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I Can’t Properly Express How Happy It Makes Me To Type “Jenna Jameson” and “Oprah” in the Same Sentence


First of all, I can’t believe PotatO Head had an icky porn star on her show.  Isn’t O too busy scarfing down boxes of Potato Buds leading her most pure and authentic life to be bothered with chicks who work the pole on film?  Doesn’t she have a like, school to build?

Nope, Oprah has been wallowing with the common folk all month — she had Sarah Palin on last week … uh, highest Oprah ratings in the past two years — and yesterday she had Jenna Jameson (though, who hasn’t had Jenna Jameson at some point?) on the show.  Jenna tried to play it like almost all of her porn movies were filmed with her ex-husband Jay Gardina.  Jameson claims that doing porn with her husband is the reason her movies were so popular — you could “see love.”  She’s conveniently forgotten about the seven years of sex on film that she was involved with prior to meeting him.

Listen, this is a celebrity gossip blog — it’s a casual setting ’round here.  I’m not going to bury you with my own personal commentary on the pros and cons of porn.  But when Slut Barbie says, with a completely straight face, that she wanted to be the best porn star in the world and wanted to do her job with “dignity” I’m gonna laugh.  ‘Kay?  There’s just no dignity in being famous for your on-film blow job performances.  Watch the video of that portion of the interview here.

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  • So Jenna’s main ambition in life was to be the bestest prostitute in the world? WOW some goal. I think even Pam Anderson had higher ambitions than that.

  • Lord she looks haggard. Pay attention ladies. That is what your face will look like after decades of sperm facials and being constantly dick slapped.

  • “though, who hasn’t had Jenna Jameson at some point?”

    hahaha I nearly choked on my water. I love your immature jokes, Wendie. They make me crack up every time.

  • That house does not look child friendly. Get rid of the boat and get a yard. FYI-Huntington Harbour is ghetto!

  • Lame.

    Not Jenna Jameson.

    The writer’s bitter catiness. Let a dumb blonde have her day.

    Is it really impossible to be a porn star with dignity? Try and tell a garbageman or a celebrity blogger that they have no dignity and see what happens.

    I love celebrity gossip. But there is gossip and bitch (i.e. Perez).

    • I also agree.

      Why is it that women are constantly berated for choosing to embrace their sexuality?

      “who hasn’t had Jenna Jameson at some point?” is such a derogatory statement, infering she’s some worthless, disposable piece of trash…

      Porn stars deserve as much respect as anyone else.

  • Jenna looks like a completely different person after all that cosmetic surgery. I’m not even gonna discuss her-it’s Oprah that’s pissing me off. She’s all high and mighty and about being the best person you can be and the next thing you know-she’s got porn stars and Sarah Palin post naked Levi.
    But the thing that sent me over the Oprah edge happened about a week ago-she had the exclusive and just had to share with the world-the lady who got her face ripped off by the crazy chimp. The woman has no eyes and no mouth to speak of and wears a veil because she knows she looks frightening-but of course Oprah felt is necessary to educate the common folk about the horrors of deranged chimp attacks.

  • wouldn’t it be great to meet a pornstar who doesn’t fit the stereotype? If I met a super well read, well traveled and socially conscious porn star, who had insight into sex industry I would feel really pleased. They would be great at a party you can’t deny…

  • Even if you haven’t done a movie in five years, what you did do is out there for eternity. That’s quite a revisionist history Jenna is offering of her history and “seeing the love” in her films. To quote Tyler Durden, “Sticking feathers (Or whatever else has been up there) up your butt does not make you a chicken”

  • I agree with a previous commenter: this post is pretty out of control with the bitchiness. I find it unwise to put one’s nose so high up in the air at another’s profession, something about throwing stones in glass houses. I think that there is something to be said for the way JJ paved for others in the adult film industry, especially the way in which she demanded a certain level of pay and decided what she was and was not comfortable with and stuck to it. If only everyone had that level of integrity in their jobs/lives. You may or may not agree with her comfort levels, but quite frankly that is each individual’s choice.

    • Fortunately, the porn industry is going down the tubes because there’s so much free porn now on the Internet. No use paying for it if you can get it for free.

      Maybe in the future, her kids will be amazed that Mom got paid to be filmed performing sex acts.

      Of course, Tito will have to start MMA training with the kids at an extremely early age so they don’t endure endless teasing.

      • hey stupid, someone’s getting paid for the content that you find online! you’re a fucking idiot if you think they’re all posting all that sex shit for free, dipshit.

  • “Isn’t O too busy scarfing down boxes of Potato Buds”

    wendie, remember how upset you were when a classmate at a class reunion thought you were pregnant but you were/are actually just fat?!

    don’t throw stones, even if it is a gossip site.

  • are we sure thats jenna jameson?! her eyes are cattier and her her mouth is smaller. I am almooost convinced this is not her…

    • Finally, a retirement home I could envision myself enjoying letting old has beens play with my shriveled penis while i use their batwings like earmuffs.

  • Watching the video, I was left wondering how long until some idiot breaks in to her house and steals those original Dalis.

    Where does she live?

  • When you’ve combed your hair and gone out and gotten a real job where you wear grown up ladies clothing and make lots of money and give a huge amount to charities and employ hundreds of people, maybe then you can spew your mouth about Oprah. Until then you have no credibilty in that area. (And apparently in very few other areas, judging from your postings)

  • WOW, people are bitter! I don’t personally have anything against porn (to each his own) and I’ve always kind of been fascinated with Jenna Jameson, but this post cracked me up. It was funny. I also don’t have anything against Oprah, but I laugh at Wendie’s jokes about her. They’re funny! Lighten up, people.

  • Did you just diss Oprah, the Queen of Everything, who is now leaving us in two years? How can anyone diss O-P-R-A-H????? I will always wear my Oprah sweatshirt proudly.

  • Look, I don’t want to be a bitch, but I really don’t understand why you’re always so incredibly judgemental about other women and the choices they make that have nothing to do with you. What did Jenna Jameson ever do to you? Why is it impossible to do sex work with dignity — or, at least, to aspire to maintain one’s dignity while doing sex work?

    I love this site and I enjoy the gossip, but every time I wince at a mean-spirited, misogynistic, anti-feminist comment, it’s always from Wendie. Please stop.

  • Jenna use to be so hot before the plastic surgery and her boob jobs. Lord almighty she was so cute and hot. Once she got the implants, I totally lost interest in her. So yeah … I haven’t had Jenna.