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Finally! A Place In Hollywood Where You Can Kick Back And Drink!

Voyeur Opens in Hollywood

Just what Hollywood needs, another overpriced, C-list laden, paparazzi covered bar!

The opening night of new club Voyeur went down on Thursday and tons of celebs came out (read: got free bottle service) to be there for all the madness. Samantha Ronson, Gerard Butler, Shane West and Shanna Moakler were snapped headed in and out of the club by the paparazzi, who must have been taking a break from standing in front of Teddy’s or Guys and Dolls or wherever the hell the kids are going these days. Bardot. Is that one of them? H-Wood? Is that still open? Hyde? Les Deux? Opera? Anyone wanna play a game of LA-club based Scategories?

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  • My thoughts are conflicted. One part of my brain is thinking, “My word, Shane West is looking HAGGARD,” while the other is thinking, “Why do I still think he’s a hot Z lister?”