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North West Makes Her Debut On Instagram

north west kim kardashian instagram photo

North West, Kim and Kanye‘s daughter, made her debut on Instagram today. Oh don’t worry, she didn’t get her own account, although that would be hilariously nauseating. No, Kim just posted a photo of her on her own account (@kimkardashian) all swaddled up (above). Man, physically that kid really is the perfect combo of both her parents, isn’t she? I bet she’s kicking it in a fur blanket sent by Lanvin or something.

So far the only photos we’ve seen of baby North have come directly from the Kardashian/Kanye empire. But I would be surprised if a huge People photospread didn’t happen anyway. They’re probably holding out for Vanity Fair. Good luck with that.

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You Voted For Biggest Events Of The Summer, Here Are The Results


We asked you to vote on the biggest events of the summer and here are your results!

You voted Cory Monteith’s death the most shocking.

Between which birth was the bigger deal, you voted the royal baby over North West.

Your Biggest WTF of the summer was Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMA disaster.

Best celeb fight was Amanda Bynes vs. everyone on Twitter.

Best fashion moment was Kim Kardashian’s terrible MET Gala Dress:

kim kardashian ugly met ball dress

The majority of you are NOT excited about the return of Lady Gaga.

And finally, in what I think is an upset, most annoying of the summer went to Justin Bieber over Miley.

Thanks for participating! Hopefully we have much to look forward to, gasp at, and gossip about this fall.

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Kim Kardashian Is Back In Black With Maroon Lipstick And Huge Boobs

kim kardashian black dress maroon lipstick

Kim Kardashian made her first big outing since giving birth to North West, the most spoiled baby in all the land. She went to the Mademoiselle C premiere in Paris, in a black boobstastic dress with cutouts, streaky blondish hair, and maroon lipstick.

We all agree this is an absolutely atrocious look, right? Especially for Kim Kardashian, but also for anyone. What in the everloving hell is this?

Nothing about this outfit was right.

kim kardashian black dress paris

But what do you think? More pics below.

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North West Is Getting All Kinds of Free Designer Shit

kim kanye

Kim Kardsahian and Kanye West are currently traipsing around France for Paris Fashion Week (that’s a thing, right?) and while they may have left their 3-month-old daughter, North, back in LA with roughly seven nannies (that’s a guess), she’s not far from their hearts because all the designers are lavishing the couple with free shit for the little girl.

Designers such as Celine, Givenchy and Lanvin sent over items from their latest collection, most of which are way too big for North and some of which look like they’re for boys (come on, Celine!), but whatever. Free shit for everyone! Kim posted pictures of the items on her Instagram page, as you do.

What’s funny to me is that celebrities are the ones with so much money that they don’t need a handout, and yet they’re the ones that get everything for free. It’s pretty stupid. Send me some designer stuff, designers! I’ll put it on eBay! I mean… I’ll treasure it deeply.

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Little Mason Disick Is Jealous of Cousin North West

mason disick

Mason Disick, the son of Kourtney Kardashian and money-as-toilet-paper user Scott Disick, is used to being the star of the clan, and he’s not too happy now that Kim and Kanye‘s daughter North has been born, because she’s hogging all the attention!

From People:

“He gets a little jealous because he and Kim were so close. He doesn’t understand because he’s not the big center of attention,” Kourtney said. “I don’t think [Kim] knows what to do; she’s just like, ‘You don’t like me anymore?’ She feels like he … is getting older and changing, and I think she gets confused and doesn’t know how to handle it.  He’s like, ’Why don’t you like me anymore?’ ’cause he sees her with the baby.”

In hopes of alleviating the situation, Kourtney confesses she’s been lathering on the attention for her oldest child.

“I give him so much attention, and he gets so much attention from everyone else that I’m like I don’t even know,” she said.

Kids do get jealous like that, of course, so it’s natural what’s he’s going through, I suppose. I’m surprised he’s not more jealous of Penelope, who’s his own sister, but whatever. Mason is still the cutest, most stylish Kardsahian, hands down (yes, even though he’s not technically a Kardashian).

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Kim Kardashian Did Hilarious Artsy Photo Shoot Before Giving Birth

kim kardashian vogue photo shoot

Kim Kardashian is killing me with these photos. I think they’re meant to be taken seriously. They were shot for Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld’s new magazine, CR Fashion Book. According to Daily News they were shot by Karl Lagerfeld one month before Kardashian gave birth. You guys. I’m dying here.

kim kardashian

Let’s hope for her sake the Vogue website uploads and never deletes these.

You can get it on newsstands 9/12.

What Was The Biggest Event Of The Summer? VOTE!

MET GALA 2013 Though summer’s technically not over, I think it’s time to take a look back at everything that happened these summer months. There was a LOT. What do you think was the most shocking? The most WTF? The best fashion moment? Let’s vote!

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