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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shocker Sends Fans Into Frenzy

mcdreamy RIP

I feel like they’ve been saying it’s the last season of Grey’s Anatomy for, like, the last 5 years, and yet here we are with the show still airing new episodes. THIS is the last season (I think?), and they’re pulling out all the stops to make it shocking and intense and get some old fans that abandoned the show years ago back into the game. Case in point? McDreamy’s dead! HOW CAN THIS BE?!

If you don’t watch the show or didn’t catch this ep, here’s how it all went down: Dr. Shepherd heroically saved the lives of a family in a car accident, only to then be T-boned in an accident himself and seriously injured. Apparently the surgeons working on him were major fuck-ups, so he narrated his own march towards death and then Meredith had to come and pull the plug on him. So long, McDreamy!

Admittedly, I never watched the show – not because I wouldn’t totally love it, but probably because I would. I’d fall into a Grey’s Anatomy k-hole and never get out. Is it worth going back to watch? I know some of you must have been fans over the years, so let me know if it’s worth my time.

Anyway, people are losing their shit over this online and even got the hashtag #RIPMcDreamy trending on Twitter. Sad. In so many ways.

God bless us everyone.

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ABC Wants More “Grey’s Anatomy” — Do You?

grey's anatomy season 9

Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that makes people say, “That’s still on? I thought it ended years ago.” Perhaps that’s due to Katherine Heigl‘s departure, or maybe because it’s just been on so long its lost all hype. Season 10 starts on September 26 with a two-hour premiere. Maybe this is why people are sick of the show. It’s just…bloated. I stopped watching somewhere in the middle, but started again. I don’t know why. It’s pretty bad. They’ve killed off half the original cast by now. And the drama that happens to them, outside of bullshit relationship stuff, I’m talking about things like a shooter running around in a hospital and almost everyone in a plane crash, is getting too ridiculous for some viewers to put up with.

But not for ABC. In fact, ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee wants more seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. From Hollywood Reporter:

Deals with the six core Grey’s Anatomy cast members, including Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, are up after the upcoming season. And several have expressed interest in pursuing other work. But Lee said he hopes to have the show on ABC for “many years to come” and expressed confidence that creator Shonda Rhimes would find a way to weather whatever casting changes occur. “Shonda is an extraordinary creative force [...] She will, like she always does, bring changes that are extraordinary. We would certainly like to see it on the network for many years to come.”

“Many years”? No way, dude. It’s all about Scandal now.

Are you still watching Grey’s Anatomy?

Aww, Look Who’s Still a Self-Entitled Little Turd.

photo of katherine heigl wearing brown dress and sweater

Smile, baby!

Word on the street is that Grey’s Anatomy phenom Katherine Heigl is trying to spread the word that she should be nominated for an Emmy award due to her huge success on the medical-themed and mega star-power that, you know, follows her everywhere she goes. According to Entertainment Weekly, Heigl, herself, has really done just that:

Though she sat out more than half of the season of Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl has submitted herself in the supporting actress category for this year’s Emmy race, her representative confirms. There is no set amount of episodes that an actor must appear in to be eligible for either the supporting or lead actor categories.

Heigl only appeared in a handful of episodes this year before her character, Dr. Izzie Stevens, was last seen around Seattle Grace in January. Heigl was due back on the set of the ABC drama March 1 but she never showed up. Heigl told EW that “rumors that I refused to return were totally untrue.” ABC Studios said it was mutually agreed upon that Heigl would end her run this season.

Yes, guys, she totally does deserve that Emmy … and you wanna know why? Because you’re probably looking at the next condescending, good-living advice-spewing, Goop-filled Gwyneth Paltrow, right here. Like the child that craves attention, maybe if you acknowledge her quick and thoroughly, she’ll go away for awhile. Or at least until the next pain in the ass kid comes along and doesn’t want to share their stupid ball, either.

Joe Jonas Beats the Snot Out of New Girlfriend, Demi Lovato

Nah, I’m actually just joshin’. Lovato tweeted a photo of herself looking a bit worse for the wear earlier today, but it’s just a sneak-peak at her upcoming stint on Grey’s Anatomy.

The episode, “Sonny With a Chance”, debuts next month and centers around Lovato’s schizophrenic episodes and subsequent hospitalization at Seattle Grace.

Will you be watching — you know, even though it wasn’t Joe Jonas who clawed her eyes out, and hell, why should he?  It’s not like she keeps fawning over him and swooning all over the place about how dreamy and prince-y he is or anything.

Is Izzie Dead Yet?

First off: My sincere apologies for the crazy downtime this afternoon and for all the problems people were having getting the site to refresh. I think (hope?) we’ve resolved them for the time being, and we’re continuing to look at improvements that will make the site run faster and have less downtime. Thank you for those of you who emailed me to report an issue — I appreciate it, because sometimes everything looks fine on my end but it’s not working fine for everyone, so it’s useful when you guys email me to let me know. It is way better to get those emails than the “OMG U R UGLEE & UR FORHEAD IS HUGE” emails, which are sweet, but not really as actionable. (Is there even a surgery for forehead size? I will email Audrina Patridge about it. If she tracked down a doctor who could fix her ceiling eyes, she is clearly capable of anything. And I’m inexplicably on her blogroll, so she obviously loves me.)

OK. So back to the important business.

I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in years, mostly because when Katherine Heigl is on the screen I just want to slap somebody, and since I live alone I was afraid I would start injuring my cats. So you’d think I’d be delighted to watch this footage of her close to death in the 100th episode — and I guess I am, kinda — but even though she’s dying she’s still annoying as hell. Seriously. This trailer of Izzie dying annoys me. How is anyone on this planet not annoyed with the Izzie character?

Anyway. Yeah. Izzie’s dying, Denny’s ghost is off to jump the shark again usher her to the netherworld, Derek and Meredith are getting married, and the truth is I’m probably never going to watch this show again. Katherine Heigl ruined it for me forever.

Pompeo is Preggers

Ellen Pompeo with Husband Chris Ivers

I actually kind of hate the word “preggers” but I can’t find a euphemism for pregnancy that I like, so “preggers” it is.

Actress Ellen Pompeo, 39 , of Grey’s Anatomy fame has confirmed that she is expecting her first child with husband Chris Ivery, 41. No details yet on the due date, but she can have fun picking out baby buggies with fellow Grey’s co-star Chyler Leigh, who is due next month.