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Denis Leary



“I think she’s a hobbit. The no expectations aspect was fantastic. I kind of wanted her to be the person who not only could sing, but was gonna tell everyone to fuck off and would become the new sex symbol. I hope she comes back fucking crazy like Judy Garland on acid. I’d like to feed her a lot of booze and pills and just let her sing beautiful songs and threaten people from the stage.”

Denis Leary, the numnut who thinks autism is a joke, in a TV Squad interview sharing his opinion of Susan Boyle.  He always was so loquacious.

It’s A Cunting Rainy Day Today

I apologize to Jerry Lewis…apparently calling someone a fag is OK.  Denis Leary granted an interview to The Advocate  promoting his book Why We Suck.  Denis’ explanation as to why he uses the word:

Well, because I also have a chapter called “We’d Hate You Even if You Weren’t Black.” I don’t believe in the power of words. My parents came from Ireland, where the word cunt is literally a word your mother and father would use to describe the weather or the car: “That cunting car won’t start!” And I come from a Catholic background where the nuns were always telling you, “Don’t do this, don’t say this,” so anytime anyone tells me I shouldn’t say something, my reaction is, “Why not?” So when I was writing a book, I wanted to make sure I got all those words in there.

So what do you think?  Is he right?  Should PC be abolished?  And why doesn’t my cunting spellcheck recognize “cunting” as a valid word?