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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

World Of Wonder's 1st Annual WOWie Awards

Courtney Stodden went brunette, you guys! Gosh, I almost didn’t even recognize her! We DEFINITELY have a modern-day Elizabeth Taylor over here!

How is it time already for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week? Feels like it just happened. But it’s here again. Last week, we all pretty much agreed that Dita Von Teese looked the best.

This week, who will YOU slap with BEST, WORST, and WTF?

You know I’m putting Kristen Wiig in here for that latest getup. But see her newest! Plus, Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) might be my newest fashion idol, despite her being only 14. See it all!


Ashley Tisdale. I mean, this is fine, but it looks like she went into Forever 21 and said, “Give me one of everything.” I’m saying it looks a little cheap.


Camila Alves. Love this dress! Love the color of the heels but maybe not the strap. Kind of cuts her off, given the length of the dress. So minor though, she looks fantastic.

World Of Wonder's 1st Annual WOWie Awards

I just HAD to show another pic of Courtney Stodden‘s new look. The color of her hair is fine, but Jesus, it looks so ratty. And I also cannot believe that this isn’t a photo of a wax person. Oh, Courtney! Stay gold, babe. Stay gold.


Cristin Milioti. You may know her as “the mother” on How I Met Your Mother. I like this dress and I like the structure of it…but I’m not sure about the flare at the bottom.


Debby Ryan. I love her. She reminds me of Hilary Duff. She’s just normal. Not in a bad way. Love love love the dress. Love the color of the shoes, but not the style. Still, overall, she looks great.


This is some dude named Dillon Lane. I think he thinks he’s Jim Morrison. I appreciate that he’s got a different style than most Disney kids, but this really just looks cheesy to me.


Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine. Okay, so I get that she’s got her own personal style that involves a lot of Stevie Nicks-type stuff, but I think this is pretty bad. All I’m wondering looking at this is how the hell she goes to the bathroom in this thing.


This whole outfit makes Jonah Hill look like a 40-something man. First, the pants need to be hemmed properly. Then there’s the tie, which I like, but not with this ill-fitting blue suit. He’s a cute guy, he can do so much better than this.


Here’s a model named Julie Henderson. I just love this dress. Love love love. Love the shoes with the dress, I want this dress, did I mention this dress is great?

[Image removed on request]

Here’s Kate Bosworth at the airport. I wish I looked this chic at the airport. And this skinny. Holy God.


Here’s my little Sally Draper, Kiernan Shipka. This girl is 14 and has better style than most adults. She’s faaaaaabulous.


So here’s Kristin Wiig at the Anchorman 2 premiere. I know we discussed this whole look here, but I can’t ignore it in the weekly round-up. It’s just so…bad. Y’all commented that it ages her and I absolutely agree. Here’s what she wore to a screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:


She’s going very avant-garde with her looks now. This is loads better than the Anchorman look, like the hair here is waaaay better. I want to like this, but I don’t think she can pull it off, though she has the body type. I think this is something better for January Jones. But then again, I think everything looks better on January Jones. I just don’t know, you guys. Need your help here.


Lindsay Lohan, I can’t even begin to describe how awful this is. I don’t know what you were thinking. I don’t know who assured you this was a good idea. And I bet you took so many mirror selfies of this outfit and sent it to everyone you know and they either ignored it or responded, “oMG GURL SO HOTT!” and you were like, “Yeah.” This is such a mess. Between this outfit and Kristin Wiig’s Anchorman look, I’ve got a lot to think about for WORST of the week. I will say this: not even my girl January Jones could pull this off. So there’s that, at least.


This is someone named Louisa Krause. I couldn’t ignore it. What the hell is going on here?


Well, Margot Robbie sure looks stunning. Damn.


Here’s Robin Thicke on the beach wearing some sort of leather jean, smiling like an asshat.


Selena Gomez looks cute but whoa, GIANT BOOTS. I am reminded of Puss in Boots here.


And finally, Vanessa Hudgens in overalls, a sheer top, a backwards baseball cap, and lucite platform sneakers. Good lord.

My picks for the week are…

BEST: Julie Henderson

WORST: Kristen Wiig 

WTF: Lindsay Lohan

Your turn!

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