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Jenna Jameson’s Internal Organs Still Function?

Jenna Jameson is apparently preggers, which just seems implausible to me, because I figured if the anorexia hadn’t completely destroyed her uterus, the twenty-year parade of huge cocks would have, but I guess I was wrong, because Tito Ortiz has successfully knocked her up. I guess if it can happen to Bones Richie, it can happen to anyone.

This kid is going to be so miserable. Like, pretty much anything anyone says about his mama is going to be true. Any joke that begins with “Yo momma’s such a slut …” will have to end with a nod of begrudging agreement from this child, instead of a left hook. That’s unfortunate.

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  • yeah.. not the woman i’d want to be my mom.. not to say she wouldn’t make a good one, who knows, and it remains to be seen.

  • After reading her book, I never thought she could get pregnant, even though she goes on and on about wanting children.

    I mean, the woman has been addicted to crack, vicodin, and several other drugs she mentioned throughout the book. She’s suffered from anorexia several times and I’m sure she’s taken her share of the Plan B pill which can cut your chances of getting pregnant permanently if taken too many times.

    It doesn’t seem fair, there are so many women who have taken care of their bodies and for some unknown reason can’t conceive.

    I mean, no one should be forever punished for their past mistakes, but anyone can see she’s extremely unhealthy even now, and according to some of her public appearances, is still very much addicted to something.

  • Susan Smith was your girl next door, and she drowned her children in the backseat of her car in SC, for a dude, who didn’t love her… Andrea Yates drowned all of her children out of love…and to save them from Satan…this “woman” is at least being real about who she is and where she came from and where she wants to be going… maybe a little less judgement and a little more listening would benefit us ladies all!

  • Seriously!! Have you seen Tito fight??? This poor kid is gonna get crap about his/her mom, the turn around and WHOOP SOME ARSE!!!

    Hehe, can’t wait until Mother’s Day in kindergarten when the kiddo fills out the question: My mother’s favorite thing to do is _______.

    Ok, enough judgement. Really. I promise. No, seriously. Ok, fine!

  • I love you so, Beet, and every day my love for you grows, thanks to phrases like “twenty year parade of huge cocks”. True fact: you are my favorite.

    I agree with D, that kid will come sliding out before Jenna knows what’s going on.

  • What poor kid? Do you know how much money you get for prostituting yourself like that? That kid can hear all he wants… all he has to do is laugh all the way to his mom’s bank.
    And then when that’s not enough, he can turn around and tell all of the kids who laugh at him to go home and ask their dads who they masturbate to when their moms aren’t around.

  • I think she’ll make an okay mom. I mean, some ‘normal’ women potentially make far worese parents than her. She gave up her career for a family, I say good for her. Besides, everyone’s mom has a sex-tape somewhere – at least her baby will be benefitting from mom’s money.

  • suthunbelle-I couldnt agree more. If I could get paid to do what she did and look that great Id do it in a heartbeat so that my children could have and never have to do without. True about the laughing all the way to the bank.. jealous much?

  • lmfao @ D…. That was a funny comment..

    Well im not sure what to say about this.. I disagree with all she does or says, and i feel sorry for the baby.. I don’t think she’s ready for this, she doesn’t know anything about commitment ovbiously, and like somebody else said up there, there’s a lot of women that take good care of themselves so that they can get preggers and they just can’t.. I don’t think it’s fair at all..

  • The baby will fall out if she doesn’t keep her legs together tightly. For nine long months!

  • Life isn’t fair. Just saying.

    Yeah some couples can’t get pregnant but deserve kids. We have something for that called adoption. There’s also a lot of women who shouldn’t be having kids that do. JJ will probably fall somewhere in the middle.

    At least the kid’ll be better off than Courtney Love’s, right?

  • Does anyone else think it’s unfair that people who would make fabulous parents can’t get a child through adoption (such as gays and gayelles) but this skank can get knocked up and it’s her “right” to procreate? Yes, I’m being judgmental. SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE PARENTS. I think an “adult” video star qualifies

  • She’s said before she’s given up her career in the adult industry as a porn star when she has kids. This woman has made so much of herself not just by ‘sucking dick’, she has an entire company for god’s sake. She made something out of herself. These comments are disgusting. Like all of our mothers were saints before they had us, please.
    She’s sitting on an empire she made. Enough ranting from me now.

  • Being a porn star these days doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or will make a bad parent. She’s made herself into a businesswoman who can sustain her income without “acting”. Pretty smart.

    In response to gays not being able to adopt, I know several gay couples that have successfully adopted, some more than once. I’m not saying the system is perfect, but if you have money (ie you can support a kid, which is expensive), you can probably adopt, even if it takes some time.

    It would be fabulous if we could prevent “bad” (uneducated, poor, addict) parents from procreating, but it’s not going to happen in this country. Mothers need support and understanding to bring up healthy, sane kids, not hate speech and ridicule.

    Stupid insomnia. *yawn*

  • Also:

    >I’m sure she’s taken her share of the Plan B pill which can cut your chances of getting pregnant permanently if taken too many times.

    This is completely false.

  • He managed to do what a hundred other guys failed to do? She most likey has gallons of sperm in her . Well good luck to them.

  • How has she shown lack of commitment? She’s been married a couple of times and now she’s exclusively dating Tito for the past couple years, I believe. Lack of commitment? Please.

    And what makes you sure she’s going to be a bad parent? What a bunch of arrogant assholes. Just because you see her public persona, doesn’t mean you know how she is in the privacy of her home. At least give her the benefit of the doubt. Even Britney got that and why? Because she was America’s Sweetheart? We see how well that turned out.

  • Jenna looks fantastic. And “YES” she was way too skinny a few months back, but in this picture she looks fabulous. tight stomach. curves for being so slender. tight jeans that are flattering. as for her having kids, give the women a break!!!! so she participated in adult entertainment – so what? some of us whore in other ways, don’t we? and who are you to judge jenna for her ex-profession?

  • Jenna Jameson is sexy and fabulous and RICH enough not to have to worry about all of her haters. I say Congrats and I hope things work out well for her. Shes an Italian. This child will be loved and cherished, Im sure. Im happy for her. The world should stop being so bitter.

  • No amount of money or who the father is will save her children from the teasing they will receive as they grow up. face it, kids are mean and they are gonna get teased over it.
    and one day, some way or another, her children are gonna see her videos or pictures…and really how do you explain that you used to take it every which way from both men and women.

    other than that, according to her blog she seems very excited and happy about becoming a mother…so maybe she will be a good mom. but being a good mom isn’t gonna chance the fact that she’s gonna one day have to tell her kids about the days in which she used to be a high class whore.

  • she’s an evil, morally depraved whore, that’s all there is to it. you know, they used to be shunned in society, now they’re stars! This world is so fucked up

  • I think those people who said the kids will have it all because mommy’s rich need to realize that kids want things that money can’t buy. I mean maybe other moms won’t let their kids play with Jameson’s because of her porn past (That’s actually a very likely situation) Think about it, if a kid asks his mom, “mom can I go play with Jenna Jameson’s kids?” What do you think will happen? Just because Jameson is filthy rich (or filthy and rich) she can’t ignore the fact that her kids are going to be subjected to crap due to her background.

  • Hey mY gransons can go play with her kid , but due to my concerns I’d haver to go along to chaperone them, you know, keep an eye on everyone (the mum) to make sure everythings ok.

  • HMMM? Let me see, my mom is a slut? A very rich slut. Nice. Let’s all just pig pile on the kid and ruin his/her life shall we. Just becuase she paid a million times for her art and you get a lousy dinner for putting out does not mean she is a slut or any other thing that is bad. I have humped many a woman for the cost fo a freakingnight out. Look in the mirror and then tell me you are any different!

  • I agree with Pretty Gurl. America has lost its morals which is why you don’t see the wrong in Jenna’s ways.

  • all the people dissing here are very immature i mean she really is a stong girl and who cares if she hade used her good looks and her independance and confidence to make money. What woudl you do in her situaution as a younge girl no mother and no real guidence.comon and you girls are suppose to stick by girls no matter what we are going to be called sluts skanks etc but the girls that call other girls sluts are the ones that are keeping this goin. shame on all of you anyways love u jenna