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Tila Tequila Has Totally Lost Her Shit


Oh, guys.  If it wasn’t for the fact that we’re talking about famewhore Tila Tequila, this wouldn’t even be funny.  Tila has totally lost her mind.  Even her own lawyer thinks so.  Tila did a live stream earlier today, stark naked and stark raving mad, talking about everything from her real purpose in life — “I am an angel … because I am here to save the world with my army.” — to the real reason for her homosexuality:  “People call me an attention whore .. or whatever … but excuse me I’m a grown ass woman and I’m confident in myself …I think a woman’s body is a beautiful thing … that’s why I’m a lesbian … I was born naked … anybody who is against that is gay and in denial.”

Attorney Cyrus Nownejad tells TMZ he thinks the “domestic violence” incident with Shawne in September may have “pushed her over the edge.”
Nownejad acknowledges something is seriously wrong with Tila and he’s trying to figure out how to get her some help.

Tila just took down her Ustream, showing her dancing nude and talking crazy in front of the camera. She also went off on Shawne and his alleged drug use.

Oh, dear God above, please let there be recorded footage of this somewhere.  Please.

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