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It Don’t Pay to Hate on the Gays: Isaiah Washington Gets the Boot at Grey’s

Isaiah Washington Kicked Off of Grey’s Anatomy

Yup, that’s right. Mr. Isaiah Washington just took a fabulous Prada loafer squarely in the ass.

Even though he denied that he’d be leaving Grey’s Anatomy, multiple sources have been loudly confirming that he was on his way out, and with T.R. Knight’s recent announcement that he’ll be returning to the show, the writing was on the wall in bright Shiseido red.

ABC studios stated on Thursday that Washington’s contract was not renewed for the upcoming season of Grey’s.

Isaiah, ever the beacon of good judgment in this otherwise distressing world, released the following statement, with no further explanation:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

That Isaiah, he’s all class.

So if you’re wondering what all that ruckus is in WeHo tonight, it’s fair to assume that T.R. Knight and Kate Heigl are somewhere at its epicenter, appletinis in hand.

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