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Macklemore agrees: Iggy Azalea needs a reality check


Macklemore may be a bit misguided (his anti-Semitic stunt has yet to be forgotten), but when it comes to race, he knows the deal. Iggy Azalea is a hot topic at the moment given her blatant disregard for all things non-white, especially considering her appropriation of black culture. What does Macklemore have to say about it? Well… he kinda sees where all the criticism is coming from, actually.

As he explained during an interview with Hot 97:

“You need to know your place in the culture. Are you contributing or are you taking? Are you using it for your own advantage or are you contributing?  You cannot disregard where this culture came from, and our place in it as white people. This is not my culture to begin with…I do believe that I need to know my place.”

“I can cuss on a record…yet parents are still like, ‘You’re the only rap I let my kids listen to. Why can I wear a hoodie and not be labeled a thug?…Why am I on Ellen’s couch?…The privilege that exists in the music industry is just a greater symptom of the privilege that exists in America. There’s no difference.”

I never thought I’d say this, but uh… Macklemore just got deep on us. It’s perhaps slightly heartening to know that the guy realizes the privileges he’s afforded as a white rapper, though I suppose it doesn’t count for much unless he does something about it.

And yeah, Iggy Azalea is definitely taking a lot from the rap community, but sure sure as shit isn’t giving anything to it.

The whole interview is (somewhat) worth watching, if you’re interested:

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Surprise! Macklemore’s an anti-Semite!


Macklemore is a major fucking toolbox – in fact, he’s an entire tool shed. He’s somewhat (ironically?) aware of his own bullshit, and yet still has no problem profiting from it. Then, when he does something too directly offensive to be otherwise interpreted, he feigns ignorance and pretends he has no idea what you’re talking about. After all, Macklemore’s just a super nice guy! He sang that ‘Thrift Shop’ song! Come on, cut him some slack!

Except… no. Macklemore – real name Ben Haggerty – performed a surprise concert at Seattle’s EMP Museum on Friday, during which he wore… a stereotypical Jewish get-up.  The fake nose, beard and black mop top wig were completely over-the-top and seemingly had no place within his performance… so what the everloving hell?

But hey, he didn’t mean anything! That costume meant nothing, it was just “random”!

Oh man, fuck off, dude. Seriously. Some people on Twitter had better soundbite responses than me, so I’ll just leave it to them:


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Macklemore Knows He Won the Grammy Because He’s White

macklemore kendrick lamar

Macklemore is kinda a dickhead. Sure, everyone thinks he’s super great because he sang a song about gay rights and got all the credit even though a) tons of other gay/lesbian artist from all genres have been singing the same messages for years and b) the crux of the song is actually Mary Lambert’s, who’s a real live lesbian but is relegated to the background throughout all this Macklemore hoopla.

The thing is, he knows this and he banks on it. In fact, he pretty much predicted that he would win Album of the Year at the Grammys over Kendrick Lamar (who actually deserved it) because he’s White and the world loves white people.

From Hot 97:

“Knowing how the Grammys usually go, I knew that there would be a great chance that we’d win that award and, in essence, rob Kendrick. That’s what happened. It kind of sucks. I think we made a great album. I think that Kendrick made a better rap album.”

“In terms of the people voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot.”

*Groan* Oh, brother. Also, he doesn’t ACTUALLY care about how he “robbed” Kendrick; he’s more worried about patting himself on the back for publicly acknowledging that Kendrick deserved the Grammy (even though he couldn’t do it on stage during his acceptance speech, WHEN IT MATTERED) than he is about being sincere. No one who means that shit feels the need to post a text on Instagram that he sent Kendrick saying he recognises him as the true winner. GIVE ME A BREAK!


Go away!

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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Grammy’s Fashion



So The Grammys bore a new meme: Pharrell‘s hat.


Sorry, but I’m not ready for this to be a new thing.

Let’s take a look at what others wore to this craptacular awards show!

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Macklemore, Madonna and Queen Latifah Married Some People at the Grammys

same love

One of the biggest stories to come out of last night’s Grammys is that 33 couples of all kinds – gay, straight, interractial – decided to get married during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s (and Mary Lambert and Madonna‘s) performance of ‘Same Love’ during the ceremony, with Queen Latifah walking out of the closet (heaviest handed hint ever?) to officiate. Apparently someone is familiar with Universal Life Church and got ordained online, because I don’t think those marriages count?

In any case, it was all very touching and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place (mine were watering from boredom because this ceremony was nearly FOUR HOURS LONG) and Katy Perry even got a free bouquet out of the deal – hope you were paying attention, John Mayer… LOL!

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Well, the YouTube Awards Were a Bit of a Mess…

lady gaga

Did anyone watch the YouTube Awards last night? They weren’t all that widely promoted online (I don’t think so, anyway) and I wouldn’t have even known they were on if it weren’t for people talking about what a hot mess they were on Twitter. And indeed, they were DEFINITELY a hot mess. While some big stars did take part in the event, it all seemed off-kilter and not quite right. Plus, you know an event is fucking bizarre when Lady GaGa is the most normal thing about it.

Some prizes were given out, of course (it is an awards show, after all); Eminem took Artist of the Year (HOW?), Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were named the YouTube Breakthroughs and Taylor Swift grabbed the YouTube Phenomenon award for ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. All in all, it was pretty underwhelming and totally unnecessary. Plus, a large part of it was scripted by Lena Dunham, who makes me want to jump from the roof of a very tall building and also explains a lot of why it was such a bizarre night.

Check out some red carpet photos from the YouTube Awards arrivals below. Did you watch the stream? Is it just another bullshit ceremony? (Yes.)

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Macklemore Wanks On Airplanes

macklemore thrift shop video still

Macklemore, the rapper responsible for the catchy as hell Thrift Shop, freely admitted to TMZ that he’s jerked it in airplane bathrooms.

The “Thrift Shop” rapper was on his way to catch a flight at LAX last night when we asked if he’d ever thrown a mid-flight bone … something that’s become harder than ever to pull off these days.

Is it really “harder than ever”? Don’t you just walk in on a sleepy flight, lock the door, do it in a reasonable amount of time, wash your hands, and leave? Is there something I’m missing? Clearly I’ve never done this. When asked if he’s ever joined the mile-high club, Macklemore said no dejectedly and added,

I’ve jacked off in a lot of airplanes [in the bathroom], but I don’t think that counts as the mile-high club.

“Pop some tags” INDEED.