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Now It’s Time to Watch Kanye West Propose to Kim Kardashian

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Because nothing is sacred and because fame whores really know how to drag shit out for maximum exposure, we’ve slowly but surely got a very intimate look at Kanye West proposing marriage to Kim Kardashian. First it was just the details of what happened, then it was the pictures of Kim’s massive 15 carat rock on her hand and her “I’m marrying my best friend” soundbites, and now we’ve got an actual video of this shit. Couldn’t this just have been the only thing to come out? Of course not!

Now, I’m all for a bit of romance (even though I’m not for weddings, personally), but there’s nothing romantic about this. It’s all pomp and circumstance and almost like it was made for an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians rather than for two people who really love each other. I want to get behind these two because I think they’ll last – they’re both as fucked up as the other – but I just can’t.

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  • At first I thought he proposed at some kind of event bc of all the fire and music… Then I thought it was at a baseball game bc of the stadium.. Then slowly I began to realize that this dramatic asshole actually rented a full orchestra and stadium where he proposed and then held a celebration afterwards.. aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha wow what complete fame whores these people are. Talk about idiotic and over the top. I literally laughed out loud when I realized the lengths this nerd went to.. He knows that Kim is an attention whore and how self centered she is so he knew she’d love a set up like this.. Anything less would have been unacceptable, I bet.