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Sooo…What Do We Think Of Kristen Wiig’s New Look?


Kristen Wiig changed up her look for the latest Anchorman 2 premiere. Normally, I’d save this kind of thing for our weekly Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week (here’s the most recent one), but I just couldn’t hold back on this one. It’s a very drastic new look. I’m not sure what she’s trying to do here. I think Kristen Wiig is having some sort of identity crisis. She was the goofy SNL darling and now I think she’s trying to be the less goofy indie darling. So she’s making more and more daring fashion choices.

And I don’t know what to think of this. So I’m gonna need your help on this one.

How would you describe this look?

More pics below.

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  • I would say she’s aiming for old school Hollywood glamour. I’m not a fan of the hair or the neckline, this dress is gorgeous and with a couple tweeks she’d have the look she was aiming for. I would say she’s just trying to add drama to her look and if she wants to glam it up on the red carpet, more power to her!

  • OK 1. Dress doesn’t fit. 2. Color combination courtesy of 5 year old with play-doh. 3. Sane person did not design the dress. Overall, it’s one of the worst dresses I’ve ever seen.

  • this is almost a case of “the emperor’s new clothes”… her face seems like she’s trying to pull it off proudly, so serious, but also looks like she was told to try looking that way. she just comes off as sort of unsure and bemused, like she knows it’s awful but the show must go on right? what do you do when you’re supposed to agree with your team left and right and as soon as you step out, you know it was a huge mistake? gotta work it. props for the crazy risk.

  • I feel like everything about this ages her, the hair colour, the way it’s styled, the dress, the makeup, just none of this is working. Matronly.

  • I like the attempt at old school glamour… but don’t think she pulled it off. The fit, color and styling are unflattering and the overall look is matronly. Too bad, I applaud her willingness to make bold fashion choices.