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Jenna Jameson

So…What’s Up With Jenna Jameson’s New Look?

jenna jameson vegas 2013

Jenna Jameson was arrested for battery a few days ago which reminded me of her existence. So I thought, I wonder what she looks like now. And I found out. It’s…pretty shocking. I posted one of the photos from this set previously but they all need to be seen. This is how she looked less than a month ago, when she partied in Vegas.

It’s an especially shocking new look considering what she used to look like.

So…yeah. Upgrade or downgrade?

Former Porn Star Jenna Jameson Ruined Her Birthday Party By Getting Arrested

jenna jameson wtf outfit

Jenna Jameson can follow up last year’s DUI arrest with this year’s battery arrest. Few details have been given other than the night of her birthday party, Ms. Jameson “battered” someone in Newport Beach. From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tells us … Jameson was hanging out in the Balboa Peninsula neighborhood of Newport Beach around 8 pm … when she allegedly battered someone.

We’re told the alleged victim put Jameson under citizen’s arrest and then flagged down a police officer. The cop arrived and cited Jenna for battery. She was later released.

Jenna was supposed to attend an early birthday party at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim later that night (real bday is April 9). No word if she made it or not.

Things have otherwise been quiet on the Jenna Jameson front. Last thing we heard from Ms. Jameson was her half-assed endorsement for Mitt Romney.

Have you read her book, How To Make Love Like A Porn Star? It’s a sort of autobiography. A very stylized one. Here’s the first line:

She was young, beautiful, and damned. Her name was Vanessa. And she was dead.

It’s an interesting book.

Jenna Jameson will be 38 on April 9.

But Who Are You Going to Vote for, Jenna Jameson?

A photo of Jenna Jameson

If there’s one thing I know about politics, it’s nothing. That’s why I think it’s so handy when famous people decide to speak up about their political views. Because why wouldn’t I trust someone who entertains me to guide me in all other aspects of my life?

That’s why I’m so thankful that one of the most famous porn stars in the whole world, Jenna Jameson, decided to let us know what she thinks is going to happen after this next presidential election:

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

Yep, that’s Jenna Jameson’s endorsement for Mitt Romney for president. Mitt Romney, who, by the way, is interested in outlawing porn. And no one is treating this like a joke. But it has to be a joke, right?

But hey, I wonder how Jenna feels about chicken sandwiches these days?

That Whole Thing With Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz? Yeah, Forget it Ever Happened. Okay?

It’s just what they want you to do at this point so be a pal and lose it, alright?

TMZ spoke with the weird-assed couple and both parties claimed that everything that went down was embellished for dramatic purposes and they just want to be left alone about it now.

Jameson tells TMZ:

“What actually happened has now been dramatically distorted and misinterpreted and remarks that both Tito and I made after the police arrived reflect the state of shock that we were both in.”

Tito’s lawyer has spoken out on his behalf and says that the entire situation was “a big misunderstanding.”

Read: We’re both really unstable individuals and don’t want Child Protective Services to get involved, so we’re pulling the plug on the dramz.

Noted guys, thanks.

Guess Who Wasn’t All Doped Up on Drugs Like a Certain UFC Fighter Claimed?

After allegations emerged that Tito Ortiz roughed Jenna Jameson up over some kind of “hurt feelings” thing, Ortiz denied the occurrence ever happened and claimed Jameson hurt herself while in a drug-induced panic.

However, reps for Jameson have come forward to claim that the former porn star was drug tested a day after the incident occurred between Jameson and Tito and all results (including those for oxycodone, cocaine, marijuana and meth) came up … you guessed it, negative.

Wonder what this says about the state of the couple’s union.  Or worse, for Ortiz.

UFC Fighter Tito Ortiz Arrested and Released in Connection With the Alleged Beating of Jenna Jameson

Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jamesons’ live-in boyfriend or whatever, was arrested early yesterday morning at the couple’s shared home in Huntington Beach, California on allegations that he assaulted the former porn star.

Ortiz, a UFC fighter, was said to have “freaked out” on his baby mama, Jenna Jameson. Ortiz claimed that he had no part in injuring Jameson and maintains a position stating that she “injured herself” while under the influence of Oxycontin, a drug that she’s reportedly abused for years.

However, Jenna claims that Tito “threw” her into a tub and hurt her both physically and mentally. In an interview earlier yesterday, Jameson states that she had said something “extremely hurtful to his [Ortiz] ego” and Ortiz became enraged with her. Jameson claims that Ortiz threw her into the bathtub as a result and Jameson had suffered torn shoulder ligaments because the mere force of the throw. Jameson also claims that Ortiz is overreacting to practically everything these days because of his concern for her, uh, “fabled” Oxycontin addiction. Jameson claims that Ortiz is “very, very desperate” at this point.

Despite Jameson’s allegations, Tito maintains a position that he’s never laid a hand on Jameson — and no matter what the case, wouldn’t.

Tito was released on bail late yesterday afternoon.

The couple have two children together, twins that are just over a year old.

I Can’t Properly Express How Happy It Makes Me To Type “Jenna Jameson” and “Oprah” in the Same Sentence


First of all, I can’t believe PotatO Head had an icky porn star on her show.  Isn’t O too busy scarfing down boxes of Potato Buds leading her most pure and authentic life to be bothered with chicks who work the pole on film?  Doesn’t she have a like, school to build?

Nope, Oprah has been wallowing with the common folk all month — she had Sarah Palin on last week … uh, highest Oprah ratings in the past two years — and yesterday she had Jenna Jameson (though, who hasn’t had Jenna Jameson at some point?) on the show.  Jenna tried to play it like almost all of her porn movies were filmed with her ex-husband Jay Gardina.  Jameson claims that doing porn with her husband is the reason her movies were so popular — you could “see love.”  She’s conveniently forgotten about the seven years of sex on film that she was involved with prior to meeting him.

Listen, this is a celebrity gossip blog — it’s a casual setting ’round here.  I’m not going to bury you with my own personal commentary on the pros and cons of porn.  But when Slut Barbie says, with a completely straight face, that she wanted to be the best porn star in the world and wanted to do her job with “dignity” I’m gonna laugh.  ‘Kay?  There’s just no dignity in being famous for your on-film blow job performances.  Watch the video of that portion of the interview here.