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Kim Kardashian Will Do Whatever Kanye West Wants For Their Wedding

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OH GOD, we’re STILL talking about this. Someone make it stop! Kim Kardashian is churning out soundbite after soundbite about her recent engagement to Kanye West and how “magical” and wonderful and special it all is. Well, now she’s even said that she’ll do whatever Kanye wants when it comes to their wedding. Well, we see who wears the pants here.

She told People (via DS):

“We honestly haven’t had a moment to talk about it or even breathe, so we haven’t really talked about it, but whatever he wants.”

Lovely. It’s always great when one person calls the shots in a relationship that’s being orchestrated like some large scale art experiment, I suppose. Oh, and here’s Kim’s thoughts on how she “definitely” wants more kids (as told to Extra):

“[Becoming a parent is] everything you could ever imagine and more. It’s the best feeling [and] it’s the most rewarding job. I recommend everyone go through the process.”

Yes, it certainly is a rewarding job – especially when it’s the only job you’ve ever had in your life, and not even one you do on your own, considering how readily and easily you leave little North with a nanny/the rest of your wack ass family.

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  • Good Lord! She is stupid. She can’t even form a complete sentence. I always thought it would be absolute torture to have to listen to all the stupid, delusional shit his mouth breathing ass spouts, but she is so equally stupid she probably doesn’t even notice.