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Miss California Booed for Opposing Same-Sex, Supporting “Opposite Marriage”

It seems like the only time anyone gives a crap about beauty pageants anymore is when the contestants make asses of themselves. At tonight’s 2009 Miss U.S.A. pageant, Miss California was alternately booed and cheered when asked how she felt about Vermont’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage.

She has the right to express her opinions on the issue– it’s a sensitive topic influenced by personal religious beliefs. However, by calling heterosexual marriage “opposite marriage” she’s not really doing anything to support her case or make an intelligent argument.

What I find really galling about all this is the fact that Perez Hilton was a judge for the pageant. If there’s anyone who knows how to judge and score class, poise, and beauty, it’s freakin Perez Hilton.

I know I’m going to get all kinds of love from you readers on this, but I feel kind of bad for Miss California. I personally believe that secular same-sex marriage should be legal in every state, but I give her credit for expressing her true beliefs (albeit ineloquently) in the face of pressure. She had the bad luck to draw a question from an asshat, exposure-hungry judge while the other contestants probably got softball questions about how war is bad and we need to feed the hungry kids in “the Africa like such as.”

Regardless of how you feel about Same-Sex marriage, I think that people on both sides of the issue can agree that Perez Hilton is a giant turd.

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  • I can never write as eloquently or grammatically proper as some…. but I have to say something…

    I am all for same sex marriages, I have no argument against any of this, and I would vote to have it legal everywhere.


    A lot of people fighting for the RIGHT aren’t paying attention that they are fighting not only for equality but to be heard and for people to accept them as they are… This said, why are they attacking someone who stands up for their views and their “way”. Its not like she is standing there saying “I HATE THE GAYS”. She simply has stated her beliefs, and she’s now an outcast and someone who did/said something wrong because of this?

    That’s all I got out of that clip… that if I dont support gay marriage then I’d be wrong and a bad person and not an accepting good person.

    Its mind boggling and it is really troubling to see.

    Thats all.

    • well that judge is an asshole. I don’t really care if gay’s want to be married, its a free country. And people should have free opinions. It was good that she voiced it and embarrased that fag. He deserves it.

  • You should watch Perez’s response video to her comment- he gives the answer he thinks she should have given, which is basically to dodge the question and to say that the states should decide it for themselves, instead of giving a firm answer that will piss off half of the beauty pageant contingent (since beauty pageants seem to be run half by Christians and half by gays). He’s totally right.

    • I watched that too and thought just about the same thing. As a side note: Perez has an extremely grating voice.

    • this is what is wrong with america today. it was founded on the premise of people standing up for what they believe in.
      now we are telling people to give a “politically correct” answer to please everyone.

      well you can’t please everyone. i am sorry, but that is not how it works. stand up for what you believe and THAT is noble. not giving half an answer just so you don’t offend someone.

      in the words of the fray — “sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

      • don’t even begin to talk about this girl being noble for “stating her opinion”. this girl is a contestant for a title that is all about her representing her country and its people as a whole.

        the issue here isn’t that she stated her opinion, its the sheer idiocy of taking a controversial political stand in an inarticulate and insensitive way, no less to an openly gay man and on national television, and then hoping to win the support of a country where so many people are either gay or supportive of gay rights.

        and someone else said that it was good that she wasn’t “catering to the masses”. wasn’t “catering to the masses”? this girl is a contestant on a show that is about nothing BUT catering to the masses!!!!!! its a series of judgements on how you look, how you walk, how your body looks in a bathing suit, how it looks in an evening dress, and if the color and kind of dress you chose is flattering on you. to now say that she should be praised for “not catering to the masses” is just as idiotic as her response was.

      • I also want to stand up for what I believe in. That’s why I would have booed the shit out of her.


  • … And the Understatement of the Year Award goes to Kelly, the newest writer at Evilbeet.

    Seriously, Kelly! You’re only half right, I think. The phrase “giant turd” does not begin to encompass the atrocity that is Perez Hilton. But you are absolutely right regarding the choice of judges in this pageant. If the classiest celebrity who has the best sense of true beauty that can be scraped up is Perez Hilton, I’m really not sure what this world of TV contestants has come to. Although, in all fairness, since when has a Miss USA been at all classy? Or truly beautiful?

  • Kelly, I think you meant to say by calling homosexual (not heterosexual) marriage “opposite marriage”…..

    • oh wait– nevermind on me!! I listened to it again. Please ignore.

      I have never heard someone called heterosexual marriage “opposite marriage”….. interesting.

    • No kelly got it right. She said “choose between same sex marriage and opposite marriage” as in marriage of the opposite sexes, as in heterosexual. The word hetero literally means opposite.

  • “she’s not really doing anything to support her case or make an intelligent argument”

    She’s a beauty show contestant not a politician. Not that I’d expect a politician to present an intelligent argument.

  • I agree. She stated her opinion, and for that you can admire her. She spoke her mind honestly and didn’t try to cater to the masses.

  • what do you all expect from a parade that objectifies women and treats women as meat on sale, showing their goods and useless qualities, such as playing the flute and jumping through hoops of fire. If you are a women that feels like you have to parade your self and have4 people rank you on how you loos on a bikini, than I am sorry for you

  • Bravo for speaking her mind and all but uh…the point of being in the beauty competition is to win, right?

    Miss America contestants are basically politicians with more lipstick and less clothing…regardless of their personal views or brainpower they need to please the masses if they’re hoping to win.

    • reeeeeally good point Soleil! The point of Miss USA is to win. They are supposed to be trained to answer questions in a way that will appease the most people. And your analogy is dead on.

      Sure, she is entitled to her own opinions… just as people are entitled to disagree (and even boo) at them… and the competition is entitled to think that her answer sucked ass

  • I respect her views HOWEVER the don’t say I was brought up… That implies that she was brought up better than me. Righteous indignation. Just because you’re against gay marriage and I am for it, that makes you better than me? Uh no. Glad she didn’t win.

  • Perez is childish by now saying things about her on his website.
    We are a free country. The right to speak our minds is what makes us american.

    • Oh my GOD. It irks me to no end when people say things like “we’re a free country,”etc.
      Do you even have a clue what you’re talking about?
      The First Amendment protects private citizens from government censure–and even then, certain (BIG) categories of speech are exempted (like obscenity). It means that the government can’t prevent or punish legitimate speech. It does NOT mean that the public can’t ridicule you when you make yourself look like an ass on television.

      • If you don’t like “we’re a free country” then move to China or Cuba. I spent 8 years defending freedom for American’s.
        I am college educated and have read and re-read the Constitution over and over. Maybe you should also.
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He is now defamating her character on his website(that gets millions of hits) because she didn’t say what he wanted to hear. He did the same thing to a restaraunt owner here in LA that donated money to a group that was against gay marriage..The place had to let employees go because with his forum there were picketers out front blocking the doors for patrons. He disagreed with one person and in turn cause many to lose their jobs.

      • uhhh, TOm? exactly what “college” did you attend because the term is DEFAMING; not defamATing.
        you should’ve learned that in like, middle school.

      • Hey Tom:

        Thanks for serving your country — I, for one, really do appreciate it.

        But I have to agree with Sara. Speech is constitutionally protected only from government sanction and not from the reactions of others.

        In fact, not eating at a restaurant owned by someone you disagree with is just another form of speech. Miss California has the right to her opinion. And I have the right to boo her (which I do). And Perez has the right to disagree with her and speak his mind.

  • I don’t care what her answer was, but she didn’t really explain her answer. “That’s just the way I was raised, thank you” is not an adequate explanation (in a pageant) for why you don’t think gay marriage should or shouldn’t be legalized in every state. Her answer alone was less than 20 seconds.

    • She practically ran off the stage after her awkward and rushed “THANK YOU.” She just went up, virtually spat in the face of the majority of the audience w/o giving a reasonable explanation with a rough attitude and fake bravery, and then scurried off like scared little coward licking her wounds. Not that I expect anything more from women who want to dress up and feel “pretty” because they can’t accomplish anything better in life, but still that was like an F MINUS.

  • Hi Kelly,

    You certainly should have one, and you did in my opinion.

    But this is where we’re at as a country.

    You lost because a transsexual Cuban (the founding fathers knew how to deal with them) brought you down.

    One thing that scares hell out of our brilliant legislators is the thought of losing the tax base through expatriation.

    I did it and Costa Rica is a great place to start.

  • Also I’d like to point out in her defense that if you’re going to say “same-sex” marriage it’s not really any different to say “opposite-sex” marriage. And in her statement the second “-sex” would be implied. It may not be common to hear but it’s not necessarily wrong, I think people are making too big a deal of that part of it.
    I prefer when people match their wording.

    I wouldn’t know wtf to say if someone asked me this question in person nonetheless on stage. I don’t know what I think about the whole thing, I mostly just don’t care about political issues and don’t really take the time to formulate opinions on them. I guess they should have prepped her for that one though.

  • it bothers me that people think this is about miss california “expressing her opinion”.

    this woman is a contestant in an event where she is vying for a title that requires her to represent her ENTIRE COUNTRY. the reason miss california is getting so much backlash for her response is simply because it was probably one of the stupidest responses you could give IN A COMPETITION LIKE THIS!

    Perez asked a very good question, which practically HANDED her a platform to talk about freedom of choice in this country, and could have easily avoided a controversial personal opinion while speaking out about the rights of people and states to make their own decisions. instead she was inarticulate and insensitive in the way she responded to the half of the population that is either gay or supportive of gay rights.

    simply put, it was NOT SMART. and it cost her the title. because until that point she was, i thought, the clear favorite.

    • “inarticulate and insensitive in the way she responded to the half of the population that is either gay or supportive of gay rights.”

      1.51% of the US population is gay, lesbian, and bisexual. Not 50%.

      • Didn’t California vote AGAINST gay marriage? That would seem to indicate that LESS THAN 50% are supportive of gay rights. In fact, most polls show LESS THAN 50% of the population is for gay rights.

      • Actually Chuck, you’re wrong. About 65% of the population (I’m sorry I don’t have the exact number handy) believes that the same rights should be afforded gay couples as straight couples. The statistic you’re mentioning is specifically about whether the word “marriage” should be used or not.

    • For the love of God, it’s a BEAUTY PAGEANT. Perez posed a controversial question at a competition that objectifies and demeans women (you know, a group that for a fact makes up 50% of the population?) and promotes superficiality. How can you expect a progressive answer from a contestant in a competition that holds outdated values?

    • actually, perez asked a very stupid, loaded question that could not possibly be answered in a short amount of time by an unintelligent pageant girl.

  • why cant we have the right to say no to gay marriages? if some people can be positive with them we 2 have the right to be against it…

    • Of course you have “the right,” eha. But the rest of us have an equal “right” to tell you you’re stupid.

  • perez is an idiot and if he cant accept her answer then he should not have asked it. he is stupid and bitter. get over it perez… move to vermont if u wanna get married! dumbass

  • eha:

    Yes, you can say you don’t personally support gay marriage. What you SHOULDN’T be able to do is legislate into binding law what you believe, that belief taking precedence over the rights someone else, who also happens to be a citizen, with all that entails. Rights, by the way, bestowed automatically by virtue of someone SAYING they are NOT gay. It’s discrimination, plain and simple. Say you are…your list of rights is one thing; say you are not, the list expands. What the hell is right about that?

    There’s a reason for separation of church and state and most arguments against the moniker of “gay marriage” are based in religious foundations, whether it’s cloaked or not; THAT is illegal. Marriage is a union between two consenting ADULTS, with financial, social, medical, and much more, ramifications. Sexual identity should not enter in to it. If they consent to share their lives, straight or gay, there really isn’t a valid argument for the nullification, if belief systems are left out and strictly legalities are adhered to. It’s not that hard.

    Believe what you wish in your family, in your home, in your life…but do the courtesy of allowing others the same right to do so.

    For the life of me I just can not ascertain how someone else’s marriage affects another’s. No…REALLY. Mind boggling….

  • I think it’s all good and fine to respect the opions of others. However there has to be a breaking point. Has to be a line where you cross over from being accepted to being ridiculed. Could you imagine if the issue was interracial marriage? You know at the time it wasn’t really popular. Same with the civil rights movement in the 1960’s.

    You can’t imagine how horrible it feels to have people saying we’re just ‘making noise’ or ‘forcing ourselves on others’. Personally, I don’t think we’re loud enough. I don’t think half of these people that call me evil and perverted actually know a gay person. If they just sat down and actually talked to us they’d know we’re not under the control of some kind of supernatural, evil spirit. We’re people. Just like you.

    Sorry for going off on a random tangent. As I was saying… i’m not going to accept someone telling me they are better than me simply because we were born differently. Could you imagine calling someone retarded and oppossing the marriage between two handicapped people? I’m not asking you to give up anything, I’m just asking — for once — to be treated like everybody else.

    • I just wanted to send you love from a fellow member of the lgbt community. i do believe people who believe that marriage = man + woman have a right to believe that. i wish she would have had a greater understanding of civil unions and making sure that there is still equal fundamental rights of all people. she could have even talked about the removal of marriage from the government’s control.

      • but this also all depends on what you believe marriage is i guess. some people argue that it is a religious ‘union by God’ (which i don’t), there are also some lgbt people are religious and believe that the they have a connection with god too. if you see the term marriage as religious, than civil unions would hopefully be appropriate to you. and if you see it as the same thing as a civil union, than you are going to run into problems within members of the religious community.

    • I also want to send you love, but from a straightie ;) I can’t wait for the future when everyone has the same marriage rights. You guys deserve it!!!

  • Same-sex marriage will not even be an issue in 20yrs, it will be legal for the entire country. 50 yrs from now people will be laughing at the generations deciding this issue now. People need to get over it. There is nothing you can do to stop the wheels of progress.

  • Well, as appropriate and well-argued statements have already been made, I will state the obvious, and it makes me sad to say so.

    Miss California, is well, dumb. Beautiful (well, I don’t really think so but my tastes extend beyond blond and tan. Actually, they exclude blonde and tan: code for bland and boring) but really, dumb. Not because she said ‘opposite marriage’, though that helped, because of her vacant eyes hanging over her frozen smile, and her inability to form coherent sentences. Miss Whatever is modelling. Thats it, thats all. I think they ask participants questions to prove they are capable of speaking. Basically, if she is to be the voice of the Christian opinion, they will all be perceived this way. Also, as a Canadian (we found opposing gay marriage to be unconstitutional by the way. Horn: toot toot! ) who has spent a significant amount of time living in the USA I gotta say: good gawd Christian gaybashers sound dumb. Sorry folks, its true. ‘Opinions’ without a logical rationale do not appear smart. Nuh-uh.

    • i agree completely. and i would like to say, simply because i don’t heard it said enough, is that “christian” gay-bashers are TOTALLY out of line and do not represent the true beliefs of my faith. the jesus i worship never bashed anyone–from the prostitutes he was friends with to the thieves to the man who sold him into death. assuming these “christians” believe everything in the bible, which i would assume they do since they love to quote the part about how homosexuality is wrong, they are actively disobeying the other thousand verses that tell us to love our neighbor NO MATTER WHAT and to not pass judgment on anyone. i for one am completely ashamed and mortified when i see or hear anyone condemning homosexuality or condoning hatred in the name of god. if these outspoken activists would crack open a bible and actually live the way they’re instructed to, they would stop seeing things like race, sexual preference, socioeconomic class, etc., and just see people as children of god.

      i’m not claiming to be perfect at this, just trying really hard. it makes me both angry and sad to see people turn a faith of pure love into something that makes people feel persecuted. i can see why some people hate “us” so much.

  • the issue i take with her response, specifically, is that she “was raised that way.”

    does that mean she takes everything she’s told and accepts it without question? that’s effing scary. =S

    • I agree, that is very scary. I did that when I was a teenager but at this point people need to think about things critically and come up with their own opinions. I hate that people blindly accept traditions or things just because they have been told it is right.

  • I think that if you say “same sex marriage” the counter to that would rightly be “opposite sex marriage” i think that’s perfectly fine, sure she did forget the “sex” part but homosexual marriage counters with heterosexual marriage just as opposite sex marriage counters same sex marriage.

    I would personally choose for same-sex marriage to be legal everywhere but i do respect her for stating her opinion. The question was not to make the most valid argument you can, instead he asked “Do YOU THINK every state should follow suit?” She didnt think so, so she exactly that that. The beauty of our country is being able to state your own opinion, whether or not people think it is rude, wrong, twisted or otherwise. Sure people think some discusting, racist, sexist homophobic things but if i had to choose between people believing those things and people being forced to think what is politically correct, i would gladly choose the former.

    I also didnt hear any boos, but maybe my sound was not working properly?

  • Let’s remember, people, the entire country does not agree that gay marriage should be legal. In addition to many blue states banning said marriage, the majority of Californian’s do not want it to be legal. The liberal media and blogosphere does not represent the majority of America.

  • Perez Hilton asked this question simply for the publicity. No matter what answer she provided, he will have more hits on his website.

  • Rejecting dirty fag marriage is not making an ass out of yourself.

    Making an ass out of yourself is having a tacky piece of crap worthless website like this and then going around as if you decided who does or does not make an ass out of themselves.

    It’s weird to see a big shit dirtied ass calling other people asses…not to mention when it’s one of the hottest girls around and you’re some pathetic nothing with a website only the above ten trolls visit! haha


    • jacob, you’re a fucking moron.
      as for perez, his “worthless” website, and his persona, he’s made a shit-ton of money and gotten tons of notoriety.
      so i think it’s pretty safe to say he’s doing a helluva lot better than you are.
      especially since you have nothing better to do than rant and rave on OTHER gossip blogs.
      oh and don’t forget to wipe the cheeto powder from your grimy fingers before you take to the keyboard and spew slurs back at me, thanks! :D

    • Thank you, Jacob, for proving my point. I hope you have a wonderful, happy, hate-filled life. Since this is the first time I’ve seen you post something about religion I will wait until the next time to point out some fun facts for you.

  • Why the hell was Perez Hilton chosen as a judge for the Miss USA contest? The only thing I can see him passing judgment on was RuPauls Drag Race.

  • i cant respect her for being honest but she might wanna read up al ittle more before expressing her opinions.. sounded SO ignorant!!! she just proves how much it stinks to be on perez’s bad side.. just watched the response video he left after the paegent here..

  • What ever happened to being honest and true to ourselves and our beliefs without the fear to express it? Everybody is entitled to their opinions and quite frankly, I don’t think her opinion is right nor wrong but simply hers to express. If she was going to be judged on her speech then do exactly that, judge her on her grammar, speech etc.. but not on her opinion which everyone is pretty much doing. What if she said she was for same sex marriage she would’ve been fully appluaded and not received one boo’s! I think that is utterly bullshit!! So now the heterosexual’s can’t express their opinions but the homosexual’s can without negative feedback? It seems like the gays are out of the closet but now want the straights to go in the closet. I don’t really care what everybody thinks about my comment because i believe in being honest and true to my beliefs just the same as a straight or gay person and if you can’t handle it then don’t give an opinion because you can’t take one.

  • While I support gay marriage, I don’t expect everyone else to. I have respect for ppl who have it in them to stand up and state their opinions though, and this girl earns my respect.
    I don’t expect everyone to have the exact same beliefs and opinions as me. It is wrong for us to expect this from anyone!

  • Why is this even a question? Were they trying to give Perez a political platform for his gay rights shit as if his stupid blog wasn’t politicized enough? If you ask a religious person that question they aren’t going to give you the PC answer so it’s ignorant to even ask. I’m so sick of a certian group of leftists in this country trying to bully everyone into their philosophy. This is a free country and people can have whatever opinion they want on this and other issues and they shouldn’t have to contend with being demonized for expressing themselves.

    • Please don’t lump homophobia with religion. I know plenty of religious folks who are supportive of gay rights and gay marriage. Being religious and being supportive of gay rights are not mutually exclusive. Your religious views don’t corner the market on religion.

      And you sound a lot like a certain group of leftists, the ACLU namely, who also believes and actively defends people’s rights to their opinion. I may disagree with the KKK, but they are allowed their opinions.

      However, I am also allowed to have my own opinion about people who don’t believe in equal rights. In my own personal religious beliefs, I strongly disagree with those who don’t see others as equal to themselves because of something like skin color, religion, gender, or sexual preference. But no matter how much I disagree with these folks I wouldn’t vote on taking their right to marry away from them. No matter how much I wish these folks wouldn’t breed and create children just as filled with hate as themselves, I can’t take away their right to conceive or adopt children.

  • The PC nazis strike again. I see Perez isn’t content with using his stupid blog as a platform for his political views, now he wants to use the pageant as well. It’s revolting to me that he put this on Miss California, he probably knew she was a Christian and just wanted to spit on that. What a pig that guy is.

  • I think Mills california should have won. I also think the judges should have been scrutinized a little better. That said, I’d like to take a moment and shamelessly promote my nefw book, “Beth:Love Along The Way….by B.G.Sanford,” and just released by Eloquent Books. It’s a romance that happens during some of life’s darker times and can not be considered “light weight’ by any stretch of the imagination. I hope you get the opportunity to read it. It’s not a book that you’ll soon forget.
    All my best,

  • I don’t care what her beliefs are – she’s entitled to them. She should have been tossed out for referring to California as a “country” – dumb bee-yoch!

  • I guess you’re not allowed to be Miss USA if you’re a Christian. I hope Miss California sues since she only lost due to Hilton’s anti-Christian bigotry.

  • I am proud of Miss California for stating what she believed in the ugly face of adversity (aka Perez Hilton). It takes a lot of character to stand up to someone who obviously disagrees with you and not waver in your beliefs. I think she should have won regardless of how I feel about gay marriage. At least she was straight-forward with her answer. Miss Arizona didn’t even answer whether or not she thought universal healthcare should be provided. She just called it an “issue of integrity” and walked off. Miss California did address how great it is that we live in a country where you can choose to be gay or straight and that states can choose whether or not they want to allow gay marriage. And don’t blame her for being insensitive and ineloquent. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to tell an openly gay man that you don’t think he should be allowed to get married. I bet she was nervous as hell and knew it would cost her the crown. Again, at least she said it to Perez’s face and didn’t bash him on a website later!

  • Perez Hilton is a bitch with a dick! He is a Homo Nazi! Anyone with a conflicting opinion to his, he’s ready to bash the crap out of you. Don’t forget, the gays use to be bashed for being homosexuals. Now they want to turn the tables and bash on heterosexuals on their beliefs. I’m tired of Perez claiming himself to be smart when his comment of her being a dumb bitch is even more ignorant then Miss California’s! Believing in same sex marriage doesn’t mean that one is apposed to homosexual’s but the homo’s beg the differ. When prop 8 in California passed, the homo’s through a riot in LA. This is a clear statement that they did not respect the majority vote or their opinions and decision, indicating they only cared about there own. Perez Hilton should go suck a you know what, I’m thinking egg but he’s probably thinking something else for damn sure, and stop crying like a biyatch!

  • fuck what perze thinks that little faggot!!!!!!!!!!! go ahead and be gay and have fun rotting in hell…

  • I think I would respect her opinion a little more if she actually looked as if she had half a brain to hold those opinions in.

  • I am all for same-sex marriage but I give her props for expressing her own opinion. Plus, she never said that same-sex marriage should not be allowed, she just said that she personally did not believe in them. But as a side note, I hate her for dating Michael Phelps. Bitch needs to die. Oh and I HATE Perez. He is such a douche.

  • Honestly, what did you expect her to say? Perez asked a controversial question at a beauty pageant, an arena that sets back the feminist movement about 75-100 years. A progressive answer is asking for a bit too much. And although I don’t agree with her opinion, I think she’s more than entitled to voice it. It’s written into the first amendment and that’s what makes our nation so great. Tolerance is a two-way street. It isn’t fair for the pro-gay rights side to expect people of the opposing side to be tolerant and respectful of their beliefs if they aren’t willing to extend the same courtesy.

    I also agree with Kelly that it wasn’t fair of Perez to ask that question in the first place. This is a beauty pageant, not an election. Miss USA is NOT representative of America. (Dear God, if the competition were representative of American women, then God help our daughters and sisters. I’m not saying all Miss USA contestants are airheads, but this is a competition that breeds superficial women as opposed to strong leaders. How many former Miss USA contestants go on to become models and actresses as opposed to engineers, doctors, politicians, lawyers?) It wasn’t right for him to put her in the hot seat like that and then expect her to just dodge the question entirely just because she didn’t share his opinion.

    I also admire her for sticking to her guns and delivering such amazing answers in follow-up interviews today. She sounded far more eloquent and classier than Perez Hilton ever has and I’m happy to see there are people out there who aren’t willing to compromise their convictions and beliefs just to appease others. Perez Hilton is a douchebag. He openly calls children (like Miley Cyrus) sluts on his website yet it isn’t okay for other people to exercise their rights as citizens.

  • Also, she had to have known telling the truth would cost her the crown. It’s pretty obvious as a gay man, Perez would vote against her. She could have very easily stood on that stage and said what she knew he wanted to hear so that she could win the crown. But her integrity meant more to her than the crown. I can’t blame someone for choosing integrity over materialistic possessions.

    • It should read that if Perez Hilton is good at anything (at all) it’s making an ass of himself. and that’s not even a contest.

  • I think she is very right. So what? We conform the bible to the world; or the world conforms to the bible. I pray she stay strong in her belief and her answer. For surely his reward will be far greater than anything this world or that pageant could ever give her. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  • What booing? I didn’t hear any. I had my volume all the way up and it sounded like even more people cheered for her response, than after the question Perez stated.

  • Forgive me for being ignorant but I’m not American so I was just wondering…. why in the name of pants is Perez Hilton a judge in the Miss USA pageant???