long would I be hitting it!!!!!!!!! So, HELL YEA!!!!!!!!

  • I ttruly think she is one really beautiful woman,to me sheis absolutely magnificent totally gorgeous.

  • She has a fat ass I’ll hit that and her sister both of them look sexy ass black woman and if u say no on f***ing her your gay.

  • This babe makes me crazy any time I watch her play. She is my idol! Any one that isnt in love with that ass should use viagra therapy!

  • as a og. once said get her to like me than after thati would leave my signature fromrocking that ass after that she would blow up my cell phone crying about she needs me again no matter where you are she would send for me or either come looking for me the bottom line is that she would be sprungon me everything but licking ts not that serious