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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Are Actually A Thing

A couple of weeks ago, Katy Perry was spotted riding in the back of Orlando Bloom’s car on the way to Robert Downey Jr.’s kid’s birthday party, which was weird as hell and was basically proof in and of itself that they were together. Now, however, it’s definitely official, as they’ve gone off to Hawaii on vacation together and are clearly a couple.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures what the deal is with them. I mean, clearly this isn’t some long-term relationship that is going to last forever, and to be honest, from the look on Katy’s face in the shots, she doesn’t even seem all that into it. Obviously that’s hard to tell from a few quick paparazzi snaps, but she literally looks like she’d rather be anywhere else, with anyone else.

I mean, I guess it’s whatever. It’s only a matter of time before Orlando’s on to the next one and Katy’s back with John Mayer, though. I’d put money on it!