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Surprise! Macklemore’s an anti-Semite!


Macklemore is a major fucking toolbox – in fact, he’s an entire tool shed. He’s somewhat (ironically?) aware of his own bullshit, and yet still has no problem profiting from it. Then, when he does something too directly offensive to be otherwise interpreted, he feigns ignorance and pretends he has no idea what you’re talking about. After all, Macklemore’s just a super nice guy! He sang that ‘Thrift Shop’ song! Come on, cut him some slack!

Except… no. Macklemore – real name Ben Haggerty – performed a surprise concert at Seattle’s EMP Museum on Friday, during which he wore… a stereotypical Jewish get-up.  The fake nose, beard and black mop top wig were completely over-the-top and seemingly had no place within his performance… so what the everloving hell?

But hey, he didn’t mean anything! That costume meant nothing, it was just “random”!

Oh man, fuck off, dude. Seriously. Some people on Twitter had better soundbite responses than me, so I’ll just leave it to them:


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  • you americans are so sensible to prejudice, so guilty about it that you see it everywhere, even if it’s not there. stop making a big deal out of nothing. the prejudice is in your eyes, not in his.
    besides, you have this hatred against him because people like him. nobody is worshiping him here. he hasn’t done anything wrong. just because he’s done some good things, doesn’t mean he thinks he’s perfect. it doesn’t mean anyone thinks he’s perfect.
    he isn’t. and you can hate the shit he does without thinking that’s all he is.

  • It was a dumb move. I don’t believe he meant any harm by it, but it makes me wonder about the people he surrounds himself with. A smart and good friend should have pulled him to the side before heading on stage, and said “you look like an offensive Jewish stereotype. Take it off before people rip you a new one social media.”

  • Jewish ‘costume’? People who see THAT are the racists/stereotypers. I looked at it and thought Ringo Starr. That you saw SEMITE says more about YOU!!

    • Coincidentally, Ringo Starr is Jewish. Seriously though, google image search “jewish caricature” and look at the results and tell me that’s not exactly what he’s dressed as.

    • Right?? I mean, if I see a racist caricature and I identify it as racist, surely I am the racist for correctly identifying anti-Semitism and speaking about it. I am so glad you cleared things up.

  • Honestly, I don’t see this as offensive. Say he is playing to a stereotype (which I’m not entirely convinced he is). Stereotypes usually come from some amount of truth. And they can be applied to pretty much every culture/ethnicity. It’s either ok to joke about *all* cultures and ethnicities in a playful way, or it’s ok to joke about none of them; there’s no cherry picking which select groups are ok to stereotype for lighthearted fun and those who aren’t. And since I don’t really believe that anyone here hasn’t generalized or stereotyped, or has never laughed at a really good (non-racist) joke about these things…I think it’s all good.

    • Right?!! I mean, how dare a group who had caricatures looking exactly like this justify a Holocaust and who still to this day is suffering violence complain about it? Like, it’s playful isn’t it? To use exactly the same kind of caricature the Nazis used, it’s totes playful. But I am on your side, Internet user Alyn, it’s unbelievable. I just wish Jews and other ethnic groups weren’t so fucking uppity about being respected by White people, who definitely do NOT have any sort of privilege or history of imperialism. It’s so much better if we pretend that everyone has the same history and no group in history has ever been oppressed. I’m so glad you Internet user Alyn think it’s all good, like, as if anti-Semitism was a real problem am I right folks??

      • why do talk like being white and being jewish are exclusive? white is a skin color, judaism is a religion. it’s like comparing being white to being mexican. one thing has nothing to do with the other. where you are born doesn’t necessarily define your skin color. and being white doesn’t mean you’re not jewish.