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It’s A Cunting Rainy Day Today

I apologize to Jerry Lewis…apparently calling someone a fag is OK.  Denis Leary granted an interview to The Advocate  promoting his book Why We Suck.  Denis’ explanation as to why he uses the word:

Well, because I also have a chapter called “We’d Hate You Even if You Weren’t Black.” I don’t believe in the power of words. My parents came from Ireland, where the word cunt is literally a word your mother and father would use to describe the weather or the car: “That cunting car won’t start!” And I come from a Catholic background where the nuns were always telling you, “Don’t do this, don’t say this,” so anytime anyone tells me I shouldn’t say something, my reaction is, “Why not?” So when I was writing a book, I wanted to make sure I got all those words in there.

So what do you think?  Is he right?  Should PC be abolished?  And why doesn’t my cunting spellcheck recognize “cunting” as a valid word?

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  • That’s the best chapter name ever. Truest statement of my life.

    And cunting is my new favorite word. Awesome.

  • i thought you were gonna apologize to jerry for wishing him a stroke and/or death

    but it seems you’re still ok with that

    charming gal you are, wendie

  • I agree with him – I don’t believe in the power of words either. Words like cunt are only taboo because we made them that way. They don’t have to be.

  • hey wendie; you should know that you NEVER CAVE IN on this board!!! you were right to wish jerry lewis dead. if you don’t mind please also wish the pope, chris farleys brother, jackie chan, madonna, a-rod, and my ex massage therapist that told me that it was perfectly safe to walk on my back even though she weighed 250 pounds, dead too. oh yeah, please also add mrs. little my third grade teacher that embarrassed me by making me sing the national anthem in front of the entire class while wearing a stars and stripes hat and waving a flag. thanks!!!

  • americans way more than people from any other country have an obsession with being pc and saying the right thing… it drives those other people absolutely crazy, and for good reason, i say! its good to be polite, especially around really young children, but its another thing to be constantly trying to be inoffensive that you become absolutely boring.

  • words do have power. whether they have it because we gave it to them or not, they clearly do – he should’ve said he doesn’t believe in the *inherent* power of words.
    that said, i think “cunting” is probably the greatest phrase i’ve ever heard, and i plan to make it an integral part of my vocabulary. immediately.
    oh, and censorthis:
    you’re great.
    hope your back’s okay!

  • Being “PC” is one thing I cannot tolerate….like getting all hot and bothered over a little potty mouth. But the C word doesn’t fall into the acceptable (IMHO) category of “potty” mouth.

    My feeling is Potty Mouth / public cursing is probably (just for example) limited to something like Richard Carlin’s list of words you can’t say (or is it say on TV?) ….- OF COURSE – it also depends on who is present when you use them (as in, little kids and old ladies).

    The C word is just gross and offensive in any context.

    Wendie —> Bringing New Meaning to the Word “CLASSLESS” 1 Post at a Time

  • No matter how bad Jerry Lewis offended someone, or how he fails to take in account the implications of the word “Fag”… Youre stooping to a much LOWER level than him by wishing him death/a stroke…

    What a douchetastic remark, Wendie.

    I agree with Lynn, quite classless of you indeed.

  • wow yet another example of how little class wendie has.
    using that kind of language on a blog is really uncalled for and offensive.

  • Personally what I find offensive , are all the comments on why wendies post is offensive.
    Honestly you girls, mostly, are acting like a bunch of hens trying to peck the death from wendie…
    And that’s the other thing, it seems like all this wendie bashing is coming from females mainly and it’s really starting to make you all look like a bunch of….CUNTS, or maybe even DICKS ?

  • i, for one, just really really don’t want the weekends to be about who according to wendie should get a stroke or die

    even if that makes me a cunt

  • I might start skipping weekends on EBG. No offense to Wendie.. but I really dont care about most of the people being blogged about on weekends… Amy Poehler and Jennifer Hudson were probably the closest to it, and I heard about that stuff loooong before it was posted on here…

  • GEORGE Carlin, Lynn.

    Denis Leary’s humor banks dried up a long time ago. Right about the time that Bill Hicks died. How many times can you suck loudly on a cigarette and pretend it’s funny?

  • @str
    yeah but you don’t make it your mission…like some…to voice your dislike at every waking moment. And that excludes you from my previous rant.

  • I myself like the word cuntish. I grew up around a bunch of backeast Italians and the way we acted in public was NOT the way we acted at home. Cunt was my mother’s favorite word. Other people’s scorn gave it some oomph in the kitchen!

  • And seriously…the Wendie bashing? You would all SO back up Beet if she said the exact same things. I feel like we’re at the school yard and Wendie just moved here from Omaha. I can practically see the cuntish gaggle standing in a circle sizing her up.

  • lol @ Pepper

    I do believe you hit that nail right on the head.

    Pepper has a good point though, I know at home, not in public, I’m quite coarse and unrefined.
    Maybe a little bit of an Eliza Doolittle transformation going on from my house out into public.

  • Elle, shouldn’t you be in church praying for forgiveness for your sins instead of spending time on a celeb blog site?

  • what i like about beet is that even when she’s mean as hell she’s not one to be eye rollingly offensive

    the other day she wrote something i didn’t really like on her other site, and i did some minor beet-bashing, but compared to the jerry fiasco, it was NOTHING

  • Whatever power they have we assign to them.

    Tragic how his stylist let him walk out with his boxer(/briefs) lines showing. Coulda used lil’ bit of mascara.

  • I am LOVING all these comments! They mean FA in the grand scheme of things but they really just made me chuckle for a few minutes! U guys take urselves WAY too seriously!
    The whole ‘PC’ thing is total rubbish in my eyes! I’ll say cunt, fuck, whore n whatever all I want! Freedom of speech n what-not! Its just a word! Like THE! Haha! I just love that ppl take these things so seriously! Hehehe! I have no idea who the guy in the picture is, but his book sounds like it’ll be funny! :) I’m LOVING this post! Also, who’s wendie?! Hahaha! U guys all rock for making me chuckle! I love it! Cunt fuck bastard retard….keep em comin! Hehehe! Words are words! Read into them what u will!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I personally like Wendie’s posts on the weekends. It’s celebrity blog site, if you want PC, got to

    Cunting bastards.

  • When did the readers of this blog get so uptight?

    If you don’t like wendie or beet or their senses of humor, go read another gossip blog.

    Simple enough eh? :)

  • Even if Beet said something like that, I would point that out just the way I did about Wendie.

    Just because its not Beet, doesnt mean I wont criticize it. Thats what the ‘submit comment’ is for, to voice my opinion.

    And no, we arent all ganging up on Wendie, maybe if she didn’t say stupid things, we wouldnt call her class-less :-)

  • @ Briana. I totally agree and was thinking the same thing before I read your comment. Most of the stuff that is written about it just kinda bland and uninteresting.

    I also think it’s silly that everyone is supposed to be nice to Wendie JUST BECAUSE she is Wendie. I’ve seen people call Beet out when they disagree with her. Wendie is not immune to criticism just by virtue of being “new”.

  • Fuck being politally correct. My dad’s girlfriend is a cunt and I’ll say it all day long. And I think “cunting” has a nice ring to it…

  • I welcomed Wendie heartily upon her arrival, I complimented and commented her posts (even if not bowled over by some of them) to make her feel encouraged (in my own little way). Wendie has had some funny posts, and some great/snarky flashes of writing have been evident on occaion (all, IMHO, of course). Further, I am the furthest fucking thing from Politically Correct, or prudish. And, of course Beet does need to get time off. I thought (still do) Wendie’s job would be tough, as comparisons to the incomparable Beet would be made.

    HOWEVER, There is, in my opinion A LINE THAT SHOULDN’T BE CROSSED. And Wendie is starting to do it more and more. Outrageous classlessness and really, really uncalled for cruelty in posts is NOT FUNNY. It’s lazy, uninspired, mean-spirited writing and I’ve come to expect more from this site.

    Also, a straw that broke the camel’s back for me was Wendie took to mentioning HER OWN website, and trying to call attention to that, albeit subtly. Beet, to her ever-lovin’ credit, made a funny about that herself, in a post. I wouldn’t been so gracious if this girl I gave a job and a space to write repaid me by trying to call attention to her own blog, and OBVIOUSLY, away from my blog.

    I care far less about this than appears evident by the foolsih amount of time I have just spent writing about this….I guess, it was in order to put into context the next thing I write.

    FUCK OFF to you who are try to make this “a girl” fight. Beet, in case you forget, IS A GIRL.

  • Eh. People, people, people. Beets great, but she’s not THAT great. Let’s not exaggerate now, or she might never let us take a break from her. Looking back. Beet’s got a few lines scribbled under pictures. Big deal. Wow, what writing. Quick! Someone! A Pulitzer please! Now Wendie, she’s got a young voice. She knows her audience.
    She knows her stars in the sky. Armed with the wit of a hawk, Wendie brings to us the latest from the underworld in that stock of US magazines at your dentists office. Her curiosity of this strange world is boundless. Picking up on stuff of interest. She’s not holding back like someone who really spent most of her life jaded to the wild calls of these curious creatures in LaLa land..What more do you all want? She’s obviously not treating this as a side writing project. she would be blogging about something else. We’ve had lots of awesome posts since Beet left us early on Friday; and, thank god, Beet did leave us that Friday because I can not stress how we need her to leave us alone.

    We have three posts on the major headline–Jennifer Hudson, the one about Madge coincidentally dating Wendie, a fat post coincidentally dating Wendie, a old man falls of his rocker, the Dr. one that coincidentally dates Wendie, old man falls of his rocker again dialing 911, Hillary Duff!-Can-you-spot-the-plastic-surgery-she-didn’t-have-?(fun!), a hot older gentlemen caller (hey he’s a legend), Amy Poehler Has Baby!!!! (lovingly named after a bravely balding artichoke), Lara Flynn Boyle and her Shreck Toe, Sad Suicide, second attempt at fag post, famous people don’t dress up for Halloween but when they do they look just like you and me only less tailored, Howard get’s sued just a mere 5 million, HSM3 is a new strain of virus topping doctor’s concerns, Misha Barton makes an appearance, but quickly retreats into the forest (no word if the eye make up is permanent)—–

    It’s been a slow start. An uphill battle for Wendie but Wendie is a fighter and she just kept on pushing trough. Lets give here a chance. Beet doesn’t deserve us. It’s time she picked up a new project and ran for public office. Maybe Wendie might end up blogging about Leo’s p/o/r/n/o and n/u/d/e painting.

    : )

    I’m out.

  • It’s amazing, growing up in the area of WI I did, cunt wasn’t that bad. Now, if you called a woman a wench she was going to beat you down, and no one tolerated being called a half-breed

  • I think Wendie’s writing is great. I can’t fucking stand prudish “I’m so offended/that’s not right/oh, she is classless” cunting-ass annoying goodie-goodie nonsense. And to hell with politically correct. I love the weekend articles here; Wendie, keep it up, and yeah – don’t back down once you’ve ever made your stand or posted your writing just ’cause the tizzies get in a friffy little huff. It is a good rule in life never to apologize; the right people don’t need an apology and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.

  • “It is a good rule in life never to apologize.”

    That’s not at all a good rule. In fact, it’s a cunting rule.

  • Tee Hee. I mean really. I love it when people get so up in arms. This is supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT. I love Beet AND Wendie. But I love you guys SO much more. THAT is why I keep coming back. PURE, PURE!!!!

  • i’m irish, cunt is an offensive word. i can say that in all honesty. i use it, but not as blase as leary claims all irish do

  • The first weekend she started, I didn’t really like wendie. After that, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between her and Beet. I think you’re doing a great job, wendie!

  • I’m not going to jump on the “protect Wendie because she’s new” bandwagon, but seriously? Y’all getting all worked up over the word Cunt? Get over it. There have been posts here that were much more offensive than Wendie’s supposedly ‘classless’ post…I guess that calling her ‘douchetastic’ is much classier.

    I agree with Kel, go read if the writing here is too much for you to handle.

  • Dennis Leary’s ‘borrowing’ from one of George Carlin’s best bits? Still, Carlin, like Leary, was accused of using Bill Hick’s material, so I guess it all works out in the end.

    Didn’t bother to read all the fuss below. It’s just a blog.

  • Guess you’re no fan of PG Wodehouse, then, jk. Call it a cunting rule all you like, I could give a rat’s ass.

    “It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.” ~ P.G. Wodehouse, on apologies.

  • @ Megnolia. I don’t think that the offense that most people are taking is to the word cunt. As far as I can tell, MOST people are offended by the fact that she wished a stroke or death on Jerry Lewis for making an admittedly ignorant remark.

    @ Lynn. Agreed. Shameless self promotion is irritating. It’s like being forced to endure an advertisement in order to read gossip here… and just kinda disrespectful and in poor taste.

    Also, I’m of the opinion that somehow using the words “cunting” or “cunt” in response to this post is overplayed and no longer cute and clever.

  • I’m sorry, Mr. Wodehouse. I am a fan and I didn’t realize it was YOU who said those words. If I had realized it, I would NEVER had said what I said.

    And, Snowblood, I’m REALLY sorry. (Please don’t take mean advantage of me).

    Now, I’m off to tell my kindergartner that she doesn’t ever have to say she’s sorry again.

  • @ Holly, thanks for pointing that out. You are right in saying that some people were offended by her death wish on Jerry Lewis but my post was more aimed at the people at the beginning who were calling her classless based on the use of the C word (such as Lynn’s first post). Regardless of the reason people are offended, my statement still stands. If you can’t handle this blog, go elsewhere.

    BTW, I’m curious about the post where Wendie self-promoted? I missed that one but would like to see it.

  • the over 70 crowd has a pass ticket. sometimes, however, you need

    to let loose. dave chapelle is one. richard pryor. carlin. yes, yes, i know, but sometimes funny is FUNNY. not cruelty. no animals or children please. he did however, make that comment about autism.. not good.

  • Aw, JK, that’s O.K., bella, no worries! I should’ve quoted Wodehouse in my initial post to begin with. I just love that quote of his so much, I’ve been using it for a few years, now. LOVE P.G. Wodehouse.

  • As someone from Ireland – I’m not sure that the ‘people say cunt all the time in Ireland’ argument is valid. Yes, people say cunt more often, but they are generally aware or its offensiveness. The severity of its offensiveness is generally used as emphasis. And cunting is not a word I’ve ever heard. How you make a verb from cunt?

    Cursing in general is more common, and I think is generally used for emphasis. Sometimes situations warrant cursing.
    But it does sound vulgar no matter how its used, that’s why its taboo.
    I agree that words can be meaningless – but the reason why these words are taboo is because they have very specific meanings that are not suitable for polite company. And also the reason why you can’t just turn them into verbs cos you feel like it.

  • Torie is right.

    Words have invested power, not inherent power, but it is power nonetheless. Whichever words are deemed swearwords in your culture activate a different part of your brain (your basal ganglia) from other words, which causes them to directly prompt emotions such as anger, fear and shock. This is why words have such power.

    For this reason, I think that we should embrace the power of swear words by using them at times when we *want* to use language as a weapon. If you use them too much at other times, you devalue your language and leave yourself without a weapon.

  • I’m sorry i’m a little late on this but is someone holding a gun to peoples heads? if you don’t like beet or wendie why the hell are you reading this blog?

    and cunt is a fantastic word…i think the fear of the word is just a bunch of misogynistic bullshit, embrace the cunt! bring it back from the shunned lands of PC…

    and seriously, someone said they didn’t really like something beet said so they beet-bashed. what would your mother say? remember? if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all? now you just sound like an ignorant douche

  • Sometimes I have a tendency to not be able to sleep and I’ll read all the posts on here all the way back to the last time I couldn’t sleep and did aforementioned catching up. So, I’m a little late to this party. However, I have to add my two cents.
    Elle, if you are looking for your so-called ‘class,’ you’ve come to the wrong place. Doesn’t anybody remember Beet’s tampon story? After that, I don’t think a little swearing should offend anybody here. Come on, this is a celebrity gossip blog, where discussions of which famous women flashed their vaginas to waiting paparazzi this week abound.