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Joe Pesci Put His Finger Up Jonah Hill’s Ass

jonah hill jimmy fallon

Sometimes on talk shows it seems as if celebrities aren’t quite sure what to say, so they start telling stories that never needed to be aired publicly. Such was the case with Jonah Hill, who hit up Jimmy Fallon‘s show on Thursday night and spun a yarn about that time Joe Pesci stuck his finger up Jonah’s ass. Oh yeah, fun times all around!

You don’t often hear about Joe Pesci these days (though I think of him fondly whenever I watch Home Alone), and I doubt this is the association he’d like you to make when his name is mentioned, but here we are. The general gist of the story was some advice Joe was giving Jonah about staying true to himself or not getting to big-headed – which, by the way, doesn’t seem to have sunk in as he’s apparently a bit of a jackass, but whatever.

Watch the interview below and then try to erase it from your memory altogether:

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    I think he meant it more like “he goosed me!” where I come from goosing means like poking in the bum through clothes. His word choice was awful, but I imagine Joe Pesci just like grabbed at his butt, or poked him in the butt.