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David Spade

Watch This: “Sh—t People DON’T Say in LA”

The “Ish People Say” YouTube trend has finally exploded. Or imploded—I’m not sure which, actually. How can I tell? David Spade is all over it. David Spade. Is all over it.

Oh, also? Watch for Alison Brie (love her) and Tommy Lee. And Kevin Farley, who I did not recognize!

Lolololololololol at “I don’t cry myself to sleep.” The rest of these one-liners are a little too crass to list. (And by the way! Don’t watch this at work!)

Tacky Or Not?

Wow, some people are completely pissed off about this new DirecTV ad featuring David Spade and the late Chris Farley.  Farley’s role is spliced together from his movie Tommy Boy and David Spade appears to be having a conversation with him.

We’ve had everyone from Fred Astaire to Nat King Cole peddling soda — and don’t believe for a second that we won’t see Michael Jackson doing the same in the next few years — so I don’t understand all the controversy.  If the estate is being paid, why shouldn’t dead dudes sell stuff?  Tacky or okay?  (Certainly not funny.)

What The Hell Happened To David Spade’s Face?


It’s not that David Spade was ever really a looker, but there was something quirky and cute about the guy for a real long time, hence the massive amounts of tail he was able to pull on any given night. In fact, I feel like I’ve seen pictures of homeboy recently in which he didn’t look this bad… But last night when leaving the popular LA restaurant Katsuya? Ol’ Finch was looking tore up from the floor up. I don’t know if he’s auditioning to play Mickey Rourke or Gene Simmons, but he’s to that too-tan, tired-faced, extra-bloaty look about him that is just not complimentary to a man dressed like a circa-2002 Ashton Kutcher. Jeez Louise! Do a juice cleanse and take a long nap, buddy. Your reputation with the ladies will no doubt be suffering if you don’t clean up soon.