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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill on homophobic slur: ‘Oops, shouldn’t have said that’

jonah hill

So, you know how Jonah Hill took a paparazzo’s joking comments about his shorts to the next level by calling the guy a faggot and losing his damn mind? Yeah, oopsies on that one. He apologized on the Howard Stern Show yesterday, and it was somewhat heartfelt… until he started playing the “I have gay friends” card. He actually told Howard that he was spending that very day with his gay friend who’s getting gay married soon. Uh… fuck off. He also claims that the paparazzo had been following him all day and saying mean things about his family. Which, of course, would make anyone want to use a homophobic slur.

Here’s the whole thing, if you’d like to listen:

I do think it’s nice that he apologized and copped to it and didn’t try to deny that he actually said it, etc. And I do think he maybe feels pretty sorry for it – especially if he does have a lot of gay people in his life and, you know, if he’s a decent person. I just hope this situation has maybe helped him think a little more about what he’s doing and how he speaks.

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Jonah Hill called a photographer a “f****t”

jonah hill

Keep it classy, Jonah Hill. I don’t think anyone expects this idiot to be much more than… well, an idiot, but nevertheless, it’s always a bit disheartening to see people using homophobic slurs as a form of insult. Apparently a paparazzo made some kind of comment about Jonah’s outfit, causing him to shout out, “Suck my dick, faggot!” Well, isn’t that sweet?

From TMZ:

Hill was out in the Larchmont area of L.A. over the weekend when a couple paparazzi started asking questions. Hill kept silent … even when one of the guys (not from TMZ) mocked his floral print board shorts, saying … “I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy.”

The photog followed Hill for another 40 seconds or so before wishing him a good day — and that’s when an obviously angry and frustrated Hill uncorked the homophobic slur.

Jonah’s been a very vocal supporter of gay rights, and famously blasted Russia’s anti-gay laws leading up to the Winter Olympics.

It’s always great when someone pulls the “I’m not homophobic, I totally support gays!” but then resorts to calling someone a faggot as an insult. Frankly, I’d rather be one than a dumbass like Jonah Hill.

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So, ’22 Jump Street’ looks pretty hilarious

21 jump street

I know movies tend to do this thing where they release the best possible clips as promo before its release, most of the time leading to a big disappointment when you ACTUALLY go see it. That’s probably what’s happening with 22 Jump Street, but the newest clip of Channing Tatum‘s character being terrible (an understatement) at accents totally makes me want to see it:

To be 100% honest, I don’t remember much about 21 Jump Street, but I did watch it (and laugh) during a flight to the UK a little over a year ago. “Didn’t hate it” is almost equivalent to “liked it, would watch again” in my book (ALMOST), so I’d give this a chance if someone releases a cam of it.

Side note: Jonah Hill is kinda the worst, but he’s also really funny.

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