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Shanna Moakler is Kind of Awesome

Shanna Moakler Punks Carrie Prejean

Shanna Moakler is funny. This weekend her arch nemesis, anti-gay marriage advocate and former Miss USA contestant, Carrie Prejean got married. Not wanting to stiff Carrie on her big day, Shanna ordered her a Waterford Crystal picture frame that she’d registered for… and put one of her “No on H8” campaign photos in it. I can only imagine Carrie’s face when she opened the expensive but totally backhanded gift from her frenemy.

I think this is kind of the perfect prank. Plenty mean, but at the end of the day, both Carrie and Shanna know that photo won’t last more than a second in that expensive frame. It’s certainly a step up from pushing people down flights of stairs.

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  • Mean? It's a roll of the eyes, 2 minutes of effort she probably made her new husband exert for her, and years of use out of a stupid showy frame. This post was retarded.

  • I think it's cool. If Carrie puts another picture in there, no matter what it is, when she looks at the frame she'll remember the picture that WAS in it when she got it. And if she gets rid of the frame, she'll wonder if she should have kept it because it was expensive. Woman's stuck thinking about it, at least periodically, for a long time. I'm not saying it will change her views. But it will be on her mind.

  • Whatever. This bitch lays in bed all day and doesn't take care of her kids (per her old reality show). Maybe her time would be better spent making things with her kids then being stupid and petty. A 30-plus year old and all she can do is this high school stuff. What next, is she going to go TP thier house?

  • Now she has a frame to donate or re-gift, plus I bet she prayed for Shannon, thanking her for the sudden opportunity and ability to get The Good News and The Word out amongst The Children.. Amen!

  • Shanna is a used up crusty condom. Tacky bitch needs to grow up for real; she is so up her own ass with the way she brags about herself all the time…what an absolutely fake and awful human being so she fits in perfectly with the amoral and arrogant elitists in Hollyweird.

    Carrie’s done moved on wit her life.

  • Why hate on people so much. Obviously you have some interest of her since you click on the article. I mean seriously…how retarded and weak do you have to be? bashing on celebrities and people make you feel better about yourself but only for a moment. DOn’t blame others for you life.

  • Yeah, I think what she did is great. I am also against those people who are anti-gay marriage. I don’t think there’s something wrong with that, it is what they like.