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Jonah Hill Took Photos of Some Lady’s Placenta


From TMZ:

So there we were … walking around NYC today when we saw a woman giving birth in the middle of a park. And get this, Jonah Hill was there too … taking pictures.

The whole situation was pretty crazy … our photog stumbled upon the scene by pure happenstance … where emergency workers had just loaded the woman into an ambulance.

But after the dust settled … we randomly noticed Jonah snapping a cell phone pic of the birthy aftermath near the bench where the woman was sitting when she went into labor.

We tried to ask Hill about the situation … but he seemed a little too embarrassed to talk and beat a hasty exit with his pretty lady friend.

No, but seriously, that’s bizarre. And gross. What, was he going to put it on his Facebook with some kind of status like, “Ugh, common women are so f-cking nasty.” Is this the kind of thing that celebrities look down on us meager folks for? Because I can’t imagine him photographing or videoing this moment for any other reason than that. I’m sure that’s what it is. Jonah Hill thinks we’re all pedestrian.

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  • I doubt he did it to be rude about it. He was probably just in so much shock and wanted to be like, “GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY! YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE IT!” so he took a picture.
    It’s a gross thing to take a picture of but I don’t think he was being an asshat.
    On his twitter he mentioned he was super embarrassed.

  • Lord, Sarah! Here lately you’ve been reading all kinds of hateful ulterior motives into peoples’ actions, what’s the matter? I doubt I would take a picture of a placenta, but stop for a second and ask yourself: Other than mothers, how many people do you know who have ever seen one? I think your post-baby hormones are having themselves a roller-coaster ride.

    • ….seriously Sarah what the hell would make you think THAT’S what Jonahs thoughts were? He seems like a nice down to earth guy, lay off of him.

  • Well, in Romanian, American Pie is known as Placinta Americana.

    Perhaps he got confused or he remembered.

    It’s kind of weird to be doing that, but some people have a morbid fascination with medical stuff.

    Typically, though, taking pictures of bloody events is considered disturbed.

    Before anyone goes off on me, I think childbirth is a beautiful process. However, I’m sure that this woman didn’t waddle into the park to have random strangers gawking at her like she was in the zoo.

    • You’re a “glass is half full” kind of person, aren’t you? I’m guessing Jonah is one pervy lil monkey. I can see him walking along, stopping and saying….”Wow, that’s one faptastic pile of goo… I must take a pic to add to my spank bank!”

  • If that is so gross as you say Sarah then why have you posted a video which includes the placenta and included that video as part of the headline rather than make it a link so that it cannot be seen?

    There is an overwhelming stench of double standards in the reporting of this unusual but inconsequential event.

  • I feel really bad for the lady. Her ideal scenario would have been giving birth in private and in comfort, and then not only did it happen in the street but people were taking pictures! Poor thing.