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Orlando Bloom Gets His Junk Out To Paddle Board With Katy Perry

I’ll be honest – I’m actually shocked that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are still an item. I don’t understand what would have brought them together to begin with, let alone what would be keeping this “romance” going strong for several months, but what do I know? Sure, Katy looks completely repulsed by him every time they’re together (case in point below) while Orlando seems to be hanging on for dear life and seems annoyingly clingy, but who knows. Maybe it’s love! It’s certainly something – after all, they went on a nice romantic paddle boarding excursion in Sardinia earlier this week, where Orlando got naked as the day he was born and let his dick wave in the wind out on the high seas.

Once he finally got his shorts back on, Orlando went in for a little lovin’ from his lady, only it seems like Katy wasn’t really feeling it, which I feel like is NOT a new thing at all. I feel like every time I see them together it’s a variation on the below theme:

katy orlando

All I can say is, “YIKES.” This is not looking good. Also, Orlando needs to keep his pants on.

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