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Macklemore Knows He Won the Grammy Because He’s White

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Macklemore is kinda a dickhead. Sure, everyone thinks he’s super great because he sang a song about gay rights and got all the credit even though a) tons of other gay/lesbian artist from all genres have been singing the same messages for years and b) the crux of the song is actually Mary Lambert’s, who’s a real live lesbian but is relegated to the background throughout all this Macklemore hoopla.

The thing is, he knows this and he banks on it. In fact, he pretty much predicted that he would win Album of the Year at the Grammys over Kendrick Lamar (who actually deserved it) because he’s White and the world loves white people.

From Hot 97:

“Knowing how the Grammys usually go, I knew that there would be a great chance that we’d win that award and, in essence, rob Kendrick. That’s what happened. It kind of sucks. I think we made a great album. I think that Kendrick made a better rap album.”

“In terms of the people voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot.”

*Groan* Oh, brother. Also, he doesn’t ACTUALLY care about how he “robbed” Kendrick; he’s more worried about patting himself on the back for publicly acknowledging that Kendrick deserved the Grammy (even though he couldn’t do it on stage during his acceptance speech, WHEN IT MATTERED) than he is about being sincere. No one who means that shit feels the need to post a text on Instagram that he sent Kendrick saying he recognises him as the true winner. GIVE ME A BREAK!


Go away!

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  • so are you saying he shouldnt make music because he knows how the game is played? i am not sure where in this news you got that he is a dickhead. he makes good music and then is aware enough to know that he is white on top of it. his publicly apologizing to kendrick is just trying to draw attention to the fact that K should have won. pretty sure nobody thinks otherwise. if he didnt say something about K would you be thinking that “that idiot mac only won cause he’s white and thinks its cause he is talented. fool.” this site is hardly even funny anymore. i will however visit any time i need some hate in my life.

  • Yeah, the only dickhead here is the author of this piece (which frankly is typical of this website). I’m not a fan of Macklemore, but I think it was pretty stand up of him to compliment the guy he thought should have won.

  • its a dick head move because he publicized it ….and the only reason he did that to control the backlash from people who really listen to hiphop….a demographic he is trying to win over.
    dick head move

    • This fucker can’t win IF he doesn’t say anything publicly you all would be calling him a dick for winning and not deserving it. He acknowledges that fact publicly and he’s a dick because he want the world to know he knows he shouldn’t have won. Boo freakin woo it’s supposed to be about the music not the awards

      • he addressed it weeks before the grammys…i dont know him but it all seems a little staged and damage controlly ……

  • i wonder how much dick he had to suck to get a prime spot on the Grammys. wasn’t he a “nobody” by the industry’s standards just months ago? guess i’m gonna havta listen to his shit hit now; been avoiding it, but the hoopla has me curious… the bastards – hook, line & sinker!!

  • Ryan Lewis was on the red carpet and… Try to find a pic of him walking it. Does it really surprise anyone that favoritism/racism/cronyism exists in music. Who really cares anyway, it’s just another awards show.