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OK Magazine apologizes for claiming Katy Perry is pregnant

katy perry

Celebrity magazines are always making shit up – it’s par for the course. The issue is now, in 2015, they’re getting called out on it by the stars themselves and are starting to be backed into corners and are having to apologize and retract their bullshit publicly. Just last month, US Weekly was forced to issue a statement over quotes they completely made up out of thin air that were supposedly from Kendall Jenner. Now, it’s OK Magazine groveling after they falsely claimed that Katy Perry is pregnant and planning to get married. Like, WHAT?

OK Magazine Katy Perry

Katy Perry US Magazine

Yikes. Katy herself even felt the need to humiliate them further by speaking out on her own Twitter page:

Ooh, get ‘em, KP. I can’t even believe OK was that desperate and stupid to think they were going to pass that story off as real. So ridiculous.

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Was Katy Perry just not noble enough for Russell Brand?

russell brand katy perry

I don’t think anyone was particularly surprised when Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s whirlwind relationship/marriage went down the tubes. They seemed in some ways like kindred spirits, but in many others like an odd couple whose differences would never really be reconciled. Up until now, however, it seemed unclear what was REALLY behind the split. Was it cocaine? Was it sex addiction? It seems like it was neither, in fact. Instead, according to a new documentary about Brand’s life, it seems like Katy just wasn’t quite noble enough for him.

The documentary, entitled BRAND: A Second Coming, was filmed over 7 years and is getting its first screening at SXSW. Since it took place over so many years, of course Katy is involved in parts and at one point, the pair sit down together for a joint interview, which The Daily Beast wrote up as follows:

In a scene in BRAND, he visits protesters sans Perry while on break from filming his studio romantic comedy Arthur. Then the comedian, who at one point tried to direct the documentary himself, sits with his wife in their home for an interview that goes south.

Struggling to answer Brand’s query about the existential pickle of money and fame, Perry demurs. “I think you’re a genius and you make me look good, and that’s why I picked you,” she chirps. (If any single sound bite goes viral from this film, it might well be Perry declaring, “I control the pussy” to the camera in a baby voice as she abruptly ends the interview.)

Following their split, a deflated Brand ponders why the marriage failed. “We were going in different directions,” he sighs. “Possibly opposite directions.”

Yikes. I mean, sure – if Russell was in a phase where he wanted to be more philanthropic and shun the trappings of fame, obviously that’s going to conflict with Katy’s career, which was on the rise x 500 during their relationship. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with either, but it certainly wasn’t going to mix. The world may never know!

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What the hell is Katy Perry wearing?

katy perry paris fashion week

In case you don’t follow that sort of thing, Paris Fashion Week has been happening this week and this weekend was the Givenchy show. Celebrities were out in full force – Jessica Chastain, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian… and Katy Perry. Yes, Katy has always been known for some questionable fashion choices, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve reached a whole new level.





I don’t even know what to say about it. The struggle baby hairs are back, the Sunday Addams outfit is back, it’s just… too messy. Also, does Katy have a sudden case of conjunctivitis or has she always had one slightly lazy eye? What is happening here?!

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Katy Perry Instagrams from Auschwitz

katy perry

Katy Perry has been spending time in Europe lately, presumably as part of her Prismastic World Tour, but I don’t really know and I’m too lazy to Google. What I do know is that she’s doing her best to put a ~KP sPiN~ on every city she hits, because what’s a 30-year-old woman to do when checking out different locales but pretend to give the Leaning Tower of Pisa a blow job and point out stone penises?

Katy perry leaning tower of pisa

In case you thought I was joking.

katy perry statue

This was titled “Nailed it.”

It’s all fun and games in Katy’s world, but things took on a more somber tone once she got to Poland, when she and her team visited the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and Katy – thank God – showed some due respect and deference to the horrific place:

I don’t really know how I feel about Instagramming Auschwitz. I mean, Katy’s far from the only one to do it, of course, and she was quite respectful about it, but I suppose I find it difficult to understand why one would want photographs of a place like that. I also read a really interesting essay a few days back about how photography generally separates us from fully experiencing or immersing ourselves in something (whether it be a concert, a concentration camp, etc), so spending your time trying to crop perfect pics for a social network sorta adds an inappropriate levity to the matter, in a sense. At the same time, this is the age we’re living in and I don’t think most taking photos there are doing it to be trite – at least not intentionally so.

What do you guys think? And have any of you actually been to Auschwitz?

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Katy Perry is getting her own iPhone game

Pop superstar Katy Perry has been immortalized as a computer game character for 'The Sims 3 Showtime'

Following on the heels of Kim Kardashian, who made a shit ton of money off her crappy mobile game (that’s also totally addicting, I have to admit), Katy Perry is about to release her own game later this year and stands to make just as much as Kim for the deal.

From E! News:

Glu Mobile announced today that the “Roar” singer and Super Bowl halftime superstar will be featured in a new mobile game available later this year.

“Katy is arguably the most recognized musician in America following her Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance this past Sunday,” Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi said in a prepared statement. “She is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience.”

No word on what this game will actually be about. Katy was previously involved with The Sims in some way, but this game will be entirely based around Katy rather than her being a character that fits into another virtual world. It’ll probably be shit, but if it’s free, you know I’ll download it.

Speak of – which of you has played the Kim K game? It’s nuts, right? Also, why are the dudes so rude? Every time your character goes on a date with one, they tell you to wear nicer clothes. Maybe that’s how things go in Kim’s world – sure sounds like Kanye!

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Katy Perry throws shade at Taylor Swift in ‘Elle’

katy perry elle

Oh God, I’m so, so bored of the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud. It’s the most boring, vanilla celebrity bullshit in the entire world. They used to be really close, then Katy stole Taylor’s dancers for some tour or something (but didn’t really steal them because they apparently worked for Katy first) and now it’s some whole thing that is seriously putting me to sleep just to type. And that’s coming from someone who likes them both.

Katy was rumoured to be planning a big “Gotcha!” at Taylor’s expense during the Super Bowl, which never happened (though apparently the dancing sharks had something to do with it?). Instead, Katy shot off at the mouth to Elle magazine, where she cast not-so-subtle shade in Taylor’s direction for being seen as America’s sweetheart.

“You’ve got to name someone the villain, someone the princess, someone the mom-, the dad-type—you know there always have to be characters. As pop figures, we’re all characters. And the media uses that. Who is the sweetheart, who is the villain? You know. Taylor‘s the sweetheart. Kanye‘s the villain. That’s the narrative.”

I mean, why even bring Kanye into this? Trying to position yourself as super progressive and cool, Katy? To me, this just reads like someone who’s a bit butt hurt about Taylor’s success (despite her own), but whatever.


I’m over this nonsense, and both of them need to be, as well, because Taylor is petty, too. Grow up, ladies.

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Katy Perry had a grand ol’ time at the Super Bowl

katy perry

Katy Perry has been getting pumped up for her Super Bowl halftime show for a while now – posing on the cover of magazines, holding press conferences, racking up special guest stars… and finally, last night it was time for the BIG EVENT!

There was flying over the stadium, dancing sharks, fireworks (natch), MISSY ELLIOTT… it was craaaazy, and the whole thing went off as only a Katy Perry show could do. I thought it was a lot of fun, but I’m sure there’ll be some detractors.

Here it is again, just in case you missed it. What did you think of the Super Bowl halftime show?

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