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Joe Jonas Beats the Snot Out of New Girlfriend, Demi Lovato

Nah, I’m actually just joshin’. Lovato tweeted a photo of herself looking a bit worse for the wear earlier today, but it’s just a sneak-peak at her upcoming stint on Grey’s Anatomy.

The episode, “Sonny With a Chance”, debuts next month and centers around Lovato’s schizophrenic episodes and subsequent hospitalization at Seattle Grace.

Will you be watching — you know, even though it wasn’t Joe Jonas who clawed her eyes out, and hell, why should he?  It’s not like she keeps fawning over him and swooning all over the place about how dreamy and prince-y he is or anything.

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  • Oh dear lord, I hope they’re not trying to do some sort of Disney crossover with her horrible sitcom.

  • yeah, i don’t really think it’s too cool joking about something like spousal abuse. reading that headline and then reading the “haha, just kidding” bit just made me feel…icky.

  • That’s not funny :/
    I’m sure you don’t mean it like that, but its really cold to joke about spousal abuse.

  • Yes it wasnt in the best taste but it was funny and caught my attention and I read the whole article. I would say article well done :)

  • I won’t be watching. That show is ridiculous, those doctors act like a bunch of hypersexed morons that repeat the same line 10 times. Oh God…the trash that is on TV is unbelievable.

    Dr. A: Oh, I wet my pa-pants..I wet my pants.
    Dr. B: OMG! Didi you say…
    Dr. A: I said I wet my pants! God aren’t you listening?
    Dr. B: Ok then, you wet your pants…
    Dr. C: What is happening?
    Dr. B: Dr. A wet his pants.
    Dr. C: :-000000
    *somewhere outside the hospital* woooooooo…(ambulance sound)

    Tyrone McBoogerballs, 22 year old with gunshot wounds found smoking crack in an alley, two people were also shot an are coming.

    Crackhead: Pleeeash..somebody call my dealer, I don’t wanna die sober..mohohohooo ;~~(

    Dr. Chubby Small Chick: somebody call Drs. A B and C…right…now!!!

    *pagers start beeping at same freaking second*

    Drs. A, B and C run for it.

    Two something somthing of lidocaine. Omg he’s in shock. Nooo…I want crack pleeeshh. Dr. D in the middle of surgery: So heard you wet your pants. Pleeeash. Wooooooo (another ambulance comes in) People die. annoying voice starts talking.

    Weird Voice: Life is like this, at a time you are a crack-head, the next you are in the hospital with bullet wounds, it is just like when you are a kid and you want a lollipop, and you find out it is rotten *says some more cheap trailer-trash self-help book wisdom**music stops playing*.

    Same weird voice: Next on Gray’s Anatomy: Dr. D: OMG you wet your paaaantssss…you wet your paaaaaantsss!!! liar, you told me you were over it WOOOOOOOOO shows some people bleeding and some people running around. In the last frame someone makes a sour\shocked\weird but always bad acting face.

    *Oh, oh, suppose you didn’t knooow…plin plin plin…plin plin!*

    • That took alot of work!!!!! Sorry, but I’m still going to have to give you an F, for fucktarded.