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Happy Belated Thanksgiving from LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Too

photo of leann rimes and eddie cibrian pictures thanksgiving mustache photos
Blah blah blah happy marriage blah blah blah creepy mustache blah blah blah Eddie Cibrian must really love Burt Reynolds:

photo of burt reynolds pictures
The photo was captioned “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrian’s”, and naturally, I have to ask: Happy Thanksgiving from what, exactly, of the Cibrian’s? Their turkey? Their dog? Their spurned exes? Because I know that if the Cibrians were wishing us a happy Thanksgiving from them, themselves, they would have specified otherwise.

Eddie Cibrian is Rethinking the Whole Marriage Thing

photo of leann rimes and eddie cibrian pictures
Can y’all believe that it’s been a whole two weeks since we last ran a story about LeAnn or Eddie? I mean, that’s got to be some kind of record here, right? The thing is, it’s like the best was saved for last (or for today)—sources are saying that LeAnn and Eddie‘s marriage is getting so bad that she’s working overtime trying to get herself knocked up, because what better way to save a foundering marriage than to bring a poor, defenseless baby into the fray?

From Radar:

The relationship between LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian has hit a crossroads as the holiday season approaches, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on

A source close to the situation tells Star that the Playboy Club star is “sick and tired of the chaos” that comes with the How Do I Live singer.

“It never seems to end,” the source said. “He can’t take all of the drama anymore. He told her he needs some time alone to get his head together.”

In reaction to Eddie’s emotional swerve, LeAnn, 30, has been doing her best to try and lock him into the relationship via a child.

“She’s taking vitamins and charting her cycle, and she’s even putting on a few pounds, hoping it will help her conceive,” the source said. “Her goal is to be pregnant in 2013, no matter what — even if she has to try IVF. She blames some of her emotional problems on not having a baby of her own.

One thing that’s held the 39-year-old actor from furthering distancing himself from LeAnn, the source tells Star, is dollars and cents.

“Eddie has to pay child support for [his sons with Brandi Glanville,] Mason and Jake. And let’s face it, his career is at a standstill. LeAnn is the breadwinner and he’s not about to destroy that gravy train. But he’s checked out emotionally.

“Being with LeAnn is a lot of work,” the source tells Star. “Eddie’s staring to question whether it’s even worth it.”

Wow. That is serious. LeAnn Rimes putting on a few pounds just in order to maybe, possibly conceive? It’s … well, it’s inconceivable (yeah, I know; bad, bad, bad). I didn’t think there was really anything in the world that could coerce LeAnn into thinking that it might be a little bit healthy not to weigh less than your average eight-year-old. Amazing, really.

On that note, Thanksgiving is coming, so LeAnn’s got a perfect chance to really beef herself up all in one shot. A few slices of pumpkin cream cheese pie here, a few dark meat wings there, and you’ve really got yourself a feast of epic proportions—at least where LeAnn’s concerned, since she’s probably only ingested lettuce and water every day, once a day, for the last few years.

You guys excited for a LeAnn-Eddie baby yet? Hey, maybe it’ll have its own Twitter account!!

Ugh, LeAnn Rimes Adopted A Dog

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

I don’t mean “ugh, LeAnn Rimes adopted a dog” like it’s a stupid thing to do or anything. I mean “ugh, LeAnn Rimes adopted a dog” because it’s actually a sweet story, and it makes me a little upset that I had a positive thought about LeAnn Rimes.

Here’s the story from People:

The surprise addition joined Rimes, husband Eddie Cibrian, and Cibrian’s sons – Mason, 9, and Jake, 5 – after a very rough morning: the puppy was abandoned in traffic on a busy street in the Los Angeles area.

After seeing a Tweet from friend Karla Hoffman, who picked up the dog after seeing it get discarded, Rimes asked to meet the puppy.

The 5-lb., approximately 8-month-old dog fit right in. “We ALL fell in love at first sight,” Rimes writes on her blog. “Even our doggies welcomed her instantly.”

Mason named the puppy Eveie, a moniker he had been saving “for his little sister so he says,” Rimes writes. “Mason says she came just in time for Thanksgiving.”

“She’s brought a ton of joy into our home in just the few hours she’s been with us,” Rimes adds. “Eveie has a new home and family and we have a new love!”

And, of course, little Eveie herself:

Goddamnit, LeAnn. Don’t make me cry. Don’t you do it.

Someone Actually Wants LeAnn Rimes to Do A TV Show

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Is it safe to say that LeAnn Rimes doesn’t really have a career anymore? No, I know that she’s talented, and I know she still does shows, but we all know that several famous people refuse to quit reaching for the spotlight after their star has faded, and I think we can all agree that these days, LeAnn Rimes is known for her crazy face as opposed to her music. So why would someone want her to do a TV show?

Because someone wants her to do America’s Got Talent. Someone wants LeAnn Rimes to be a judge on one of those televised talent shows, just like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey before her. Can you even imagine? Did these people not watch her interview with Katie Couric?

For what it’s worth, Shannen Doherty and Carly Simon are also up for the job, so, you know. Yeah, no, I don’t either.

I’ll give them this though: I would watch LeAnn Rimes on reality TV for days. I would sit ever so still for hours upon hours, just watching the everlasting trainwreck that is LeAnn Rimes opening and closing her mouth while forming words. And I would love it. So good decision?

Oh Dear God, What LeAnn Rimes Went As for Halloween

photo of eddie cibrian and leann rimes halloween pictures photos
Of course LeAnn Rimes dressed up with her ever-present husband, Eddie Cibrian. And ensured that all photos from every angle were Tweeted subsequently. Why would you ever think otherwise?

As you can see, LeAnn dressed up as Sandra Dee (from Grease), and Eddie dressed as Danny Zuko (also from Grease). And I have chills that are multiplying, friends. Positively f-cking MULTIPLYING.

There’re worse photos in the gallery, so go ahead and look—you know you want to.

LeAnn Rimes Did a Lot of Crying for Katie Couric

Here’s a few choice quips from LeAnn’s interview, which aired earlier this morning, where everyone else is the bad guy, and she’s just the aw-shucks-who-me little girl from the country who is everyone’s whipping boy.

LeAnn on her ill-gotten gains:

“I have a great partner in crime. He’s really sweet and loving to me. We have two wonderful kids of his half the time, and I love them to death. I love that part of my life.”

And LeAnn on gaining those ill-gotten gains:

“I wasn’t sure if I was wishing myself well at the time. It was very, very difficult. Um…I wouldn’t wish it on anyone…especially in the public eye to go through all of it. I made my choices, you know? I made my choices and I’m living with them. And I also have learned from them and I’ve talked about this so much. I’ve carried a lot of guilt for a long time, I think [Dean, LeAnn's ex-husband] probably knew what it was about before I did. … But I know that…I’m not the only person that goes through this. There’s so many that do. And there’s so much on the new album that I do share.”

LeAnn on checking herself into intermittent rehab:

“I think this is the best birthday gift I could ever give myself is just to once again be honest with myself and break down the things that I’ve struggled with for so long.”

LeAnn on that Spitfire Social Club thing that I hate so much:

“The album’s called ‘Spitfire,’ because I literally feel like at times, I’m spitting fire.”

Oh spare me. Spare. Me.