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Pompeo is Preggers

Ellen Pompeo with Husband Chris Ivers

I actually kind of hate the word “preggers” but I can’t find a euphemism for pregnancy that I like, so “preggers” it is.

Actress Ellen Pompeo, 39 , of Grey’s Anatomy fame has confirmed that she is expecting her first child with husband Chris Ivery, 41. No details yet on the due date, but she can have fun picking out baby buggies with fellow Grey’s co-star Chyler Leigh, who is due next month.

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  • Here’s hoping she gets some meat on her bones. Or let’s hope the baby doesn’t suck the minute amount that’s already there.

    Also, appropos of nothing, her husband is weird-looking.

    • I think it’s the Uncle Leo angry eyebrows that are throwing the rest of his face off.

  • Yes, there’s nothing wrong with just saying “pregnant.” I understand the desire to “mix things up” and not repeat the same word over and over, but sometimes there really is one best word for the job, and all substitutes are annoying. Like when weather forecasters say “the white stuff.”

  • How bout “IN A FAMILY WAY?” LOL
    Seriously sometimes it’s just easier not to use euphemisms.